Wednesday, January 18, 2006

there are still good people around

everything happens is because of the Godwill, so when i face so much trouble regarding to my pasport application, i know i would never make my holiday trip to the see, i skipped my work in kuantan (even we are actually not doin anythin coz it is an exam week afterall), drove approx 295 to kl, n queueng for almost 2 hrs just to get the number, all in order to get my pasport done. after all the ruckus with ina's birthcert, it was me who being stopped in the middle.ok to make the story clear, i went to kl to make my pasport becoz we are planning to have a singapore visit for the upcoming hols.the first problem is when ina left her birth certificate at home, and only later being told when we reached the for the second attempt, about a few weeks later, armed with complete form, n berth cert, we went back to kajang to make it done, only then to know that i was the one who having all the trouble becoz i cudnt proceed doin the pasport, becoz i got my own before!how cud i know, it was 10..11 years back n only god knows where my dad placed all thos pasport.he cudnt even recall his, much about i was devastated, too upset to do anything instead of calling my mum bck in perlis to find me thos pasport. u see , the trouble is, we had already bought the tickets, n it was on the 25th jan, n the period of making pasport would take u 3 days. so it left me with not many choices instead of askin my mum to find it for me. i was so helpless.determine that there cud be sth i can do to rectify the situation, i drove to shah alam, with zaire(im sorry huny i have to drag u with me), made the police report , went to the commissioner of oath n then later ' begging' the officer to give me chances of having the pasport done in that period of time.n he obliged!thus that was the turning point for that day.i cudnt say enuff of thankful notes for all the help that i got, to the guards who been really helpful, the officers who not at once smirked or showed they were pretty much annoyed with me askin things, to my mum n aten who spent time searchin for my lost pasport back home, n to him for wanting to spend his worktime with me. im soo blessed to have this people when the situation itself already brought me close to tears.thank u.

Monday, January 16, 2006

and a party to kick start a day..

im bloating..literally!we had a pot luck party early this mornin, where we are asked to bring sum food n drink to accomplish the theme.i brought hors d oeuvre, emm..a cold platter to be exact.well..mind me im so lazy to prepare a good meal i ended up bringing over the starter as early as 9 am we are like crazily munching over food.i shud have taken sum pics to be kept!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

adios '05!hola 06!!

assalamulaikum n hello is 14 official days since 05 bid farewell for us.guess it's not that too late to say happy new year to all people who faithfully been the readers of my blog.i know sum of my words in the blog might as well unintentionally break hearts of ppl around.but as i said in my earliest page, this would be basically what i pour straight from the heart, so mind the crap n gibberish stories ive had unfold here.
so that 06 has arrived, i dun have any intention of writing my resolution coz i know im not the person who keeps up her resolution till the end.i even broke the resolution just a min i said i want to fulfil it.but there are few things i would rather change or add.

throughout the year of 2006, i 'resolve' t0:
1)being less emotional n overly sensitive for stupid reasons.n stop wasting those tears.i would try to come n rethink that every problem is passable thru time

2)stop act like a kid even i have a heart like a's time to move on n be mature over years.but cudnt really help if ppl mistaken me for an 18 year ol kid tho!(unless they realize the wrinkles that start to appear around the eyes)

3)be nice to people whom i know love me nice here by all means contacting em, askin bout their well being n such. i know ive been such a moron before, forgettin birthday n important date of people i love.

4)adding more friends in my circle of friends' list.rekindle the ol friendship, flourish the new ones..

5)stop quarelling that much with my mum

6)stop quarelling with him over stupid reasons n try not to be that big headed(as he puts it)

7)try to be a better servant of God (im no angel)

oh hoooo..n there are possession i would love to add..purchase or even take it as present (wink..wink!) for 2006!

1)rejuvenating myself in a mean of having holidays.cant wait for a singapore trip this january!!

2)a new guess or liz clairbone or LeSportSac handbags.i do need one bad!

3)a new dvd/mp3 player for my kelisa

4)a rank of clothes

5)a set of stila makeup consisting of its wonderful rouge pot of those classic gloss.mmmm...

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