Wednesday, September 29, 2010

one helluva weekend

I had one helluva weekend.And this probably was the one helluva best far:).Being the busy lady these days, i have practically no chance to do things i love to do, like meeting up sister and buddies up in kl, or go shopping (so not helping that people know me as someone thrifty, but hey, good shopping is still going to be a good shopping:). Well, since i am going away for my yearly escapade and haven't gotten myself any new clothes for that matter, and since sis asked me out to help organizing her open house (i was the chef.She trusted me cooking.ha..ha..), plus i do miss meeting my best bud and my housemates too ( many excuses of going to kl, yeh?), then off i went:).

Wouldn't it be perfect if i just let the pictures do the talking?

Went over to Dutdut's house after the shopping spree. Look what she did for us..the pizza!!And mind you, we were attacking the food less in 5 mins after stepping foot in her house. We were sooo...ravenous.Hey, shopping does make you hungry even faster.

Dutdut.And no, you are not giant.haha. Giant cant make me that scrumptious pizza!And sorry for letting you know we were going over to your house in the very last minutes. And sorry if we look so unpresentable (what's with the oily faces and sweaty sweat.urghh!)

My other housemate. Been living with him and had lived together for nearly 3 years.This boy sure going to call me kolim for the long way to come.And you are such an entertainer!i MISS YOU lil boy

Food!Glorious food!!!!!

And she even baked us muffin!Right on the spot.You sure are going all the way with your breadmaker eh dutdut?

Sunday was meeting the bestfriend day, for a mere 30 mins!And we (I, more like it), were in rush that we just met and chatted for a while at the IKEA parking lot!And it was present giving day. Dont worry, i love that sexy thing so much im going to blog about it next!

Oh boy how he has grown.And grow fast.I am so having the temptation to give him that bearly hug which definitely being defied.Haha.And he was telling me stories and all eventho he opposed to be hugged.You know your yiyin is one pursuer, no?

Hey no matter what u feel about life and marriage thingy, you know i am supporting you to the core, right?Exactly the same thing that u would do for me:)

so there, my weekend.What's missing was the picture from ina's open house (we were so in the nick of time preparing the food that i had no time to take pictures of anything from the open house and going to ask for sis to upload it via FB so i could steal it and put it here.ehhehe..oh yeah, i had the post party pic, but it was taken with that sexy lil thing and i still have not mastered the operation of that sexy lil thing.Be blogged about it soon.

Hope your weekend is as fabulous as yours truly:)

Friday, September 24, 2010

that feeling

i need to do more work work.
keep me going, i can't stop.close to 6pm and still at work.
work work work

coz i know if im stopping my mind would be working about it again.
and it never makes me feel good.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

those atrocious poses

Who says proverbs and idioms are merely made -up words and limited to being figuratively speaking?I hereby presenting you the literal meaning for these acts..

curiosity kills the cat..eventually! hahahaha..hey the action speaks for this one,

this was taken on the 3rd floor, with him being in the position for good 10 mins or so!

tyres..what tyres???

oh should tell me bout THAT tyre!hahhaha (keji betul pose kau mok.sakit jiwa tengok!)

ps:'cilok'ing the pictures from tentenFB and of course, yours truly:)


i called her name, like i used to when i woke up and not ready to jump from the bed.
And all i got is the silence, way too silent infact.
Look around and see the pile of clothes, the rummaged bags, the unmade bed.

Post 12 hours journey and here i am, back to reality.
The reality is that i already miss home.

And her.

Friday, September 17, 2010

going home..urgh!

I know this dreaded day will come at last.
After those quality time at home, doing nothing except getting to my cats' nerves (believe me they never know the meaning of 'peaceful' once the kakak return home, especially dello.sorry for always interrupting your catnap.ahhaha), munching on the leftover cookies, surfing and skyping the net, and doing absolutely nothing (i've said that, havent i?), it's the call to work again.
Getting back to work, on Saturday.Cruel yeh?
Since i was down with flu and fever (and taking my own sweet time to see the doctor since i do not want the doctor to award me the mc right away), i got the day off today, and by all means, today im going to board the bus back to kuantan too, like it or not.uh oh..
Promise Martin (my swedish friend, who talk fluent Malay, but sort of funny in its way), that i would meet him somehow next week.Which 'somehow' , i am not sure when since he went for the island escapade with his family members and only coming back on Monday, and i work on Monday.Duh..just wish to meet him and say hy before he board the plan back to Sweden, if possible.
Okay better hit the shower before mom yelled out for that.haha.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the dodger game

Having met your relatives and friends on hari raya spelled fun (did i tell you hari raya is meant for story telling session and for us gossip mongers to swap stories?hhaha), but being bombarded with questions that i tried my best to dodge then is not so much fun.Mind you, i always have answers for everything trivial, but these 2 questions, which turned out to be the most popular queries, that i had no definite answers.
Not when the questions sound like..

a)awat cengkung sangat/hang diet ka?
b)la ni dok kawan dengan sapa/dah jupa sapa sapa ka?

If i were to be sarcastic cause im tired answering these, then my answers probably be..

a)saya tak diet, cuma saya cepat hadam dan aktif kumuh
b)tak sabar tunggu makan nasik percumakah anda?

