Thursday, July 30, 2009

crikey i'm here!!!!

yay!!!!im finally setting my feet in down under.never believe one dandy day i would be breathing the air here.ahhaha..all thanks to aten. right this instance, i am stuffing myself full with food (aten cooked okay!).im so not in the mood to update the blog since im wayyyyyy busy having fun here.seriously.all here is about F.U.N!

be blog about it later!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

packing and unpacking and packing again

getting ready.packing's not included.the he he he..

Friday, July 24, 2009

kakom part 2

oh girl lost big time.but she lost with dignity, she managed to memorize every single line(i mean it, every single line) without having to stutter.even in second session, the impromptu speech, she was amazingly calm and collected.which somehow brought wonders to other lecturers from other teams (one of them even asked whether she did yoga or sth.ahhahahhaha).
went out n had ikan bakar with other pahang pegawai at kuala perlis.oh, and managed to fool most of pegawai lelaki that im good with siamese language.ahhahahha.hilarious it turned out to be.
now that the kakom is over, im back to packing my stuffs.yey!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

kakom part 1

phewwww..i just knew it!it takes more than just being in my hometown and do my's more like being with the team the whole time, and supporting them.after all, they ..i mean all of us came all the way from pahang, enduring 12 or i would say more than half a day (we departed at 9am and only reached perlis at 12 am.good grief!!!) and do i have the guts to just leave them all and be at the comfort of my home (yeah, it takes less than 15 mins to reach my crib from the kmp)?.
first day of the arrival yes, i went home,i'm missing my parents, the bed and the cats of course.but i had to like woke up early, as early as 5 am, and rushing and driving like mad to kmp since us the team being reminded to gather at dawn for early prep talk and physical fitness activities.first day was merely testing out the venue, and luckily, the venue (dewan kuliah) is not far from our hostel and just a walking distance. we tested the venue for like what 20 minutes and went for the meeting with the technical teams and the director of kmp in the afternoon. the technical team meeting went out well, thats because the faces are familiar! they are bunch of lecturers whom i normally meet during courses and seminars. later at night, we had this malam mesra, the makan makan thingy.and yeah, the students were being shown wayang kulit asun.ahhahahhaha....dunno how east coast people deal with the kedahan accent in the wayang kulit.the accent was like veryyyyy thick!
oh yes, right at this moment, i am at the comfort of home, stealing few hours, coming home to use the net (i need to book the ticket back to kl this weekend!!), and updating blog and whatsnot. pidato bahasa melayu runs today, which ours being the first candidate. albeit being the first one, she was good! hope shobana would nail it tomorrow as well.i have to get back to college for the second round of pidato in the afternoon, the impromptu session. and we have this majlis pembukaan tonight. (which in the beginning, i was basically planned to ditch it.hehehehe)
will update later.cant wait for the event to be over and me getting ready for aussie!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


i am beyond tiring.

Monday, July 13, 2009

down the memory lane we went

i could not believe there is going to be the day that i would actually missing going back to studying.i mean..come on, studying is the last thing one would do, esp if the job u have actually brought you decent pay (note the word decent here, meaning being a lecturer won't guarantee u being superich)

mama keeps on asking me to go back and pursue my master, which im intentionally planning to.but life had been pretty hectic, crazier every day actually and studying would be the last thing i could muster.and yes, i have gotten myself few commitments to be completed, and try to do one thing at a time.

called me bookworm or a nerd for crying out loud but enduring exam pain was what my housemates and i always 'look for' (lip if u read this, u know i mean us back in block 6 akasia!).when one got up early to dig the nose into the book studying, the rest of the house were like being shot from the snooze and would rush to the table and did the exact thing.crazy!and just imagine during the exam week.people in my house were like robots.pot of coffees and papers and books were like everywhere.u read book, u eat book, u dream book.and when the results out?waiting the day itself was like a sudden, overpowering terror that actually made us not eating nor going that extent!

i still remember the day when we were busily writing and completing the neverending thesis. i spent days doing the thesis, with the much sought after help from a very helpful guy friend of mine.god knows how lethargic myself at that time, where meal a day would sumhow be keropok lekor alone (yeah, i was being tied to a very tight budget..really money constraint..whats with the gas for the car, the printing papers, the inkjet for the printer, the stationaries bla bla bla.).i even kind of begging my supervisor to really check my thesis thoroughly before asking me to redo parts.i mean..this particular profesor cum my supervisor had this kinda habit to check one thing or part and asked me to redo, and when i was done on the part, he would go back to the first section of the thesis and much to my annoyance, would notice maybe one slight mistake and asked me to remodify the whole page. i mean like..come on!!but heck..that's what made degree year something unforgettably fascinating.

