Monday, July 26, 2010


In the matter of hours, i m going to start my first stint as a part time english lecturer in one of the university nearby.My first part time job since the last 7 years ago.Yea probably the only reason i'm going for this is im hungry for money.haha.Evidently, money is needed if i still have that same hobby of mine, traveling. And to just rely it on the pay i'm gettin now wont get me nowhere, or atleast not gonna get me across the Howth maybe:)

I should have started my part time job weeks ago, but given the mismatched timetables, and for some reasons totally outta this world that i was given a set of students who are not even being registered yet!The second intake student!And they have this gut telling me that they are also unforseen of the number of students who are goin to enroll.In short..i might not b getting any jobs means no extra money!DUHH!!

When i started to contemplate the idea (prob having this part time job isnt such a good idea after sucks the holiday mood out of me and im stuck in pahang because of this anyway), i got the call from the girl again, saying i'll b given nother class, different timetable, same pay.Oh yeah??So yeah, Im going to hit it today, see how it goes.If this isnt flow nicely, then im just gonna save HARD for the aussie trip (ha ha, as if this is not enough!).And if the aussie trip gets halt, im so going to buy me this gorgeous, expensive bag im dying to have (okay, im not that dying to get any, anyway.i JUST need to get something to splurge)

And guess who's in town?My dear ever so dear ronggeng cik kiah and entourage.zarina's here! ahah and i so want to see her, guess im not that okay personally not having her around.she's like my bottom part of the body, i can breath, but less on the move:(.And i seriously need to pour to you what i feel about 'that thing we both know'.See ya this eve babe!
Laundry done, pot of coffee done, floor swept. what else?

oh yeeeee....time to iron those clothes:)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

cougar deal

kutcher, u demn got the one hot

During my undated tv and popcorn night, i stumbled upon Courtney Cox while surfing the channel and spent an hour watching her new tv comeback after the defunct of her tv series Dirt.It is called Cougar Town, and for those who are still not coming out from the cocoon, cougar is the 'new' word popularized by the likes of Demi Moore and Halle Berry and Madonna.Yea you got the gist, those women who dated young guys, with the word 'mama and son' tattoed on the forehead, well likely.
Im not gonna talk over the tv series as i hardly watch it (am more Rachel fan than i did to Monica actually), but the word cougar is what intend me writing this. What perplexes me is the reasons that cougar being given so much exposure.I dun see any hullabaloo with the situation.I see nothing bizzare of dating women half the age.Men dated girls young enough to be their prom chaperone, or to pluck the grey hair out but nobody ever gives any objections on that (anybody queries Hugh Hefner?).Or probably people do smirk, but just because men do this, and it happens all the time,so it becomes the norm and make it common to the society.Nevertheless, when the women in the 40s striding the sidewalk hand in hand with a 20s something bloke, something is not right, or probably be seen as tasteless affairs altogether.
Okay, to be honest, when i was in my early 20s, i did date a younger guy, how young?well let just say he still can ask for a pocket money from mommy. i didn't even intend to like him since my policy was simple, young guys are ewwwww and old guys are double ewwww.I was in my varsity years and a regular customer to this one hang out spot.He came ask for number after few weeks and we dated and he bought pressies and flowers and cute cards.So i wasn't the adult in the situation but he did.He listened well, he joked well and did i feel any awkwardness or discomfort or embarrassment in dating this mama's fav son?.Hell no.So the feeling of dating younger guys would totally be the same with dating guys your age.Or maybe im talking nonsensical since in your 20s you didn't have any wrinkles or crow's feet and that probably shut the blabbermouths of people but it makes a total difference when you have the set of old signs but arm in arm with a total eye candy.
But then again, it's no big fuss.I totally believe these women dated young people for a reason, or the reasons would probably sound like this..

1)guys got married at so freaking young ages and that left the women with the choices of young dudes
2)guys got married early and sensible women won't date married men and thus leaves them with the choice of young dudes, again.
3)why settle for the other 40s old bloke when you can get half the age?
4)the urban world of the 40s women make them fashionably stylish, sexually attractive amusingly smart and knowledgeably experience (okay so i have Madonna in my mind when i write this up.haha),something a 20s woman can't even come close to.
5)they just wanna have fun! (go blame Cyndi Lauper for the anthem)

Me?i am 30 yes but i dun think i would settle for guys younger than i am.I've been with couples and i know for a mashed up mind and emotion that i have, i need more security and that i probably won't find in younger guys or guys my age.But who knows, till i am sure that i wouldn't be in any cougar series, i am open to any possibilities
Doesn't life is all about possibilities? (wink..wink:)

license to drool

i tattoed what i cook hey!

