Thursday, December 13, 2012


Where the hell are my picturessssss???????!!!!!!!!!!!!


Curse of updating none!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


When you can weigh between good and bad, to follow your mind, not your heart, regardless how much you yearn for things you know you can't get..then you know you are wise.

And rational.

Because i know, if heart rules the game, i would be the one devastated in the end. And i have had so much dissappointment in my life i can't bear another one. So this closure is good in the long run..insya allah.

Happiness is in the state of mind, not of who you are with.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Thick skin is so me

Trust me if i say being a teacher means you need to have thicker skin and know how to act cool.

As exam week is nearing and MUET is taking over most of the tutorial rooms, I happily order the kids to have the class in the library. And since the class is conducted in the library, it would be okay to be fashionably late a bit, i guess ;). So one fine day, i was 5 minutes late. And of course, rushing. So being a kalut me who was 5 minutes away from the class schedule was never never good. Upon reaching the library, I went to this section where I identified my kids, occupying the tables and MUET book was proudly opened (open je, practisenya tak tahulah budak budak ni).

Came to this first table (buat inspection okayyy) , and my unexpected nerve system was to tepuk the meja kuat kuat.

"ah haaaaa buat MUET... bagus bagus. This is what i want " . Grinning proudly and walking to the next table for the inspection.

Papppp!! (tetap tepuk meja kuat kuat) and the same dialogue of course.

"ah haaaa apa nii tak buat pektis MUET??? Apasal buat Math ni haaa??"

Oh my...oh myyy...oh myyyyyyy..!!

The next table was not my student. They were definitely not my students and I don't even know who they are! The rest of my kids at the nearby tables, plus other kids who occupied the sections, gave me the puzzled and awkward look. And started to laugh. Snicker. And i heard one of the boy, whispering this out loud.

"eh eh..Miss Lyn dah ehh..."


Earth, please swallow me pretty pleaseeeeeee!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

How meh??

As i am now blogging via ipad, i think it would be the same transferring and uploading pictures, like what i used to do when i blogged via the other computers.

But whyyyyy can't i find any button or link so i could upload pictures i keep in my ipad?? All it allows is only the pic from the blog and picasa web, none from the device. Urghh! Can't really have stories now without pictures, right? It feels like reading a very lengthy thesis, a crappy one this is.

Anyone, helppp!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This post will be a total randomness, so forgive me if you somehow find yourself missing somewhere reading whatever craps I'm typing. So story number one should be..

I am in total chaos. Such a mess in organizing timetable of works. Works have been nothing but unstoppable. Just had the massive weeks of constructing and merging and compiling questions to be send to the division. And on top of that, i have yet to prepare neverending slides for the course i am conducting in the coming week ( shiverrrrr), and my research team has not started anything on the research project we have to submit for I -dica thingy. Ohhhhh messsss!!! And let's not remind me the mountaining clothes i have on the living room sofa. Yikes! And there would be Kakom and marking sessions on the plate too.

Oh lupa, students baca ini blog so there goes my confidentiality hihihi.;). Hellooo girlsss.

And because of that, i think somehow the body system has gone against me. I got tired early, sleepy, lost the appetite and could not really digest food. Don't know what is wrong and i am ordered to meet the doc. That is the problem, you do know i don't really fancy visiting any clinics, and knowing me, it will be such a waste of money because the med will definitely left uneaten.

Just admit you are such a chicken to meet the doctor, duh. Drama je lebih cikgu rozlin ni. Haha...!

Hamprey is doing okay basically at home. Emm, bit shrinking but i think he just misses having some company. It's not that i am not willing to adopt another 'kid', but having Hamprey alone takes the total commitment and i don't think i am able to take care of another. He has this new routine that each night, in the middle of my sleeping hours, he would just jump on the bed. And start interrupting, gesel gesel kepala so i would scrub and caress his head, mind you while im having my eyes close and halfway awake. Mamai la Hamprey!

Can't wait for November for the bali break and hopefully next year for the tulips break!! Which means i need money. Lotsssss of it, geez why do i have this freaking expensive hobby?!! And if the tulip trip ever comes true (please let it happen pretty pleaseeeee), the tickets need to be hunted by December. Uh ohhh..!

And for the final crap, thank You for letting me feel the emotion and be giddy all over again. This time, i am just going to take things easy;)

Okay sekian pembentangan saya untuk kali ini. Jumpa lagi tahun depan. Ha ha:)

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Decision can either make you or break you. And since when making decision for the matter like this can be so tricky and conflicting?

Since you've been hurt so often, that's when.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sun day

Morning peeps and happy sunday!  I have not been home in kuantan , especially on Sunday for practically weeks. Sunday was used to be the 'travelling' day, going back from Perlis or being behind wheels for the KL trip. So this particular Sunday, i have so many things i have been dying to do, spring clean the house, update the ISO file, do the laundry and get back to kitchen for the cooking storm.

But Sunday is nothing without the late wake-up routine:)

Ahh, gorgeous life.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We had fun and we still do

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Even for another 50 years, love is always here to stay;)

Monday, August 20, 2012

salam raya

Salam lovelies...:)

So how's your raya? Bet some of you are still glued in front of the telly, munching on ketupat , rendang or biskut raya, or off to bed early because you are going to have your huge open house tomorrow? Whatever is, I hope everything is fruitful and you indeed have a fruitful day.

