Friday, March 28, 2008

u n i both

Was it you who spoke the words that things would happen but not to me?while things are gonna happen naturallyOh, taking your advice I'm looking on the bright side And balancing the whole thing.Oh, but at often times those words get tangled up in linesAnd the bright light turns to nightOh, until the dawn it bringsAnother day to sing about the magic that was you and meCause you and I both lovedWhat you and I spoke ofAnd others only read ofOthers only dream of, of the loveOf the love that I lovedSee I'm all about them wordsOver numbers, unencumbered numbered words;Hundreds of pages, pages, pages for words.More words than I had ever heard, and I feel so alive.Oh,then you and I, you and INot so little you and I anymoreAnd with this silence brings a moral story More importantly evolving is the glory of a boyCause you and I both lovedWhat you and I spoke of (of, of)And others just read ofAnd if you could see me nowWell, then I'm almost finally out ofI'm finally out ofI'm finally deedeedeedeedeedeeWell I'm almost finally, finally Well I am freeOh, I'm freeAnd it's okay if you had to go awayOh, just remember the telephoneswell, they work in both waysBut if I never ever hear it ringIf nothing else I'll think the bells insideHave finally found you someone else and that's okayCause I'll remember everything you sangCause you and I both loved What you and I spoke of (of, of)And others just read of and if you could see me nowWell, then I'm almost finally out of I'm finally out ofI'm finally deedeedeedeedeede Well I'm almost finally, finallyOut of words

taking chances

dear god..give me faith, give me strength, give me what's mine.i want him so much, but im letting him go if that what makes him love sumone is to make him make him happy is to let him go.
through the pain, through the endurances, through all the misunderstanding, u have been my teacher.thanks for all the wonderful years, not even single day would i take it as misery.
i just feel sorry i cudnt be the one who held u up, who held ur hands when u are down in the shitholes, i want to be there, to be happy, to be with you.but i was defeated.
u deserved to be happy, even ur happines means im not part of it.

i lose.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

healer she's not

wedding should be joyful, glorious, the utmost happiest path in sumone's life.
but why do i feel im losing myself n everything in between?

i leave everything in His hands

Friday, March 21, 2008

one wit the fat ass

does anyone have shrinking pills where it could marvelously turn your body to be skinny n fit nicely in ur wedding gown coz i seriously feel im getting F.A.T....!!! not good.especially when there is a wedding coming up~

Monday, March 17, 2008

the one with no dress to wear

halo was a very very tiring n longgggg weekend.i mean..physically n emotionally.zaire n i spent our weekend driving home..mind you..driving home to perlis by using his car(since i havent got the time to send kbl for a service).we just planned of goin home in a very last minutes actually.brought zaire to butik cindai klasik for dress fitting session(being a worrywart i am..takut tak sempat nak alter baju bulan lima), but too bad he couldnt find the one he likes which are compatible to the one ill be wearing (im donning a pink modern kebaya for sooooo like it.tengok lapan kali pun still suka lagi.hahah).the problem is that i bought my own baju bersanding.u be delivered to the generation to come..hahahh.but not his.bukan lupa nak beli skali or what.i bought the kain far away in bila dah balik buat n everything, baru nak cari baju dia, n he doesnt even plan to tempah since dah tempat for akad (we are wearing white for nikah).so i needed to bring him home for the fitting session i said earlier,takde pulak baju pink yang menawan what the heck..he needs to accompany again then in april.

Monday, March 10, 2008

the lil invitation

i did half of the accounting work yesterday...well,budgeting the wedding tat's's not tat i didnt do it earlier (since most peeps say the most crucial part of marriage is managing the budget n all), it just needs a few more revision.pening jugak wonder people get headache planning the marriage n all.zaire wants me to give him the number of guests that abah wants to invite.tis is another matter.see..i am seriously considering to order the card from this tiny lil shop i found in Jakarta last was more than is gorrrrrrrrgeous!!what's with the pink color n pink ribbons n was love at the first sight.the problem is..zaire's uncle is planning to fund the cards.yeah it is great, only if i know how the card would look like.

Friday, March 07, 2008

the mad lady is back

ho yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........i retrieved my ol blog SUCCESFULLY!!!!!
welcome...rambling n stuffs!!!!

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