Saturday, December 11, 2004

pieces of me

im missin him bad.dunno what's get into the mind lately.we gotten ourselves into messes, picking up fightin when there are chances,gruelling to each others' gut on the unspoken words.but right now, at the moment, this instance, i wish he would be here, just be here n talk.guess the weather made me feel a bit under,wiv the rainin, the dampness, the bleak,freezin days.maybe that, make me missed him even more.
i know i havent been a good gf as i wished to.being alive without relationship is sad, but being wiv sumone who loves u but u cudnt figure out why u cant be dutiful to his wishes is even sadder.i never be in the relationship this long, n what makes the relationship stays so far may lie on the fact that he's keen enuff to take care of lil me.lil defiant courtesy of miss lyn's attitude.
i try to act as i supposed to be,maturely.i am whisked by his thought, his wariness n obviously, his affection.i love just that it is sumhow seemed difficult to throw the bizzare attitude of mine.
i guess sumday the realization will beam on me.that i have found the one.
i love u

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