My raya? Let just say we (aten and I) presented our mom a huge amount of manpower by doing most of the raya preparation since well, you know, mom is not capable of doing some of the houseworks. We did the raya shopping ( by raya shopping, I literally mean shopping for the daging, ayam and whatnot), and we did the raya cooking ( even sadly, my masak merah ayam turns out bit sad than what it should be:(

Geez, all of sudden I have no words to express my raya prep. Too tired to even think of the phrases and words..sorryy.

Okaylah, since it's raya night, it won't be too late to wish all my dearest

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin, since I am just a regular being, I am prone to make mistakes. Thanks for pointing out my mistakes and correcting my wrongdoings. Sorry for all the bad deeds and wish you all the most enjoyable raya.:)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


always the 'princessy' pose

the fusion spread

iftar at the apartment. 

captured right at the moment


Remember I blogged you readers about a friend of mine, whose husband was fatefully diagnosed with brain cancer (which by the time he was diagnosed, it was already stage 3 or 4),

My dear friend's husband, Radhzi Rahman was called to meet the Maker on the 1st August 2012, early morning, after nearly a year battling an unforeseen cancer.Al-fatihah..

There is no words, no sympathy suffice enough to tell how I feel for her and her daughter. Losing the one you love, while others are joyfully preparing for the raya celebration..she is really one tough lady. She might be small in size, but even I can't beat her spirit. I could not fathom waking up in the morning, and realizing that the familiar face you see each day, is now gone. That her little daughter is too small to even notice that the man in the family is no longer home. How she was tested this big, and yet handles every torment peacefully, she has my utmost admiration.

And because of this, every time I am clouded with my own sad affairs and tribulation, and when the cruel, evil heart starts to blame the Al-Mighty of all these undesirable misfortunes in my life, I stop. I stop and try to reflect other's misfortunes, to weigh and to calculate how there are more unlucky, unfortunate people who have greater ill-fated moments in their lives. And who am I, to question His job of bestowing me with the sadness, when He has given me more of the happy phases in my life. I am, somehow, too blind to see all those because I am just a human being. And as a normal and weak being, I look for my happiness definitely and despair over sorrows.

May God make me stronger and al-fatihah to my dear friend's husband.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

15 years down the lane

Everytime I read about people (strangers..yea I stalked their blogs hehe) going for their school reunion and having a blast getting together with the old acquaintances, I simply wonder about mine, bile la aku nak gi reunion macam ni. Meet old friends, meet old enemies, meet old flings (eh?) and probably laugh mad seeing how everyone changes, physically of course, where everybody is having their own pot belly and feet of crows. Sneakily (more like emm..guiltily) I already had my fair share of giggles, seeing the pictures of the old mates plastered of their FB, especially those who I had crushed on (like, you are not that serious liking this guy while you were 15, aren't you????)

Howeverrrrr... when the invite comes for the Dermarian reunion, I was a bit apprehensive. Tiba tiba rasa tak seronok pun ada. I mean don't get me wrong, I believe I was in good terms with everybody I knew back in secondary school, but exactly why do people set up reunions like this? To catch up stories? To make efforts renewing the friendship?Honestly, not that I talked to everybody back in my school. But it does not mean that I am a snob.Arrogance is definitely not me .I am not sombong you know, it just that, logically you knew people by faces and names, but they might not be your talking buddies. Setakat hi here hi there, that's that. And to have reunions like this, you are expected to catch up stories. What stories? We never even had any stories when we were 15. I have nothing against gathering or reunion per se, I might even go if I have nothing else to do when the time comes:) But to be there formally, acting that you are smitten with everybody, well it's kinda hard to do.

Back when you were teenagers, you did have your own clique. The people where you can joke around and talk about anything, those people who did not hide behind walls or facades. Those people, whose after 15 years, are still being missed regardless where they are. These are the people that I want to meet, reunion or no reunion.True, outside the cliques, I do have wishes to meet few faces, but it has been too long and meet up will just call for an awkwardness.

Nevermindlah, yang penting I got to meet these bunch this raya:)

Friday, July 27, 2012

pasar ramadan go go go

It has been nothing but stuffing myself with pasar ramadan's food. And of course, the real hunt is for puding raja, a well-known royal dessert made of banana, cashew nuts, prunes and cream custard sauce. This is like a staple food for me lah, since it is considered privileged to have one (since not many eateries sold it, and even if they do, it isn't good enough, well at least for my tastebud) . Being a pasar ramadan regular customer (every year without fail, mind you), you would simply know your favourite food joint , where would their stall be and definitely the taste won't change, hopefully, which is why you come back each year.

So promising myself this year would be all the same for the puding raja hunt. Since I was having the afternoon out in Kuantan and won't be coming back to college till late, I went for the stadium's 'pasar ramadan' food discoveries ( cewahhh kemain discoveries!) on one goal, finding 2 of my must wanted food- puding raja and murtabak pekan.

puding raja idaman kalbu kopak walletku (image taken from cloudymonday.blogspot)

Sadly, the puding raja stall ( i knew the stall, seems like they don't change the coordinate one bit since last year, amazing!), did not open for business. What a letdown!! Dari office dah meroyan-royan nak makan puding raja,sekali..... So have to settle for the other stall. The murtabak station, however, is still standing strong. By the time I made my way (which was actually a peak hour for the pasar ramadan business, 6 pm to be precise), there were queues so long it made me think twice to even standing there and placing my order. But my nafsu makan is a real winner, 20 minutes later then I got to tapau home the ever thick, ever juicy, ever pricey murtabak.

