Wednesday, December 28, 2005

againts the odds

looking at her blithe look, i knew directly she has made her choice, and the choice is to be the most radiant bride i've seen.marryin the man of her life, planning to have babies, she is the person who always so sure of what she wants in her life.well..that was almost a year, she is arming with a baby girl...and a divorce.almost.i never know she is never happy, she never talks , never badmouth about her mundane matrimonial life.and when she broke the news of her separation, just like when she annoucing her marriage a year ago, i was agape and taken aback, fullforce.i never realise, never know she was coping with the unworkin marriage.
as the cliche would say, marriage is partially a game, a risky undertaking.won't ever know whether u make it to the final rope, or say nay in the between.for u my everdearest friend, u have my pray.hope 'this' landslide wont bring u down any vita e bella..ironically.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

here comes the birthday boy

my hunybuny celebrated his 25th birthday on the 26th dec.making an ironic joke that he got the 'biggest' present ever last year (he was cruel enuff to compare his own birthday with the catastrophe of tsunami.ish ishhh),off we went to midvalley to was actually a sudden celebration, what's with me just arriving from perlis, n what's wit throng of ppl ushering every shops n food outlets in mid it left us wit no choice but heading to Long John Silver for lunch.not bad, he even got himself a nice cup of chcocolate mousse for bday cake.sorry i cudnt serve u better.i just hope u have the wonderful year to come, n hope u like the gift i gave.sorry for all the hiatus i caused, i just being plain annoying sumhoe(well, maybe all the time).but that just me. so thanks for stickin up wit me, during sane n insane moments.happy birthday dear you..

Friday, December 16, 2005

dirty lil secret..

i am listening to the all american reject not so latest hit, dirty lil secret through imesh, when this sudden urge comes to write few words in my many dirty lil secret uve been keeping from ur friends?spouse?life partner?family?i bet in a nook corner in our heart, we have sth not to be spilled to ppl surround us?why?the answer is simple. that dirty lil secret is sumhow embarrased u, sumhow painful, sumhow sinful n sumhow i rite?i do have skeleton hanging in my closet, exposing it just makes it as a point of immaturity.even if u are a married person, do u solely tell everything to ur hubby?to ur wife?and when ur courting, did u tell every thing to the other half?n long would u take to keep it?ha my blog would only be filled with questions, now if u only can answer dirty is ur secret?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

i hear the wedding bells!

now im gonna spill the beans of the much awaited suprise.the one who's gettin hitched is the classic gentleman, courtesy of mohd musab, n his bride to be is none other of our own colleague ere in college, wan zai azlin.pretty suprising huh?they engaged last weekend n by any sooner of next year, the wedding will be taking place. it is amazing how ppl meet each days, but the love only blossoms after a while.i believe their love is not merely about having it at the first sight, but more to deeper thoughts n recognition. who am i to give a comment on such thing aite?let's bless them happiness!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

te reality

oh hooo im nice it is to be back, back to the real surrounding, the office, the nice comfy bed, the plush red chairn the ever annoying bunch of students.ha ha.still adore em tho.hemm class in couple of mins.ready to go but been suprised by acik's news.sumone is gettin hitched n definitely is wayyyy being expected!ha!congrats.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Datin Seri Hendon passed away peacefully this early morning approx at 7.55 am after long battle with the cancer.May God bless her soul.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

a sick, lunatic, maniacal peeping tom!!!

i came across gee's blog last week stating she faced a crazy sex maniac in upm's compound.i felt sorry for the man , i know that nuthin the man showed would interest her tho.hahha.anyway..ere in the college, similar incident happens.but no no..worry not.not that we've been flashed, but the case is about a peeping tom who still at loose.believe me happened in our college, at our apartment.looks like the sick man is eyeing the anak dara sunti houses the most, collecting or shall i put it as swiping undies!how sick is tat?n last nite, a couple of man from the next block nearly caught the culprit but to no avail.he's sneaky enuff to wear all black so he cud get off smoothly unnoticed.i even heard kak aini's hubby yelled to stop him saying 'pencuri pencuri!'but when i drawed the curtain, all tat i cud see was a pitch of darkness.gosh, with the raya holidays coming up i dun feel safe anymore.ok maybe tis sex craved maniac been eyeing the girls, but do we have to wait till the worst come?

my love

ta last, i successfully able to upload the photo of my everdearest love of my la dia ahmad isnen or better known as nen.:)tis goin to be the sec raya he wudnt be wit us, n no more pics of him cud be i missed so adorable. so okay..he's not persian, but he definitely is one of a kind.may ur soul rest in peace baby!

