Tuesday, April 05, 2005

anugerah bintang popular 2004..and there she goes again

anugerah bintang popular, is when the winners are solely chosen by the fate of popularity n how well artistes get themselves into stardom.guess by now, we are still talking about the previous anugerah bintang popular,telecasted live from Arena Of Star Genting Highlands.Bet most artistes there wont a bit feel chilly despites all the shoulder baring clothes most of em choose to wear.excellent choice i might say.
Enough of the clothes, for the overall standard n session, i wud say, the show was nothing close to being fabricated to Anugerah Sri Angkasa shown in TV1.It was, by far, being the most exhilarating event being shown, kudos to both ogy n salih yakob.both of em were the ones that liven up the show, mostly by the crazy dialogues, comical acts by salih.he's the bomb.
Most winner announced, i have no comments whatsoever.that's what ppl choose, so these ppl deserved it.just lucky enuff u got to b selected among the most famous five, indicating u do have fans.i dun give much fuss on the winners, really.im among the ones that never bother to choose the favorable ones.Siti won, she deserved it.but that doesnt change a bit of fact that i dont really fancy her since beginning.:)congrats siti.and ur smartly,'poshy'driven kia optima.
the most irritating moment i wud say, got to be during misha's performance.we, at home, were barely enjoying the show when all of sudden, a very annoying commercial from ning n timecontact appeared.misha's show was chopped in half!
im off till now,sorry for not being explicit enuff telling u ppl bout the details on the show.

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