Sunday, October 21, 2012


When you can weigh between good and bad, to follow your mind, not your heart, regardless how much you yearn for things you know you can't get..then you know you are wise.

And rational.

Because i know, if heart rules the game, i would be the one devastated in the end. And i have had so much dissappointment in my life i can't bear another one. So this closure is good in the long run..insya allah.

Happiness is in the state of mind, not of who you are with.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Thick skin is so me

Trust me if i say being a teacher means you need to have thicker skin and know how to act cool.

As exam week is nearing and MUET is taking over most of the tutorial rooms, I happily order the kids to have the class in the library. And since the class is conducted in the library, it would be okay to be fashionably late a bit, i guess ;). So one fine day, i was 5 minutes late. And of course, rushing. So being a kalut me who was 5 minutes away from the class schedule was never never good. Upon reaching the library, I went to this section where I identified my kids, occupying the tables and MUET book was proudly opened (open je, practisenya tak tahulah budak budak ni).

Came to this first table (buat inspection okayyy) , and my unexpected nerve system was to tepuk the meja kuat kuat.

"ah haaaaa buat MUET... bagus bagus. This is what i want " . Grinning proudly and walking to the next table for the inspection.

Papppp!! (tetap tepuk meja kuat kuat) and the same dialogue of course.

"ah haaaa apa nii tak buat pektis MUET??? Apasal buat Math ni haaa??"

Oh my...oh myyy...oh myyyyyyy..!!

The next table was not my student. They were definitely not my students and I don't even know who they are! The rest of my kids at the nearby tables, plus other kids who occupied the sections, gave me the puzzled and awkward look. And started to laugh. Snicker. And i heard one of the boy, whispering this out loud.

"eh eh..Miss Lyn dah ehh..."


Earth, please swallow me pretty pleaseeeeeee!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

How meh??

As i am now blogging via ipad, i think it would be the same transferring and uploading pictures, like what i used to do when i blogged via the other computers.

But whyyyyy can't i find any button or link so i could upload pictures i keep in my ipad?? All it allows is only the pic from the blog and picasa web, none from the device. Urghh! Can't really have stories now without pictures, right? It feels like reading a very lengthy thesis, a crappy one this is.

Anyone, helppp!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This post will be a total randomness, so forgive me if you somehow find yourself missing somewhere reading whatever craps I'm typing. So story number one should be..

I am in total chaos. Such a mess in organizing timetable of works. Works have been nothing but unstoppable. Just had the massive weeks of constructing and merging and compiling questions to be send to the division. And on top of that, i have yet to prepare neverending slides for the course i am conducting in the coming week ( shiverrrrr), and my research team has not started anything on the research project we have to submit for I -dica thingy. Ohhhhh messsss!!! And let's not remind me the mountaining clothes i have on the living room sofa. Yikes! And there would be Kakom and marking sessions on the plate too.

Oh lupa, students baca ini blog so there goes my confidentiality hihihi.;). Hellooo girlsss.

And because of that, i think somehow the body system has gone against me. I got tired early, sleepy, lost the appetite and could not really digest food. Don't know what is wrong and i am ordered to meet the doc. That is the problem, you do know i don't really fancy visiting any clinics, and knowing me, it will be such a waste of money because the med will definitely left uneaten.

Just admit you are such a chicken to meet the doctor, duh. Drama je lebih cikgu rozlin ni. Haha...!

Hamprey is doing okay basically at home. Emm, bit shrinking but i think he just misses having some company. It's not that i am not willing to adopt another 'kid', but having Hamprey alone takes the total commitment and i don't think i am able to take care of another. He has this new routine that each night, in the middle of my sleeping hours, he would just jump on the bed. And start interrupting, gesel gesel kepala so i would scrub and caress his head, mind you while im having my eyes close and halfway awake. Mamai la Hamprey!

Can't wait for November for the bali break and hopefully next year for the tulips break!! Which means i need money. Lotsssss of it, geez why do i have this freaking expensive hobby?!! And if the tulip trip ever comes true (please let it happen pretty pleaseeeee), the tickets need to be hunted by December. Uh ohhh..!

And for the final crap, thank You for letting me feel the emotion and be giddy all over again. This time, i am just going to take things easy;)

Okay sekian pembentangan saya untuk kali ini. Jumpa lagi tahun depan. Ha ha:)

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Decision can either make you or break you. And since when making decision for the matter like this can be so tricky and conflicting?

Since you've been hurt so often, that's when.

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