Thursday, November 27, 2008


oii...what was the most romantic thing hang penah buat dulu to ur bf?

romantic thing?

goshh..i seriously cant least vividly,albeit considering myself as a sucker for all things sugary sweet in love affairs, i cudnt sumhow recall those i considered romantic.lia texted me just now asking what she cud do to celebrate her boyfriend's bday, besides the usual celebration of cakes and pressie.well..just maybe, what i consider a simple act of gesture cud sumhow be the most romantic thing in his eyes..or vice versa.
and i told her this..

cook him a nice meal and write him a poem.straight from ur heart.'s all about a mumsy act (c'mon ..i cooked ayam masak kicap yg penuh minyak n sayur campor yang lembik for lunch..the only lunch i cooked for the 4 years), but i believed i did it wholeheartedly.u know, waking up early, preparing the raw materials and dont get me started with all the extra effort to make the meal extra tasty as i am a total crap when it comes to cooking session).but all comes to senses when u know he wants to only eat what u cook for him.and without the needs to complain and grumble.
and i dont write a poem.i wrote the diary.and to be given when the perfect time comes.
i dont know.u might have different ways of showing him 143.more affectionate that yours truly maybe.

urghh..maybe i shud just get myself romance for dummies book and start to learn again.

Monday, November 24, 2008

merely words

demmit..i make a guy lose 15kg and the funniest part is..i hardly remembered making such bet.

ehheh..oh guy got nuthin to do with my personal life.just a fren i crossed path with, just a buddy i went out for a late nite cuppa at a mamak stall, just a buddy that cud take up a notch to the challenge i gave.

seriously...aku lansung tak ingat.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

after these while

i'm walking away
from the troubles in my life
i'm walking away
to find a better day

sometimes some people get me wrong
when it's something that i said or done
sometimes you feel there is no fun
that's why you turn and run

but now i truly realize
some people don't wanna compromise
well i saw them with my own eyes
spreading those lies

well i dont wanna live a lie
too many sleeples nights
not mentioning the fights
im sorry to say

im walking away
from the troubles in my life
im walking away
to find a better day

(walking away: craig david)

Monday, November 17, 2008

lazy bum part 2

see the messy room?now that's what happened when SIRIM thingy is just around the corner, and u have been procrastinating all the yearly works needed to be done in a year, but only got the time (?) to start it the night before the internal audit.i am so malasss!!!!in between the works, still able to feed myself with 2 bowl of lontong and plums.and yeah, sufficient inputs of cheap gossips from the internet.hehe

Sunday, November 16, 2008

slinky kitty..or plain lazy?

when all u tink is just being lazy...

well...this cat is far ahead from you!

Friday, November 07, 2008

the day i am a golddigger

saturday morning, i was handed this necklace n its locket by mum.she referred it as her good luck charm.well, i like the locket, as it resembles a bunch of grapes made from jade.takdelah berlian bling bling ke apa, but it's cute enuff.the problem is...
i dun do gold.i hate wearing jewelry.i only wear it on the special event hari raya (the first day..i repeat..only on the first day).i love makeups..but i hate gold.that probably makes me 'half women'.(perempuan yang asli minat makeup dan simpan barang barang kemas ni.gedditt??)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

emotion sickness

oh..i am not sick.neither my emotion or my just the title of silverchair's number i was once so crazy of.and kebetulan my mum was switchin thru the channel n tetiba stopped at @15 and there it was..silverchair vidclip.adakah silverchair telah mempengaruhi emakku?

on a second thought, i might be sick emotionally.

kerana apa?


doink!!i was so forgetful, i thought i had locked the car.definitely, since i drove acik's hubby's car to kl.thank god my car was nicely parked under the porch out of the scorch of sunlight, and yes it is parked within my college vicinity. just imagine if i left my car at ina's, for a week, without locking the door?nasib baik je la kalau nampak tyre mark sekalipun kan?

and thanks to silverchair, now i feel like rummaging thru my old stuff and checked my collection of silverchair's memorabilia.mana la aku letak kaset silverchair dulu ek?


senarai kesyukuran

Caranya mudah:
1. Tajuk, Senarai Kesyukuran {insert nama anda, nama glemer atau tidak, terpulang}
2. Tuliskan semua benda tentang hidup anda, baik atau buruk.
3. Letakkan Saya bersyukur di hadapan setiap ayat tadi untuk mengubah semua ayat baik atau buruk kepada ayat baik dan positif.
4. Boleh dibuat dalam semua bahasa.
5. Saya bersyukur boleh ditukar kepada Saya gembira atau Saya bernasib baik. Tapi kalau begitu lebih baik tajuknya Senarai Kegembiraan atau Senarai Kenasib Baikkan. So jangan susahkan diri.


sila abaikan gambar leher tengkuk ayam ini.akibatnya mengguna self timer:)

1. i am forever thankful to being blessed with good health, both physically and mentally.sihat walafiat walaupun tak makan makanan berkhasiat dan vitamin c.

2. i am thankful for the healthy beings of my financial matter even i am still in debt for my car loans, loans n more loans.