how i miss gettin up early, tramping to get the earliest bus possible
how i miss having breakfast at pakcik meja bulat while waiting for the morning class to start
how i miss sitting for quizzes and exams after the ungodly hours of revising
how i miss fighting for marks i merit for
how i miss having the stage jitters representing my points and ideas
how i miss carrying out presentation with eyes only on me.ME!
how i miss my life back in pppsec 18.

how i miss everything when life was just about wearing the matric card.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

new moon anyone

gosh..this is hilariously sickening.who wants to watch the movie if beloved edward 's gonna be like that.and what's with bella?ahhaaha..

Friday, July 10, 2009


smile though your heart is aching
smile even though it's breaking
when there are clouds in the sky you'll get by
if you smile with your fear or sorrow
smile and maybe tomorrow
you'll find that life is still worthwhile
if you just light up your face with gladness
hide every trace of sadness
although a tear maybe ever so near
as the time you must keep on trying
smile what's the use of crying
you'll find the life is still worthwhile

now i know why MJ loves the song until his death.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

leech in the blog

perverts are not welcome to pen down if u feel to conspicuosly scribbling your sick sex induced comments in my comment box, my suggestion is to...


go feed your dog or something.

the jab matter

i cant believe this!every private hospitals, every rickety clinics we went to resulting in a very upsetting answer.

"the shot is not available until further notice..which most probably be available in like 3 weeks"

3 weeks from now??heck i would be flying across the java ocean by then. seems that all of sudden people keen to be jabbed, and bolting for the planned vacation.we didnt do it earlier since the procedures should be taken effectively 2 weeks prior the vac.well..madam k called her hubby's panel hospital and holiguacamoly!!..the shot's avalaible and u cud simply walk in to get the jab without having to set any huh?

not really.

the drawback is that the hospital we're talkin about is KJMC
which is in kl
which means the doctors responsible for the shot only work during weekdays
which means we got to have a trip to kl
and means no classes.


Sunday, July 05, 2009

happy birthday eena deary!

i hope you feel deep in your heart
as your birthdays come and go
how very much you mean to me
more than you can know

even we have our differences
even we have our dislikes
even we have our dissimilarities
even we have our fair share of ups and downs

you remain to be my best sister ever!

SWEET 26!!!!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

rattrap or a kettle of fish?

now i truly, understandably dig whatever my kezambo felt when people (read:the nosey parker, the busy body, the gossip meddler) kept asking, pestering actually, why she didnt get all preggy after her 2 year old marriage.the ones who merely brushed shoulders, much just to say hy when met on the road, turned out to be the ones who care about her unpregginess, too much really. now that madam lee got her potatoman, sumhow it's kinda sushing people

heck it is a dejavu.comforming to my book of dejavu actually.

met tis my old fren back in uitm, used to share room together, inside the college and later moving out renting the cheap flat across the college.heck, doesnt mean we were best buddies.far cry from that.being a flatmate, she was ok all the time..not really minding people's business.and she was together with the same guy she knew back in the college, while im still finding the 'man', non cheating bas***d to be the dude of my life.still probing the probability of getting the 'soulmate'.that's that.we graduated, got on our own way, walk the life as the way we want it to be and never meet each other again.

up till now.

i mean, okay.u can ask my wellbeings, my work, my family and yet you choose to ask those freaking disturbed question.after these while and that's what u care most?me not getting married n have babies?and u dun even bother to contact me in what kinda ways whatsoever and yet you wanna preach me that being married is the most amazing thing on earth?and dapat baby so aku tak payah meronggeng lagi?is that the best advice u cud give me?

oh my.

read this and try to really really comprehend.

i am okay for not having boyfriend.i am okay of being solo for almost 2 years now.i am okay of not being able to use that 1k wedding dress.i am okay not being able to walk down the aisle even if i almost got myself there.i am okay for not having the chance to be a married woman and born babies.i am okay per se.

does that make me a non marriage committal freak?does that bring me to the same league with ellen degeneres and elton john and samantha ronson?


i am okay with everything and stop asking me questions that only God could answer

duh.double double duh.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

blog jawapan sesaat

1. Bekas kekasih saya – tidak perlu ingat lansung.buang masa

2. Saya sedang mendengar – ketukan keyboard dari tempat amy dan syida.gila bekerja kawan kawan saya ni

3. Mungkin saya patut – stop tulis entry ni n pegi buat keja berpaedah, oh silap!saya sudah buat keja berpaedah pagi tadi.sekarang masa untuk melepak dan menulis jawapan blog dalam masa

4. Saya suka – bercakap dan minum nescafe obvious!

5. Sahabat-sahabat saya – ialah mereka yg saya sayang dan sayang saya walaupun saya gila n cakap meroyan royan.tapi tak apa, mereka faham.

