Tuesday, August 30, 2005

cotton candy!!!!!

i spent my saturday evenin out for a movie.the choice?the latest teen flick feel good movie.u guess?yeah hell no its not gila gila pengantin popular.i wud never, but given the time, gol n gincu was the film i lasted to almost 1 1/2 hours.from the first scene, my eyes were glued to the screen.watchin the movie would remind me back of watchin all sorts of romantic movies that u ended up having the 'aaaahhh..'expression.it reminded me of ada apa dengan cinta and 10 things i hate about u, but obviously wit different storyline.
kudos i would give to rafidah 3r, she was good in writing the script it feels that it was almost real.fazura, she was ok too as the overly manja girl n girly girly kinda gal.but i wud say, throughout the film, i was waiting for pierre andre all the time to appear on the screen. ha ha. it was like back in my teen years which i wud go ga ga over the actors in the film. but pierre andre as reza the secret admirer of putri was so cool, n he didnt have to mush over lovey dovey expression to say he likes her a lot.the eyes tell everything.n the expression.
my verdict?it's far betterr than i imagine.9 n 1/2 stars for that~

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

thank god the day is almost over

it's gotta be hard pouring rain outside, but still i havent made up my mind to pick my handbags n dashed towards the exit.sumtimes lepakin in the office could be much fun than spending time at home.picked up fight wit him again.the issue?just sum silly argument but if been fought over often, one cud get tired n bored.n one cud just say no to the whole camaraderie.tell me, help me clear things up..cud or cud not sumone who is in relationship, accepting offer for a casual date fr other person?to zaire, im generalising it ok?so stop askin me q if u ever stop by n ask me.

Monday, August 22, 2005

speak people...SPEEEEAAAKK!!

ups speaking exam starts today.thank god ive only invigilated 2 classes today, meanin 4 groups altogether.if more than that, i might be clautrophobic n died.ha ha.bored bored boringgggg monday day (ha ha ha).
acix starts her own blog but she refused to let ppl read her scribbling thoughts.ha ha.yeah i know..the first time i started my blog, i was kinda refused to let ppl read,wit the fact that 80 percent of the content contains lotsa lotsa mushy thang written by none other than moi.let's face it..used to have diaries, got bored wit it n blog might be the way to express minds nonetheless.well..that..if u have lotsa gut to put down ur thought n brave enuff to know that ppl might burst out laughin reading ur hogwash mind.
goin to pasar malam later..need to support myself wit pasar malam stuff since too lazy to cook.any ideas what to sumbat inside my lil tummy tday?ewahhh..

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