Monday, October 17, 2005

the white baby

my car's aircond has been leaking since the last 2 what else to do instead of goin to the car's 'clinic' n seek for the treatment n how much treatment fare?try rm 80!so im officially penniless n got 2 hundred bucks to spend till the big day come.goshh..n i dun even got the chance to buy the shoes ive been eyeing so long!the a la gucci kinda it shows the difficulty of taking care my white baby.he needs extra tender loving care n being a good momma i am, went straight to the clinic if anythin bad ever really needs u to have extra amount of money in the end of the day just for the sake of taking care the car.rm 80 might not sound that much, but hey for the time like this, even rm 10 bucks are really counted.n now that i need sum more money to repay my dad for the bus ticket..hemmm.

Friday, October 14, 2005

he ho...2 more weeks to go!

it's about 2 weeks more, n has been 3 days i 'postponing' my zone alert.thers nuthin much i can do for the preparation since got no gaji yet.aiyoo payday payday still is awayyy..and with bonus coming along ere are the things needed to be done:

1) buy kuweh raya
have no urges to make cookies tis year, well maybe a kind or two.tgkla kalau rajin.the rest i wud probably just buy it for those who promote it straight to my nose.hahah.ppl dun really relaly go for kuweh these years.they are prone to eat kerepek kerepek.they are more into snacking!

2) check baju raya
hope both of them tailors dun screw up my baju raya or it leaves me nuthin except my undies.ha ha.

3) check the cars
it's gonna be long journey home n the probability of me driving home alone is very high!so gotta check the tyres(by any means, more money is needed for the check up thingy.aiyooo)

Friday, October 07, 2005

tanjobi omedeto gozaimasu zarinaaaa

happy birthday to zarina.hope tis year will bring sth gewd for her..n maybe for her n her huby. :) wish the friendship will last n enuff off all tat stupid arguments.ha ha.i guess it does happen in any healthy friendship.she's glowing tday, n wit all the presents surrounded her, i hope she'll like the 'thing' i bought u can look pretttyyyy..hehehehhe.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

perlis vs selangor

im goin to kl this saturday. n guess what the purpose for???watching football!!!!can u believe it?believe it!

Monday, September 19, 2005

meetin mum

mama was in town last weekend, so i was in town as well.needed to meet mum, been missing her tho.went n fetch her at her hotel.goshhhh..why cant jpn perlis placed these teachers at more classy place?her hotel was easier to be found, but becoz i was tired n it was gettin late, it turned out to be one tedious task.brought ina along the next day to fetch her.n even brought mum along for a lil shopping spree.went to stila, buyin acik that present, n off to kinokuniya.mum departed the next day, but the nite before, bcoz of ina's prob, all lil secrets of us were shared, n mum was kinda open to listen to whatever shrubs we were saying tat nite.:)a very nice chat indeed.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

this is me..then

u know how's the good feeling feels? feels real good. for instance..u got into misunderstanding with one of ur close friends..n u compile ur guts n face the feels good..mending the altered friendship:)

Monday, September 05, 2005

im prettyyy beat!

drive home alone fr kl since i didnt allow zaire to tag along.ha ha.sorryy dear, but dun tink it'll be good idea since i got a practise wit students bout the launching a stop at projet, buy me bbq burger n mocha n spent bout 20 bucks for mags .i have no idea why i ended up buying so many things!safely arrived at 4, slept awhile (i really really need a nap!)n was woken up by the msg fr jue askin for a double sided tape.bummer....there goes my naps!hu hu.finished practicing about 2 hrs later, n shud i say tis?the kids ROCK babe!promised acix that we need to be at the hall as early as 7 o clock, but heck i woke up at 645!thank god we arrived early coz some idiots disarranged the chairs!i was closed to tears but need to muster all strength so tat it wont end up as a laughin matter among students.but upon seeing the kids on stage, doin the fairies thingy, was i proud?u bet!n even pengarah praised us for doin tremendous job.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

cotton candy!!!!!