6. Saya tak faham – kenapa orang selalu kata saya cakap banyak.series saya rasa saya pendiam

7. Saya kehilangan – angah saya sebab kanser.apa,keluarga saya ada kanser?

8. Ramai yang berkata – tentang virus babi dan maikel jeksen.oh dua benda ini berbeza, jangan salah sangka.

9. Cinta itu adalah – manis masam pahit payau kelat masin dalam idup saya

10. Di suatu tempat, seseorang sedang – melantak makan tengah hari dgn lahapnya sambil diperhatikan kucing longkang dengan muka sedih

11. Saya akan cuba – untuk berjimat dan menyimpan duit. em..selepas trip ke ostolia, dan jakarta..dan mungkin juga bangkok.hehehehe

12. Perkataan SELAMANYA membawa maksud – KELUARGA SAYA yang sayang saya nak mati.

13. Telefon bimbit saya – sangat cokak.tidak boleh 3g atau ambil gambar tapi saya suka

14. Bila saya terjaga – saya selalu terus menjadi ceria seolah olah tak penah terbungkang tido selama 7 jam lamanya

15. Saya paling meluat – orang yang tak tepati janji dan tak tau pulak nak mintak maaf

16. Pesta/parti adalah – kehidupan saya yang lalu.hehehe..

17. Haiwan yang paling comel pernah saya temui – kucing saya yang gebu bernama Tam Tam.dia comel sebab pandai mengurut dan berak sopan di dalam toilet

18. Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan saya ialah – 17.saya ada minat lelaki secara series bermula pada umur menggedik inilah

19. Hari ini – saya puasa ganti.dan sakit kepala bertubi tubi.dan hingus masih meleleh.

20. Malam ini saya akan – cuba tido awal dan tidak main internet.ha!

21. Esok pula saya akan – ada kursus dalam kolej

22. Saya betul-betul inginkan – duit.banyak banyak.

23. Ketika saya lihat wajah saya di hadapan cermin pagi ini – saya tak sempat menelek lama lama sebab hari ini saya terlewat bangun.

24. Pusat membeli-belah atau arked permainan – adalah tempat saya suka kalau banyak duit.saya suka main daytona di arked permainan?kamu suka main apa?

25. Makanan Barat atau Jepun? – barat, sebab saya suka makan beger n mengunyah french fries

26. Bilik yang terang atau gelap? – gelap untuk tido, terang untuk bermekap

27. Makanan segera adalah – makanan saya dan zarina kalau kami ke wayang

28. Ayat terakhir yang anda telah katakan pada seseorang – "penatnyaaaa..."

29. Lepas ini saya akan – balik tido.series sakit kepala.macam nak terbuntang mata saya bergolek ke lantai

30. Siapa yang anda ingin tag – madam kwan dan mak saya sebab dia sudah ada blog.haha

of fun and bane


1) getting the influenza jab (call the clinic and make appointment)
2)changing the moolah.gonna get it done at hamid's (hope the currency brings us mercy! rm2.8 for 1 aud doesnt sound that generous, yes?)
3)getting the visa done (again at hamid's)
4)buying the jacket, and the shoes, and the clothes (i havent bought any of these!)
5)borrowing mum's bigger suitcase! (i have yet to ransack my home in finding any)
6)popping pills, pills and more pills (i need to get rid of this neverending flu!)
7)cross my fingers and hope everything gonna be okay.

there.all things need to be done before the exam week, which in less than 2 weeks!how times fly, i cant even think accurately. yeah, the worrywart i always be, since at the same time i/we need to

8)train the kid to be presentable for kakom.i mean day in day out, if time permits.(is there any?)
9)getting all the syllabus and skills covered for the upcoming UPS. (i cringed for the word 'essay writing'!)
10)marking exam papers, going for kakom public speaking, and getting ready for the trip all at one time.

don't remind me whats in the store right after we get back from the holiday!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

of a party and a macd

hey i was invited to a party!!

the birthday boy. he is one!

look!camera!oh shoot, i moved the hand too fast

the kiddies

the besties

the gangsters

the munchers

the organisers:).thanks for the party dut dut!

the camera lunatics!
welcome to the bloggy blog world, my dearest mummy!!!

the other ramblers

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