Oh ya, a box of puding raja as the picture above will set you for RM 5 , and the murtabak is RM 6. Then there's gulai daging kawah which I did not intend to buy but I bought anyway ( I was in a hurry, so I kinda did my shopping absentmindedly)-RM6. And of course the nasik,  and then the ikan percik coz I felt it won't be enough with just gulai kawah- RM5 and sugarcane juice, bout RM2

RM 24 for a day buka puasa session for a single eater!! Pheww macam bela jin.. hahaha.. but hey, u have been fasting a whole day so a little treat would be fine, wouldn't it? Not that I am going to spend this much everyday *guilty mode:(*

Anyway, I did come across the not so lucky day when the food you bought was...err.. inedible?

The was the day when I bought the gulai kawah daging  (different place, of course), which it wasn't meat per se, but loads of fat !! (sakitnyaaaaaaaa hati aku..sapa nak makan bahagian lemak!)

And there was the day when the kerabu perut I bought was so sweet I thought the cook purposely wanted it to be a dessert. Sweet kerabu?? So potong selera okey. Kerabu has got to be masam, got it?

Of course there was a day too when we flinched in horror seeing this one stall at the college's pasar ramadan, which some of the food (gravy and even fried), were full with these telur lalat, you can even point out the eggs to the owner (which we did). Yuck!!

Gosh..I should really have started my cooking session. Going to pasar ramadan really test your patience and your crazy food spending habit. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012


yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...ehh ..alhamdulilah:)

yeyyyyyyyy dapat bonus raya!!!

* percikan bunga api*

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramadan update

Salam Ramadan people!:) How's your Ramadan so far? Mine is good, but it will be much better if I could have the chance to go home, visit the old folks and break fast the whole family. Since everybody has their own career, it's kind of hard to have the weekend together ( the price of having the job is you lost the family quality time, agree?). I was away in Kuala Lumpur last weekend, initially being so lazy to be behind the wheel again (I was in KL the week before even, for that Kenanga shopping spree, shoppinglah sangat hehe:). So when Ina threw up the idea of having the iftar together and thought that everybody was dashing out of the college for the weekend anyway, so why not?. We chose to just have the minimal break fast session, closest to Ina's place because we  want to rush for the terawih session later on. So went to this one restaurant we normally frequent, to only know that the eatery was having a buffet selection for the price of rm29.90. Rather steep, given that there were not much choice of food and less people anyway. But most of the Malay restaurants were close and we were left with no choice, nonetheless. So belasah je la. Even that pun already made us bloated kekenyangan. Lagi mau makanan banyak banyak ka?

So here I am, Monday morning, halfway sleepy and waiting for the next class. What's for the Iftar today? Not so sure, the pasar ramadan at the kawad site in my college is rather inviting though. Can you believe it? Pasar Ramadan, just across your working station, best seh! And we gain the benefits of having the class ends at 4pm, because we simply don't have to fight food with students and merrily walking from stall to stall for the much needed food. Heheh...And what about being the so-called Ramadan Chef? That again, I don't know. Cooking for one can be rather wasteful, so tengoklah. Maybe only over the weekend when you are lazy to hit any pasar ramadan, or when you are no longer being tempted of the displayed food.:)

Selamat berpuasa everyone. May this year is not only about holding your hunger and thirst.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

there is no definite time for The Time

Selalu,kalau tengok berita pasal mak mak yang dah tua, macam mana anak anak tolong jaga, kadang kadang pikir jugak pasal diri sendiri. How could I be at the same par with those anak anak yang tolong jaga mak, tengokkan makan minum, tolong mandikan mak when they are no longer have the strength to do those simple task. Can I carry out those simple tasks? Bila agaknya masa aku kan? Bersedia tak aku?Boleh ke aku? seems that those are the questions that you don't have to think because when the time comes, you just jump into action,no answer needed. Dah tertulis, sebelum mak sakit tua, all bedridden  pun Allah dah letakkan yang your test will come sooner that you expected, and how you just sprang into action because contrary to your earlier belief, sebagai anak, you will always be ready to take care of your parents, come what may.

Mama slipped on the floor mat and fell, consequently broke her wrist. Because of her dislocated bone, terpaksa underwent operation untuk letakkan besi and simen. Kena pulak tangan yang bersimen is those dominant hand, so it is hard for her to do all her daily chores, even to prep herself and all those simple tasks. Esok dah nak kena balik Kuantan, betapa sekarang terpikir susahnya duduk jauh dari parents sebab inilah, bila all the kids grow up and start working in different states, no one will be around when incidents happen, macam mana la mak nak survive and jaga diri dia, nak mandi macam mana and all those. Tak sufficient nya cuti tiga hari ni nak jaga mak. Tak puasnya nak jaga and temankan dia. Rasa nak mintak cuti tanpa gaji dan bawak balik dia ke Kuantan pun ada. Bagi tangan dia recover betul baru bawak balik Perlis. Tapi kesian la pulak dekat abah, sorang sorang kat rumah. Tapi takpalah, I know God will show the way, will make things easy for our family, dan yang penting, that He takes care of her when we are all going back to our own places.