i spent my saturday evenin out for a movie.the choice?the latest teen flick feel good movie.u guess?yeah hell no its not gila gila pengantin popular.i wud never, but given the time, gol n gincu was the film i lasted to almost 1 1/2 hours.from the first scene, my eyes were glued to the screen.watchin the movie would remind me back of watchin all sorts of romantic movies that u ended up having the 'aaaahhh..' reminded me of ada apa dengan cinta and 10 things i hate about u, but obviously wit different storyline.
kudos i would give to rafidah 3r, she was good in writing the script it feels that it was almost real.fazura, she was ok too as the overly manja girl n girly girly kinda gal.but i wud say, throughout the film, i was waiting for pierre andre all the time to appear on the screen. ha ha. it was like back in my teen years which i wud go ga ga over the actors in the film. but pierre andre as reza the secret admirer of putri was so cool, n he didnt have to mush over lovey dovey expression to say he likes her a lot.the eyes tell everything.n the expression.
my verdict?it's far betterr than i imagine.9 n 1/2 stars for that~

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

thank god the day is almost over

it's gotta be hard pouring rain outside, but still i havent made up my mind to pick my handbags n dashed towards the exit.sumtimes lepakin in the office could be much fun than spending time at home.picked up fight wit him again.the issue?just sum silly argument but if been fought over often, one cud get tired n bored.n one cud just say no to the whole camaraderie.tell me, help me clear things up..cud or cud not sumone who is in relationship, accepting offer for a casual date fr other person?to zaire, im generalising it ok?so stop askin me q if u ever stop by n ask me.

Monday, August 22, 2005

speak people...SPEEEEAAAKK!!

ups speaking exam starts today.thank god ive only invigilated 2 classes today, meanin 4 groups altogether.if more than that, i might be clautrophobic n died.ha ha.bored bored boringgggg monday day (ha ha ha).
acix starts her own blog but she refused to let ppl read her scribbling thoughts.ha ha.yeah i know..the first time i started my blog, i was kinda refused to let ppl read,wit the fact that 80 percent of the content contains lotsa lotsa mushy thang written by none other than moi.let's face it..used to have diaries, got bored wit it n blog might be the way to express minds nonetheless.well..that..if u have lotsa gut to put down ur thought n brave enuff to know that ppl might burst out laughin reading ur hogwash mind.
goin to pasar malam later..need to support myself wit pasar malam stuff since too lazy to cook.any ideas what to sumbat inside my lil tummy tday?ewahhh..

Monday, July 25, 2005

me n the boredom

lepaking at home the whole weekend, not doin anythin good except read few storybooks.story books did get me a way, this weekend makes me restless, counting the days to go to kl.i wanted to see my family.cant wait!!!!oh, zaire goin to brunei for the revoir, ma cherie!(hope im using the right expression :)

Friday, July 22, 2005

the list continues..

4) kekasih awal dan akhir
that was the first movie i even watched in cinema, as it was the first appearance of zizie ezzette on screen.marvelous movie for it has sofea jane n jamal abdillah.done way resemblance of bollywood theme, with lotsa songs n pitied moment of heart wrenches, it still was a hit n in my list.

5) ali setan
ogy in her teens n i love the movie becoz it got sheila majid.many antics done by uni students.from the dork to the jocks i just lurve the plot.

the best romantic movies ever

1) my best friend's wedding
i always love the collaboration between julia roberts, cameron diaz and delmot mulroney.they have all that on screen chemistry needed in a cheesy romantic story like this.u cant even hate julia roberts for being intruder between diaz n mulroney. u just cant help to love her more.her edginess, her lack of common sense, and her big hair do.funtastic to watch!oh, i love diaz too.she just being guilty for her clumsiness n being wayy cheeky!