But since it's raya, and im tired berkuntau in the kitchen for days (cewahhhh...), i could just simply award them the hugest grin and smile and cross my fingers that they took it as the positive answers from me.The truth is..

a)i am not exactly sure why am i shrinking.I ate crazy when i feel like it, i love my McD strawberry sundaes and i could gobble 3 to 4 pieces of Big Apple donuts.And i love everything creamy too.It just that, i am not that hungry all the time, and when i ate the rightful amount of potion, my stomach never wants to cooperate in a nicer way.Like for today, the only thing i ate was a bowl of laksa since my nose and my tastebuds are blocked.Believe me when i say i am not dieting, probably my indigestion system are at their happiest state than my digestion.And i am not makan can i makan hati when things are running the way i want it?:)

b)i kinda afraid to answer the second question because when i start on this, it normally ends up being!! i might or might not know someone.To call it interesting founding is more accurate than labelling it to something outrageous.And when i say friends, it's meant to be friends, and talking too much about it would just going to jinx it.It happened before and not going to make the history repeats itself.And i don't need people to matchmake me, because i am not good getting to know people or getting acquinted with people who being introduced to me.I valued it, it just i rather stay the way i am now, it makes me the happiest and why should i go and do something or please everybody around me, when it is not the thing i am looking for?right?
And when im sure this is what i am looking for and not afraid of it to jinx, then ill open up.Until then, just let me have my way cause i know when i am happy, doing the thing i am happy to do.:)

So, i hope it's going to be more creative questions to be asked than these 2 coming the next raya:).Happy raya everyone!

open house at no 7

2 different shirts. no raya getup.all in the same day.

After the endless ingestion on food and drinks (of many colors and flavour..mind you), from many open houses and moi truly, i catch flu and bit feverish on the fourth day of raya.Woke up this morning with the nose uncomfortably blocked, and the ulcers yet again on the lower part of my gum.Uh oh..i know i know i had the devil thought that i would perhaps catch some fever or something so i could on friday, but i am not expecting my wish to be real!since i dont really favour meeting the doctor, i opt to just pop on activefast.
Anyway, our open house yesterday officially ended at close to 10pm, with the last batch of mee lovers came all the way from kuala lumpur and sg petani.It's like a yearly gathering for both sides of my parents.Abah's side were the first, minus acik since she indeed would be having her open house the same day.Mom's clan came in the evening, and stayed till late.Coaxing tok ton's to stay but she wants to go home to makteh's for the time being.Oh, we met, or i met the newlywed, siti and her hubby and since i didnt come home for her wedding, this would be the first time i met the hubby.
The worst part of the open house was that, i had to bid adieu to my baju raya and just had to be happy donning a tshirt and pants!Why you asked?Because i so don't want to ruin my baju raya, getting at war with piles of dirty dishes in the kitchen!And because of that, most of my raya picture taken from the rosli's and kakchon's open house, spelled unglamorous!I didn't even had the chance to run for shower when lia came visiting and had to use my best grin and hoping i won't smell of daging rebus next to her.hahaha.
All i could say, i always love throwing an open house coz it's the only chance, sometimes, to catch the stories you have missed throughout the years and be able to meet those dear people u haven't gotten the chance to visit, eventhough they only live less than 30 mins away from you, all in the name of misfit hectic work.So what would be the better reason to enjoy your open house, right?
And perhaps, i should throw one back in kuantan:)

Monday, September 13, 2010

t'was raya for me

My raya means..

having fabulous spread that amazingly prepared only on raya day

catching up stories with your close friend whom you could only be seeing year.

uttering the lines of forgiveness that oddly sound the same each year.Noted:try to be more creative and dramatic next year.

having the yearly raya ritual.I mean the picture taking.And coordinate your clan by color coding it.

and more stuffing on food.yey!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

salam aidilfitri

words may be wrongly put
actions may be wrongly done
thoughts may be wrongly twisted
and because of that, deeply from my heart
just want to wish all of you beloved readers


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

cut not cutted!

On the last 3 days before raya, i didn't have any idea when the urge came, what possessed me, who talked me into cutting my hair short!

which turns out to be hideousssss!!

and definitely not even up to my liking.


la abuela

It means grandmother in spanish :)

This is Zaiton Ibrahim, we the grandkids call her tok ton.She is the mother of my mom.She might look frail and tiny and weak, but the truth is, my tok ton is far more strong and her capability to withstand defeat and hardlife is beyond anyone's imagination.She has the softest voice ever, actually never heard her raises the voice or show anger:).She used to teach Quran lesson to kids and she could make the most, i mean it, the most delightful wajik that is still being missed by abah and I.Oh, I just got to know that tok ton is 80.80! can u believe it?i can't! because she always looks strong and heavenly and nothing close to being 80.And just ask her on any petua or doa for any kind of occasions, she would just give it away.She was staying with us for couple of weeks on the last Ramadan, and i got the chance to cook this dish called ayam masak lemak cili padi, and she kept complimenting it as being..emm... good.:) (She is not only complimenting it, but complement it with the action too, i saw her liking the dish very much:).And knowing her too, she never put hatred on people, no matter how bad a person is.