Insya allah nanti kami balik selalu tolong, ye mama. Get well soon and we love you lots:)

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

salam again, Double R:)

You know it's going to be the coming of double R soon when these happen! (double R  = Ramadan and Raya lah what else!:)

a) to start flipping over Malay female magazines in the hunt for the latest Raya trend and style (apa kaftan kaftan? tapi style peplum oh so gojes kan?)

meletop tak pakai ni raya? agak agak kena humban luar daerah tak dengan mak aku? ;)

b) in which bring you to beg your tailor (even the least professional one), to accept your persuasion of sending more cloth even the due date is over (or so she claims.. pui!. tailor aku nak sehelai je. Sehelai mana cukup Kak Lia oiii.. Aku raya 5 hari okess~!

c) to start paying all the puasa debts (then start being all panicky because you got your menstrual and afraid you can't pay all the days by the time Ramadan comes. Aku le tu..)

d) to have sample kuih raya on your table..along with its form and delivery date. Almond London haruslah ratu segala, tak gitu?

kelass kau jah, berkaler bercorak kuih kau. (imejan: google)

e) to start plan with your siblings for a break fast session and pester them to buy the break fast early bird coupon:) (Sime Darby anyone?)

f) to start checking news (and praying hard) that it will be a raya bonus. Hehehe.. ke takde?

g) to set out plans that every classroom lesson which involves the excessive verbal explanation (like writing an essay, perhaps), should be done BEFORE Ramadan. Sila jangan penatkan diri sendiri.

h) and even plan the balik kampung rendezvous (gilos, puasa belum, dah sebuk nak balik raya. hehe..)

g) to scrub all pots and pans for the cookout break fast session (okeh ni aku reka. Auta lebih, padahal beli bungkus kat padang kawad kolej je kih kih).

h) to have this diligent purposefulness and determination that Ramadan this year, it will be all complete terawikh and Quran recital (Insya Allah, amin...tolongla jangan biar saya ada perasaan layu tentang ini, Ya Allah..)

May us all have the barakah Ramadan and delightful Raya . Can't wait!:)


Works have been flooding in non-stop ever since. Preparing students for their speaking quiz, handling events in college, trying to be one businesswoman and yes, my social calendars are so non-existent. Weeks of planning on my KL rendezvous, .then i was told the college was having the Saturday as a working day , ganti cuti raya. Bedebs betul la! Went to work nonetheless (Saturday is always a mundane day to work, yeh?), and rushed to KL right after, because someone was about to treat us the Rosli's with his fat paycheck! Haha..actually Wen has gotten his confirmation later, and suggested we went steamboating:)

Boy, how i heart Flaming Steamboat!!

If you have this huge appetite and can pig out almost everything, you should definitely try having their steamboat. We tried out this Sunway branch since it's closer, but if Sunway is not your choice, you can try Setapak and Shah Alam branch. Trust me, whichever branches you go, they surprised you with these never ending selection of white meats and crustacean and its dips and finger food. Those who can't live without rice (macam abah haha), they got nasik goreng. Ha, dim sum pun ada and ada cokolat fountain boleh cicah cicah marshmallow and biscuit stick macam Nini cokolat celup celup. Best kan??? Beverage wise, ada fruit juice, ada station carbonated drinks, lin chi kang, air mata kucing semua free-flow bebehs!!

Oh they even have station for rojak buah. All do-it-yourself. Mama must like this place for its rojak buah very much and abah, can imagine him scoring all those ice creams. hahahahha. Nantilah kita open table sini pulak ye. They have more than 5 different dips, like seriously. Cili , cili with belacan, sos thai, sos kicap, sos manis and few other yang I don't even bother trying. Ended up having huge dollops of Thai chilli sauce anyway, tak adventurous pun aku ni. The sea creatures yang sempat disteam pun banyak udang je (XXL size mind you. Tak kedekut la this place). And they replenished food quite often, I mean you can't even complain not having those 'praun', you know :) Sapa rajin, boleh celur mee (ada mee kuning, mee sanggul, behun lagi..haa...)

I better stop mentioning.. i have yet to get breakfast anyway. The downside of it was, we were only given 2 hours to gobble everything (actually cukup je, but for big eaters, maybe not la kot.Aku dah tahap jeluak even before it reached the second hour). Oh, it's about rm29 per head. Send Wen home, and off to Loudspeaker for sesi pecah mikropon. Saja..lepas geram!:). Ni Aten's treat (orang belanja lagi kih kih kih)

Okay, itu je quickie untuk hari ni, sory le tak de gambaq seketui pun. Gila dull. Haha! Bawak je kamera tapi tak sempat pun nak posing posing, dengan asap steamboat, dengan nak kopek udang, dengan sos meleleh kat meja (choi tak alasan aku? heheheh). Anggap je la ni karangan expository tanpa gambar.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

selfish and the sad cat

I know I should have trusted my instinct, every time I was being apprehensive to bring Hampri back to Kuantan. Deep inside me, I know taking him away from Mokey is never a good idea and it is rather a messy affair. How could you have the heart to separate those 2 felines who have been together since they were just little kittens and when they are in the process of growing up, you snatched their privileges. I did, I had those heart and now I feel so bad. I mean it.

Hampri has not been his usual self, well he does main tangkap tikus with the toy I bought him, but during the day, he would just mop around and seclude himself under my bed. And it is heartbroken to see his untouched food tray. I have this hideous feeling that he is not eating the whole day and the reason is me. He is under a lot of stress. Who could blame him, when all of sudden being dragged away from his cat mate.