3.i am thankful for the loveliest bunch of the family members, if not the prettiest.cant never ask for the clone of my parents and siblings.hey, give them credits..they put up with me for 28 godem years!

4. i am thankful for the buddies i have and have had.i love them for what they do and have done, and sumtimes it is just beyond words how far a friend can save your soul.and for the best of friend, u know i owe u lots zar.

5. i am thankful for the good job n good pay (?) i have in this tempat jin bertendang. a beggar cant be choosy, i am not a beggar, so i can be choosy, but i choose not to be choosy (apa kau merapek ni setannnn!!!)

6. i am thankful becoz of thos job n good pay (?), i am able to feed my adrenaline for the lust of travelling, be it abroad or just simply langkawi.bali, singapore, jakarta, bandung, medan and apa yorkkkkk (letak saja disini walaupun belum lagi.heheh...)

7. i am thankful i am named rozlin suhaida, not some sort of names a weirdo would apply. and be it that my name sounds nice on ur lips (cuba cakap lyn byk byk kali..ada irama kah?)

8. i am thankful i know how to recite quran, tat i discreetly knew tat my mum would belasah me if i didnt finish muqadam n quran..even on the perk of life that i was so into dancing and all the artsy stuff back in my school years.

9.i am thankful that i hate smoking. one puff per life (zaman gatal nak experience menda menda bongek).no way im gettin to it..ever ever again.

10.i am thankful i dun hate smokers. susahla aku nak dpt bf mcm ni..ramai plak jantan yang smoking tu..hahahha

11.i am thankful for the ability i have in creating my own lyric when i cudnt recall the original lyric of the the fact that i am thankful becoz my disability has make people to poke fun at me and thus make em remember me for the rest of their life:).hehehhehe...

12.i am thankful coz i experience the greatest love,the terrible heartache, the loved and being loved, the smooch and the fight, the break ups and make ups.only that i know i am stronger and wiser and bitchier..not:)

toy and mok..status kekeluargaan tak diketahui.
13. i am thankful coz i have my cats who despite gonna poo and pee whenever n wherever they feel like it, they r gonna be the ones i 'turn' to on the downdest moment. sumtimes it is just easier talkin to beings who cant talk as they cant bable back atcha:)
14. i am thankful coz i know how to be thankful.
15. i am thankful i dun have terrible chronic disease.(as long as being too emotional and attached wont be considered as disease.or the acute anxiety on the dentist and stuff)
16. i am thankful that despite my kepala angin and panas baran, i have the softer side in me.that i love people i love. too much in fact.and i wud never bully cats, biawak, or apa saja minatang, or hit em on the road like a crazy lunatic driver.
17.i am thankful...that finally my internet connection at home is behaving well.YEHUUUUU!!
18.i am thankful that my siblings, my sisters specifically still entrust me with all sort of gossips of their lives and not afraid to hear whatever i wud say.
19. i am thankful that despite all the gibberish ramblings and the thoughtless thought i have had here, the web counters almost hit 500.hehehhe..
20.i am thankful that finally i am able to do things without people askin me to, and not bound to follow people say n wish.
21. i am thankful sebab hari ni bebual mesra dgn brader tmnet yg ckp aku nye username sgt comel.hahahha..gatai.
22.i am thankful for my sense of humor (level of stupidity and maturity will be determined soon).jelik tak jelik korang ketawa je kan?kannnn?
23. i am thankful coz i know how to value good food, am not being the picky eater (even i dun do veggie, ikan - ikan sungai, petai, paru, limpa, hati, bla..bla..bla..).
24. i am thankful coz i am not socially retarded.i can mingle.i am all good when it comes to talking to strangers.i even talk to the women who destroyed my engagement.i can.providing the assurance that u are not crazy and know how to reply to my utterances:)
25. i am thankful for who i am.i am not revengeful.smirk all you want.but as i keep on saying, if i try to hate, then i hate to try.
26. i am thankful coz my mum is one good cook even if is just a can of sardine she just know how to turn it good.and her sambal?blast off habis!
27. i am thankful for i know whoever i end up marrying soon, he will have the fair share of love that my parents cud give. its not a guarantee, but it's the belief that they always put in me
28.i am thankful i am a muslim and not solely claiming one.
29.i am thankful coz i am a good driver. i drive fast and still obedient to the rules of the traffic. (siapa naik keretaku sila pakai tali ke tak cool ke aku tanak korang mati percuma tak pakai tali pinggang keledar).
30.i am thankful i am able to do finish this.(kalau mati before tekan butang publish cemana?tak sempat nak baca aku nye 'rambleness' kan kan???
there i did it.and u know what...there are thousands..if not billions more to express the thankfulness.given it a time and space and it does you good:).as one of the my fav blog says, if one of the above has been shut of and been taken away, i am still proud to say that i do have my 29 more:).

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


i hate the internet connection back home and you dont wanna know where the heck i am blogging rite now!!!..updates when im truly back to kuantan.

ps: cc ni charge aku rm2.50 sejam.mahal ke?

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