2) ada apa dgn cinta
do i need to say one time, most of us are like going ga ga over rangga (now it's even ryhme!).who wouldnt.he was the kewlest man i felt at that time.dun have to be all lovey dover.his appreciation of love are thru the poem, n attention.just love the curly messy hair!!.

3) eiffel im in love
just watched the movie yesterday.samuel rizal..oh ohhhhhh..just love the baldness.but cant beat rangga tho

4) cant think of number 4 coz im darn hungry.get back to this later~

Thursday, July 21, 2005

here she goes

ina got the job after been waiting for almost 2 weeks!glad she got it after all. i just know the feeling of being penniless n cant even do and purchase anything u is like...everything?oh, she even passed her second attempt of that driving test.happy for het tho!:)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

princess tam tam

upon seeing her, tears started to stream down my face.she was barely alive, she was mustering all her strength just to look at me with that sollen, red rimmed eyes.i called her behind the hedges.calling all i might, cause i know ive been waiting too long to see her.i dont really mind that 12 hours of bumpy road, coz i just know i want to see her badly.she didn't even pour, she nudged a bit, maybe the feeling of wetness of the cloth faten placed under her.yeah, it was just typical me, so emotional, so full of over dramatic act.but how cud u not crying when u see her like that.the food, the mouldy looking food was not even touched.i pattted her on the head, realizing i was patting a partly bone that fur.she was so bony, so skinny.and yet, she was restless, she was doin anything she cud to stay alive. i know she knew we wanted her to live.she started to breath again, even with the nose congested with reddish substance, presumably blood.her paws fagile, there were even patches of blood on the fur.but aten was so keen of taking care of her, and my dad, since the last 2 kittens cudnt make it.he cried.i knew my dad would cry even for a cat.he got soft heart.
and even i am here, sitting on the comfy chair in the office, there are still vivid, placid pictures of my princess, hoping to get a new hope of life.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

the induction at last!!

first day of june.first activity for reading being introduced to students.not really had the warming responses fr the students regarding to the first activity.guess they are still adapting to the new environment of learning in college.earliest today, kak siti mentioned acix bout the induction, saying that me n munie got to go after all.good..guess i dun have to wait any longer.been discussing bout the room tho, n the transport to go..yada yada yada.need to fork out few ringgits to buy things.i need new bag!!!!my elle travel bag is like sooooooo yesterday~!!!

Friday, May 27, 2005

now that stupid air cond!

i WISH sumbody cud take drastic action n smash the stupid air cond.can't stand it anymore~9 hrs in the office without the aircond?now that's way way wrong!!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

the stomach ache

had bubur nasi for breakfast, didnt intend to eat sth heavy tho, but have to since i just had pizza n a slice of oreo cheese cake for dinner last nite.heck, thus resulted in me having the stomach ache. cant understand why all this while, i cant escape from having heavy breakfast plus a glass of ice nescafe, but ended up not having anythin at all.i mean..u know what i mean.waiting for class to be started at 12.goshhh..i dun really like goin for the noon class.zaire is having his presentation n mou thing today.wish u luck huny!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

anugerah bintang popular 2004..and there she goes again

anugerah bintang popular, is when the winners are solely chosen by the fate of popularity n how well artistes get themselves into stardom.guess by now, we are still talking about the previous anugerah bintang popular,telecasted live from Arena Of Star Genting Highlands.Bet most artistes there wont a bit feel chilly despites all the shoulder baring clothes most of em choose to wear.excellent choice i might say.
Enough of the clothes, for the overall standard n session, i wud say, the show was nothing close to being fabricated to Anugerah Sri Angkasa shown in TV1.It was, by far, being the most exhilarating event being shown, kudos to both ogy n salih yakob.both of em were the ones that liven up the show, mostly by the crazy dialogues, comical acts by salih.he's the bomb.
Most winner announced, i have no comments whatsoever.that's what ppl choose, so these ppl deserved it.just lucky enuff u got to b selected among the most famous five, indicating u do have fans.i dun give much fuss on the winners, among the ones that never bother to choose the favorable ones.Siti won, she deserved it.but that doesnt change a bit of fact that i dont really fancy her since beginning.:)congrats siti.and ur smartly,'poshy'driven kia optima.
the most irritating moment i wud say, got to be during misha's performance.we, at home, were barely enjoying the show when all of sudden, a very annoying commercial from ning n timecontact appeared.misha's show was chopped in half!
im off till now,sorry for not being explicit enuff telling u ppl bout the details on the show.