He must curse me lots for this.:(

And this morning, I woke up seeing blood on the shape of paws every where in the house. The living room, my room, the kitchen. Greeting and kissing him first thing in the morning are part of my daily fix, but today he was just looking at me, not trying to move or anything. He whimpered when I tried to carry him on my lap. Imagining something worst, I've checked his paws and noticed that it was bleeding and oh my did I just see a piece of glass stucked in between his paws?!!

I was closed to burst out. Stupid of being emotional but the feeling was undeniable crazy. I felt bad of him being sick, even wanted to take the day off and brought him to the vet right at the moment. No wonder he wasn't being so playful last night. Not when your paws are bleeding and a piece of glass is sticking out :(. I knew this because I even tried to take the glass out but Hampri kept trying to dig his claws onto my skin.

Brought him to a government veterinary clinic in Kuantan that afternoon. A nice government clinic, that one. The receptionist was helpful enough over the phone ( I was freaking out and calling them couple of times to confirm that there would be a doctor and she keep assuring me to just bring Hampri over, mesti dia ingat aku gila under pressure huhu..) and nice too, way more peramah than the private clinic I went for Hampri's grooming earlier. The good thing is, Hampri didn't even mengamuk when he was brought into the inspection room. He winced in the beginning , and started to move and hide under my tudung., Aiyoooo adik!

And no, it was not a glass but he broke his nail and the nail was the one stucked within the paws. Not helping that he was having a bit of fever too. And yes, he was under stress, he will lost his appetite because he needs and misses his partner and there would be no medication to cure but to bring him back to Mokey (vet cakap macam tu, terus aku rasa nak nangis. Kesiannyaaaa Hampri:(. Cucuk ubat sikit, put some iodine on his cut and he is good to go. Hopefully the nail will grow fast sebab I could still see blood on the floor:((

Hampri, I love you a lot. You are the reason I smile and laugh for these past weeks.I am sorry for being so inconsiderate but to let you go is one hard thing for me too. I want you to be your 'happy' self again but sometimes I want to make 'me' happy, more. Selfish, I know.

Please get better okay? Breaks my heart to see you like this:(

Friday, June 01, 2012

Hampri in the house!!

So many events were up on my social calendars lately, that I wanted to blog about some of them really bad, but time always makes me stuck in between. I still need to blog about aten's convocation, among others but that has to wait coz I have more pressing news to tell...

I got a housemate, y'all coz the little brother is back!!.

Haha remember last year I brought that 2 felines home? This time around, I am officially adopting Humpri, the big fat orange puss ( seriously, he somehow reminds me of Garfield, because gemok, oren dan err..gemok. It just Humpri likes to play, bukan pemalas nak mati macam Garfield.. Since mama tagged along on the way back to Kuantan the other day, she did all the talking. Tolong sabaqkan si gemok tu yang somehow dah restless dok dalam carrier dia. 3 jam kot journey, dah la bagi few licks of Quiet Moment je, not the injection or pills like mostly given to pets when they are about to go for a long trip. As usual lah, he came berlenggang kankung masuk dalam carrier without much fuss. Sonang kojo!

So yesterday, I wanted to do something nice for him as a welcome home gift (gituuuuu... welcome home gift kat si gemok cost dekat rm 200 kauuu ). Officially kopaks aku bulan ni. huhu.. Brought him over to Jawhari Pet Centre, one of the most well-known cat centre in Kuantan (Zarina, oh I so owe you because I got to know all these cat stuffs from her and Rambo), get him all bathe and groomed, and even bought him new toys and new cat food. Heheh..meriah uolls!

let see how this thing works:)

jom adik, main 'fishing fishing' tikuih

  Anyway, first few days of him being away from Scmokey is like....hazabbbbb!!! (let me clear this, Scmokey or Moki is Hampri play pal back at Ina's place. Even though is non-related, they practically grew up together. I was having doubts and hugeeeeeee degree of hesitation to bring Hampri to Kuantan without Moki coz I so kesian one, sunyi dia nanti takdak kawan and all. And what if I have to go away for courses and meetings? That will pity him the most, especially nak keluar masuk boarding centre. I tak bolehla....berpikir banyak sangat sebab tuh sampai ke sudah tak bawak Hampri balik walaupun I got the idea to bring him home, like a year ago. Sampaila my mom insisted that 2 cats were too much in Ina's apartment, and come to think that I do love Hampri and want him over, so bawak balik je la kita.

cemana nak main menatang ni??co bagitau sat

The first few nights were like..OMG! He started miowing like crazy at the wee hour of 2, 3 am! Bukan miaw miaw sekali dua ye, like repeatedly for like every 5 mins. The first day I woke up at 3 am and trust me, I can't even get back to sleep. It's like having a baby, with thick fur in the house. haha..Tu satu . Masalah lain pulak dia tak nak lansung main dengan orang, terus sembunyi bawah sofa (dia carikkan sofa bawah and buat buaian tempat persembunyian). The whole day! Makan pun tak nak. Aku rasa dia depress. Aku lagi depress okey! Makan sehari sekali je, yang lain terus lari menyorok bawak sofa. Nasib ada my parents and Aten. They helped me out la trying to coax him out and eat and all. Ye la, aku ni sebuk berkejar ke opis sebab minggu pendaftaran pelajar semua tu. So million thanks to them for putting up with Hampri's non-stop miowing. hehe..