American schools dissed my food diet programes, no?

Lindsay Price, u are so grilled!

move over bourdain, culinary world is getting even better with this saucy hot pans!gone were the days when chef being portrayed as old guys with little (or so not little) bit of tummy, and oh so unflattering aprons and that tall white hats with a pouched crown or whatever people called it. and dont let me start on their communication skills where for years we had been given these images that chef would only talk bout foods and nothing else.And whipping out boring foods too!
Now, thanks to this one devoted channel for the worshippers of food, chefs are now come in the forms of those...
haha..okay the only reason i ever turn myrself to AFC is to catch these guys in actions.I believe it's more than a number of chicks would be drooling over and wishing for Curtis Stone to bring them home (oh come on, just look at the faces of those women where Stone managed to persuade.They driveled more on Curtis than they do on those chopping boards). Oh on the other note, he dated and is still dating Lindsay Price from the Lipstick Jungle.Damn she got herself quite a dish!
And who hasn't chuckled seeing the only naked chef on the planet?i know he is such a klutz (he kinda messing up the kitchen ya know and to some sort he is a mess), but he made it look cute (to me at least, i found his splutter way of talking rather hot.haha).He did make diet food sounds so delectable and grow your own herbs near your kitchen window as rather cool!
Ah, please do add the new hotness on the frying pan!The tattoed Chuck Hughes on Chuck's Day Off, sheeshh he makes food making so deliriously rugged.He got restaurants and he tattooed himself of food (oh well, who ever think to get himself a lobster and a lemon meringue pie up and down the arms?Chuck does!)
Sniff sniff i so do want to mention the kitchen goddesses too but im too focused on the guys i try to put nigella, or padma or laura calder to the back of the kitchen door for now.
So you know, being in the kitchen not necessarily being smeared by flour or reeked of fishes n meats or pieces of vegetables got stucked in your sleeves.These steaming hot cooks have proven the opposite and going to make me glued to the cookery channel for a long time to come...
even for i do not cook.he he..

Monday, July 19, 2010

the good life comes with its own handbook...NOT!

of all the complete idiot guide series in the market, none come close to teach people how to live life, or how to handle it when issues unravel. u gotta have everything that the 'idiot' cud teach, 'the idiot guide to soccer basic' (so u cud b ready for another 4 years before those football fiasco again), 'the idiot guide to perfect job interview' and heck they even have this complete idiot's guide to getting out of debts!
but why..oh why...nobody even dares to pen down anything about guiding people when issues come hitting?like, how to say no when people keep asking u for things that seem unbearable for u to say NO?or what to do when u keep having emotional turmoil when it involves the fellas at home?
just look around u, how many have turned themselves crazy, or bicker just because they cant even handle their life, since aint no manuals are prepared for them.and dun let me start to even talk about those people who are depressive and have xanax as the best friends.wudnt it be nice if pamphlet of life n ways tackling the emotional turbulence are given together during birth?so they cud study on it early?or at least come prepared?
sheesh, im rambling.
and probably the solid reason why i need my own idiot guide manuals to life.

Monday, July 12, 2010

when it takes more than brain to work

no matter how hard i try pushing myself and getting it back on track with this blogging thingy, i guess time does run its course.that i am practically so over the stage of laziness and this is definitely no apparent , logical reasons of not blogging.i need some sort of comeback (ha!) , muster all the energy to pen down thoughts and ideas again. even mom did ask why am i not updating any.okay's the reason of why's
1)i have no hours to spare for any part of bloggin (even i have so many freakin new things i wanna talk bout)
2)i have no new things to blog about (eventho i have so many freakin hours to spare)
3)i have so many things to ramble but couldnt do so because i know ppl are reading and im not those people who hide behind 'protected entry' or so it no point writing if it ends up being the only me reading. okay this point is utterly rubbish but heck i just dun like hiding anythin even i like it being hidden sumtimes.sheeshh..gedditt??
4)some of things got jinx if i start talkin n blogging about it.
5)err...that i am inconsistenly such a lazyass?

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