Monday, March 07, 2005

movie review: lemony snicket's the series of unfortunate events

lemony snicket the series of unfortunate events was the second movie i reviewed and unlike the first one, i found this as hilarious n was after all, a fortunate one, unlike what have been told by the narrator, lemony snicket see, at the beginning of the movie, u were asked to leave the hall because from what u goin to witness the stories go, all about the unfortunate events of baudelaire siblings.oh yes, there were lotsa lotsa calamitous, wrecked moments courtesy of Count Olaf (played by oh so not forgettable jim carrey). But these baudelaire siblings, Violet (oh she's so sweet), Klaus(he doesnt really look like a bookworm to me..oh maybe, but the handsome worm:)) and the babytalked sunny (i wonder these twins are courtesy of Dustin Hoffman since they got his name), were cunning enough to get rid of their ever so evil Count Olaf and his crazy plots.
the story started as the Baudelaire being the orphans, their parents were both perished in the fire incident, and one of the long distance relatives, Count Olaf, came out and claimed he had all rights to take care of the children (and the fortune). the storylines are not so difficult to follow, even u are not an avid reader of Lemony Snicket's series.
my comments?if u want to be entertained, then go booked urself a ticket.i wud say, throughout the movie, i was mesmerized by the set(a Tim Burton touch), the costume and the whole plot (as many wud say).u are definitely going to have one enjoyable, fortunate evening.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


having a penchant for horror+thriller+murder sort of movie, i didnt think twice but made myself free over a nice tub of popcorn over a lazy Saturday evening.accompanied by nother 2 of my freaking-out-but-im-still-kewl-enuff-to-watch-horror-movies- friends, we booked ourselves at the first aisle, but all the excitement of waiting for a good thriller went straight to the drain after spending almost 2 good hours watching short, Boogeyman is nuthin but a hogwash.
you see, you going to get all sort of recipes to a good thriller in boogeyman, the screaming parts, the suspense, the chilling factors, you name it, but after a while, u can add nother part, boring.boogeyman started out good, as a young kid was afraid of dark n closet(who wouldnt? he did even let the window open and the wind gushed in..ohh..the suspense is about to start).his father was killed infront of his eyes namely by the one who beknown as a boogeyman.starting from that short intro,the kid cant forget bout it but determine to find out what was really there in the closet n who is actually a boogeyman.
most part of the movie took place in the ol house of Tim,where he came back to seek for truth.there you goin to see a lot of closets incident, and after a while,i got bored to death.playing peekabo with that unknown creature for almost 95% of the movie is somewhat weary n dreadful.

Monday, February 28, 2005

the cats in the hats..

Being away in Pahang cant resist my mind from thinkin about my beloved no no..not my mum or dad, but the tiny tots.Precisely my bucuk cats!!!i missed em.i really am missing em all.well...after nen, my dad complied that our family need to have a we officially adopted siti, the not so cute kitten.but my mum is so into her, she even being her midwife when siti gave birth to cik ah (doi..cant believe why cant my creative in formulating the names????).then we have 3 adopted persians, courtesy of my dad's worker.the mum is nickel (being bitchy enuff of being the persian she didnt even care bout playin around wiv us), the kids are nelly (grey one, nickel fav's daughter as she always tag along wherever her mumy goes), and my cute lil nicky, the one that i favor the most.for a persian, she is soooenergetic, so playful and sooo adorable!and yeah not to forget, so smelly.humm...had to wash her again n again.she smells of cockroaches for god sake!hem hemm..cant wait to go back n cuddle thos tiny beings.miawww..

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