The update? Hampri is getting ' friendlier'. No longer sleeping inside his buaian ( ke sebab dah koyak dan tak muat, maybe. habislaaaaa kerusi gomennnn ..hehehehheheh). He follows whenever I am, kalau tengok tv, kejap lagi terkedek kedek dia keluar tido kat depan. And if I am in the room, he either will sleep under my bed or next to the almari, sprawling his 4 legs and those thick thick fur. And semalam dia dah start panjat my body and give his infamous paws massage. It just that this time, adik, kau tu dah gemok, berat kau dah dekat 6 kilo, semput aku everytime kena panjat badan tauuuuu. But it's all back to what he is good at and how I loved him at the first place:)

main fishing tikuih lagi..tak mencabarnyaaaaaa!! Angry Bird ada, Angry Bird??

tunggu sat, I stretching sat

oh hoooo barulah boleh amek gambar!!  me and my passport shot kawan kawan!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

balik oi keje

No matter how much i dreaded going back to Kuantan, I know that three weeks break will come to its end sooner. When I say soon, I mean this very week. I don't dread working in Kuantan, or my workplace for the matter, I just despise the 10- hour -journey it takes. As I am blogging from Aten's place in KL, it means another 2 days for all the breaks I deserve, and coming Monday, it's going to be all hectic timetable and works.

Mama accompanied me driving to KL, leaving abah behind as abah wasn't that fit to travel (plus Nina is having her baby soon, so she needs a midwife ha ha... so since Nina anak kesayangan abah, so abah will be the midwifelah  he he he)

Oh, Nina is our cat , anyway.

So as I said, mama was my co-pilot. It was indeed an all-woman trip:). Since nobody trusts me to be behind wheels within that lengthy duration (probably sebab I merempit like there's no tomorrow, err.. given the condition there is no other passengerlah. I am so berhemah kalau ada penumpang, trust me), so mama volunteered to come along.

Best jugak sekali sekala balik ngan mak ni tau. Macam mana cerita merapu, macam macam tips keluar and you basically don't hold yourself to talk about things anymore since there are only 2 of you. And the best part is when your mom played accountant and paid the toll. he he he...Thank you mummey!!

Tomorrow is going to be a long day since it's going to be all vigorous  . Just hope mom survives cause it sure drains all her energy to hit all the stores and shop like mad!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Saturday's treasure usual:)

Note: it was supposed to be a backdated post. So don't worry, you get the day right, the blog system makes it all loco

Jumaat reminder

Rasulullah SAW bersabda;

"Sungguh beruntung orang yang beriman, kerana segala perkara adalah kebajikan. Jika dia mendapat kenikmatan, dia bersyukur (dia mendapat kebajikan) dan jika dia ditimpa musibah, dia sabar (dia mendapat pahala kebajikan juga)." (HR.Muslim)

Note to self, deal whatever tests with an open heart, wide smile and thank Him enough. Never sigh, sighing is another sign of being impatient, and you will be granted nothing.

Thus ..., walaupun hari ni panas melekit, please please please God don't let me complain...

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Dulu dulu, orang kata mata pen lagi tajam dari mata pedang. Tapi ikut zaman sekarang ni, aku rasa dah tak relevan kot. Sape je yang nak menulis guna pen kan? Semuanya pakat bantai ada blog, budak darjah satu pun gigih update letak gambaq pi camping bagai (err..bab update aku je yang tobat malas. Malas nak mengarang kerana I am born a verbal story teller gituuuu..). Youwols nak blog genre apa? Semua ada, tunggu ketik ketik, godek godek kat Google Chrome je. Nak cita seram? Nak gosip retis? Nak tau resepi ikan goreng kunyit?. Selagi ada permintaan, namely the readers, selagi tu lah bloggers nih akan menggigihkan diri tulis cerita. Kadang kadang sampai menipu, plagiat cerita orang. Sedap wooooo gosip gosip ni, Boleh naikkan traffic, boleh dapatkan income Nuffnang. Boleh dapat award berkoyan koyan. Tapi tulah, in the direction to be a good (famous, perhaps?) blogger, one does somehow miss out the important element, which is to blog responsibly.

Talking about being responsible, I was once closed (or was it really?) been in a bitter blogger feud with another blogger. It was all started from a very personal affair, me writing a piece of my mind  and regardless being a light piece of entry,  she was somehow took offense and incredulously pissed off ( what a wonder since I had not named names. Blog responsibly, remember? ). And what came next was bit  intensely ludicrous. She started her own blog entry on me, war through entries and up to the point that it was indeed became very very personal, ambushing on people's physical and such. In fact wishing that I would not ever get married. Ouch, cruelty.

Have I lose it? Have I let off the steam? When someone is targeting your personal being, I believe you are entitled to feel mad when boundaries were crossed. Oh boy, was i ever ready to pay revenge with my tart remarks. Through blogs, of course. Was I ready to retaliate, dismissing her nonsensical entry about me, and truly so fit to draw up thousands of cursing words at one go a sailor would be damn proud!