This is Salmah Ahmad. I called her tokma.She is the mother of my dearest abah.I never ask her age, but I think she is close to 80 (I will ask her age when i get home visiting her, i promise).When i was still a little toddler and about to enter kindergarten, i used to live with her for years (literally living with her since mom was a school teacher and dad was mendling his business so i was under her n tokwan surveillance), and truth to be told, i was very manja and spoilt since i was their first granddaughter.I called her a 'sporting grandma' coz i told her every crushes i had back in my secondary school and even showed her the boy's pictures and she would just nod and listen attentively and claim 'hmm..comel'. Hahaha..and upon coming home from every break, i would hit her house, because i know if i don't do so, she would be asking my dad anyway. And her cooking is devilishly addictive. She knows what i like the most, the ayam masak merah and kari ikan with bendi. Yummmmmmmey! I might be a little bit like her,outspoken, but the plus side is my tokma is one strong woman and knowing her, she would never say no to any queries from her children, well..or to her grandchildren:). And i love listening to her telling stories, because she is a real storyteller (albeit sometimes she uses funny words.ahha..)

Now, why do i talk about these 2 women?Because i know i should be lucky to give and have their love.Evidently, I never know how to reply to those affection, but i do know that my grandmas always have the special places in my heart.I want to be as loving as tokma, and as strong as tokton.If values are to be emulated, i would go for these 2 rockin' grandmas.

to grandmas, thanks for giving me my parents.

only things that matter

to the 2 most important person in my life..

whose patience never cease
whose affection is meant to be shown
who never stop showing us love
who always assuring us things are for better
who never get tired teaching us bout life
who keep up with us for years and more years to come
and for God has blessed us with

and for that...

we never stop loving you
we never get tired of your endless affection
we never be exhausted of your preach on life
we thank God for we know we are not the best to be granted you both

thanks for loving us endlessly, mama and abah.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

he's just not that into you

Well, believe me if i say that when i'm in love with something, namely a movie, I could watch it over and over again.And again, believe me this is going to be my fifth times watching this particular chickflit cum self help sort of movie, particularly because..

1) it has most of my fav stars (jen aniston and scarlett 'wow' johannsen in one movie anyone?and justin long, and bradley cooper and ben affleck and drew barrymore.see, i told ya:)

2) and because it was adapted from a book helmed by my favourite self help guru in the names of Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, you can expect it to be satirically sarcastic yet funny enough because they wrote things bout these no-nonsense look at relationship, or the pure lack of it.

It is an interconnecting movie revolve around 6 couples, from melting relationship, broken marriage, false hopes, finding hopes, falling in love, u get the gist.It deals with the challenge of reading, or perhaps misreading human signals and behaviour in the game of love, hate and relationships.Each couple in the movie navigates their own issue and the interesting part is, you might have their issue in you, too.

Few things from the movie that every single man and woman need to ponder and put to thought, as i find it as amazingly true are..

a) being married and the marriage itself do not necessarily make u the happiest, and it does not necessarily complete you.

b) if a girl is to be promised a call by a guy she likes, she WILL WAIT for the call.

c) a guy, on the other hand, WILL USE the line 'I'm gonna call ya' as the most discreet way to diss and dump the girl.

d) some woman can accept cheater if the guys confessed that he cheats before he gets caught, but most woman could not accept liars (especially kaki temberang!)

e) the most unavoidable sin that a married man would commit is to fall in love with another woman, yet promise the devoted wife that he wants to save the marriage (gila complicated, duh!)

f) being perfect comes in the form of your true happiness, even if you have to have it all by yourself, on your own, and without help from others.

Oh, and the best scenes in the movie (i have way too many, so it scenes nonetheless:)

1) When neil (ben afflect) proposed beth (jen aniston), on his bended knee, eventho he initially didn't wanna get hitched, but because marriage makes his other half happy, so he will do everything just to be in the same degree of happiness beth wants.
(okay the point here, he proposed the most romantic being cheesy and darn i love it.ahha)

2)When gigi (ginnifer goodwin) humiliates herself more than one just to make sure that the guy she went out with would return her call (err..checking the phone every 2 seconds, or worse, being offensively mad when her mother called because if the guy calls back, he cant get thru because her mom is on the line.gila saiko.hahah)

3) When ben (bradley cooper) confessed that he slept with another chick (that one hot scarlett), to his wife, in the furniture store, knowing that his wife can't yell or make scene at the public place (classssyyyyyyy!!!)

4)When anna (again, that scarlett), being veryyyy flirtatious, swapping kisses and hugs and cuddles with connor (kevin connolly), but to admit right to connor's face that she aint freaking ready for anything (aren't we always indecisive because he is not what we want?)

Now, let's lobby for 'It's Breakup Because It's Broken' to a movie too...shall we?:)

lil missy.

At the time like this, i know that...

lil missy and dyane yang cute

... it would be another year for us to have the raya joli joli together, right?
I miss you my lil dearie.From the bottom of my heart and the heart is all i have to give:)

Happy Berpuasa , ye sayang:) be seeing u soon.:)

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