Yet, mom stopped me. My mom, one of my 'many' keen readers, who obligingly read every entries, no matter how rubbish it turns out. Mom, my 'entry-checker', who always on her reprimanding mode, every time an entry might sound too 'violent' with words, too harsh for her liking, and too 'open' for a normal mind to take. She bans (on my every day blog entry, mind you) my liking to use the word 'damn' or 'hell' and religiously cautioned that my big boss might read any of my blog entries (which I doubt he reads, my big boss that's it).

'You are a teacher, that's not how a teacher would write, no matter how personal your blog is. People read. Your students read. Your colleagues too.  Tak malu ka tulih pelik pelik?'

So I stopped, over my wrath and fury, to write my shit sheet of mind. I made myself free of guilt, and I retained my composure. What if I agitated, and the devil won, entries by entries to fight what I feel was right? Would it end here? I doubt it. We might still in the state of war. And hati yang sakit akan bertambah sakit, hence the peribahasa I said earlier. Kadang-kadang rasa physical attack tuh lagi bagus dari emotional attack, physical attack terus rasa dia punya sakit, biaq pi la lebam lebam, berbirat birat, tapi nampak kesan, puweh hati. Tapi kalu emotional attack via words, fuiiii makan dalam wooo.!!Selagi dok baca, selagi tuh la rasa gila babeng punya dendam. Betul dak? Betul la tuuuuuuu...

Okay coming to the ending of my discussion, my point is simple. Blog responsibly. Write by using mind, not your emotion. Whatever you write might come back to haunt you. There are so many blogs, so many rhymes, so many audiences out there. True, you might defend yourself, claiming this is a free country, if you don't like what you read, then buzz off. There are no pressures to read, I write what I feel, what I think. This is me me me ! But you might hurt others on your way to deliver your thoughts. Others, as this is a free country, have their freedom to enter your comment box too. And sometimes, it might be misled. Good blogger would never sway from his / her true intention. And whatever happens, he knows he is liable to any accusation.

And reading Hazrey's blog, I  realized I was wrong to share the video of a mom who abused her daughter. The video went viral, and I was so mad seeing the video I shared it on my FB account without second thought. Of course, it drew people to draw that 'like' buttons, and sama sama berjemaah untuk memaki hamun that abuser (even the fact that the case was reported last year and the mom is behind bar now, and the kid, alhamdulilah albeit traumatized, is still alive). Does that a right thing to do, condemning an abusive mother with harsh words who already pays the price (tuh dekat dunia, akhirat nanti dia kena jugak lagi). I am over mad at her, of course, tapi biarlah aku marah sorang sorang.  But I am not in my position to maki hamun her, and heret my FB friends to do the same. Tiba-tiba rasa diri sangat serba salah over my video post and dah berdosa buat macam tu and so, I deleted the video. Responsibility, would it be?

Anywaysssssssssss....for the rest of you, happy blogging and I will forever follow you, without a trace of course:)

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

comfort is what make you lazy

Swear..I have no ideas why I am so implausibly lazy to pen down thoughts. Probably because I more into reading these days, not writing.I have so many things to say, trust me. Come talk to me and you probably never see the lights because I am so going to babble non-stop. Or probably because I am soooooo comfortable being in my own comfort zone, where else but home. Back in hometown for the last 2 weeks, do mostly nothing, seriously. Oh maybe the excitement being the driver once in a while, assisting mom choosing her kain baju kurung, occasionally paying the 'royal' visit to my grandma's, and meeting up best bud.That's that. But it is definitely my happiness. I am so wrapped up in my own world, that I have no excuses for my laziness and lack of willpower to even dust my blog.

 So okay here's the updates. Quick one this time..

 a) getting the raise. Yes, besides that 13 percent increment. There's more in the house. Alhamdulillah:)

 b) lil sis and bro are finally securing the dream jobs. In Kuala Lumpur, shesshhh! (which i am discreetly hoping it would be in Kuantan, no less!)

 c) the new baby is close to celebrate 'his' first year birthday. So gonna treat him with the full-blown, 'head-to-toe' wax and polish service!

 d) visits to some islands are on its way .Yippey!

 e) am even thinking to purchase my own birthday present this year. A huge huge one come to think bout it.Insya Allah:)

 On the downsides..
 a) my best friend's dad is diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma, a stomach cancer of some sort and underwent a major operation. Pray hard for CC Zainal. May Allah bless you with good health, uncle.

 b) Still on the cancer talk, Lina's hubby, at one point, was in his critical phase of life. The tumor is getting bigger and second operation somehow seems risky.

 c) Citibank and I are in the credit card fraud feud. I so not going to pay of things that I have not purchased. Kiss my ass if you wish me paying!

So there.  Cukuplah eh update, janji pun sikit je, asal update. Like people care, anyway.Ta!

update sesaat

makan, tido, intenet.makan, tido, internet. can life gets any richer than this? haha..:)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

the calling

"Sesungguhnya kami kepunyaan Allah dan kepada Allah jualah kami dikembalikan"
(Surah Al-Baqarah: 155-157)

I was about to send Faten home to Kepong when I got the message that our colleague had passed away because of fever. I was stunned as I knew the person, even though we teach different subjects and being in different departments, but we work together in the same working environment and I knew her quite well as we were posted in this college on the same year. Her passing was really a startling news as at the first place, she was not well because of fever. Who could imagine fever can turn out to be something detrimental? And she was only 33.

Sesungguhnya maut itu datang tanpa mengira usia dan masa. Sedetik hati terasa sayu dan bertanya sendiri pada diri, bagaimana dengan aku? Bersediakah aku menemui Penciptaku, sedangkan aku sendiri sentiasa terawang-awang dalam dosa. Cukupkah lagi masa untuk aku memohon maaf dan membersihkan hati dan diri sebelum menemui Dia? Kadang kadang diri ni terlalu ralit, terlalu merasakan yang masa itu masih panjang sedangkan tiada due date or timetable waktu ajal memanggil. Bagaimana keadaan aku waktu menemui Penciptaku? Dalam azab atau redha? Sempatkah aku memohon maaf dan minta dihalalkan makan dan minumku dari mama dan abah? Bagaimana kalau ditakdirkan nyawa aku dicabut dalam keadaan yang aku sendiri tak sanggup? Nauzubillah..

untuk seorang sahabat, Al-Fatihah..

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

nother' 4 years coming up!

I finished watching this, 5 minutes ago....

then I realized that I watched Leap Year on a leap year itself!! Marvelous!!

ps: cantiknyeeeeeee Irelanddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

lawatan tapak

Hellooooo everyone!! Semua sihat?? Gigi sihat tak??? Hari ni akak olin nak bawak adik adik semua melawat tempat kegemaran akak olin setiap bulan. Adik-adik nak tau apa? Yeeee...namanya Klinik Gigi Ling!! Setiap bulan Dr Ling akan berjumpa akak olin untuk sekolahkan gigi akak olin, menarik bukan?ha ha.. choi!

I know I have not been updating much on my teeth progress. Not that I have nothing to say,I have lots. I mean, every visit would be one step closer to near perfection that I am looking for, yes? By right, it has to come with stories too, yes? No. Ha..ha..sorry but my doctor is not the talking type, he would only grunt, and talk when being asked (which I normally don't do, the asking part I mean). But really, he is one good doctor, I mean just look at how my teeth being schooled. In a span of 3 years (and counting..), there are so much differences. The upper teeth are now organized in one nice row, and I have yet to wait for the lower row to follow suit, given that there are still spaces in between the incisor and the molar of the lower teeth. Nasib baik la rongak lite lite je.

So adik-adik, disebabkan akak olin malas nak cerita perkembangan gigi akak, moh le akak bawak je adik adik manis semua ni melawat ke rumah kedua akak ni. Sedia semuaaaa...? Mula mula mari akak bawakkan semua tengok gambar horror dulu..jeng..jeng..jeng..

tu dia...akak olin zaman gigi tak sekolah. Takut tak? Jangan takut dik, akak bukan hantu gigi, akak masih manusia normal (sob..sob..tekanan tau gigi bengkang bengkok, nak amik gambar angle kena betul, kalau tak kena silauan kilat dari gigi depan. Tak fotogenik sangat okay..!). Tapi adik adik semua, walaupun gigi tak hensem, nampak kamera kena sentiasa sengih tau, macam akak!

Ha, ni le kaunter klinik untuk akak buat bayaran semua. Adik adik semua jangan tertipu ye, nampak sunyi je takde orang, padahal time akak olin datang, berbondong bondong je orang datang nak betulkan gigi. Sebabkan ni klinik gigi, dan akak tau adik adik semua takut kat doktor gigi (siapa tak penah lari mencirit bila nurse datang bawak kad hijau, jangan tipuuuu..akak tauuu!!), saja je akak buat mood creepy hitam gelap sendu kat gambar ni..kasi seram.

Ni pulak bilik treatment. Ada dua ye, sebelah lagi bilik untuk cabut gigi, yang bilik yang akak olin selalu masuk nih untuk treatment yang berat berat (tampal ke, dental surgery ke, ortho ke, apa apa je lah yang boleh kecutkan perut adik adik semua, akak selalu je kecut perut.heheh..)

Ha, nih le mesinnye..mesin hikmat Dr.Ling. Akak dah tak takut dah tengok semua benda ni, akak ok jeeeeeeee...sambil sambil Dr Ling godek gigi akak, sambil sambil akak nyanyi nyanyi dalam hati layan Fly FM. Dr. Ling dengar Fly FM tau, walaupun dia tua, tapi berjiwa muda. Lalalalala...

Inile akak terkini ye adik adik, selepas akak laburkan duit gaji akak untuk investment masa tua ni. Akak dah tak jadi hantu gigi, jadi akak pun gembira, walaupun sikit sikit akak rasa nak naik hantu sebab dah 3 tahun tak abeh abeh lagi pakai besi ni. Bila mau buang ni!!


hari-hari kerabu..kerabu hari-hari..

At the moment, I am kicking off my mornings with this...

Nasik kerabu!! Why do I have plural in my morning? Because I am literally having this, , without fail, each and every day. For a person who does not really dig on vegetable, I have to make amend towards my dislikes of veggie. This one I could not handle!~. The cafe's nasi kerabu is to die for lah, and they are not overdoing on its color (it's blue between:). And you can like, scooping as many condiments as you want, the mixture of coconut and fish and its gravy (untuk orang tamak tapi tak pernah habis makan macam aku le ni..heh!).

Jom, kerabu tomorrow everyone:)

Friday, February 24, 2012

never let you go

When Monica was diagnosed with Alzheimer in 2007, Marcos promised nothing but to take care of his dying wife. For the next five years, when Monica died in her husband's arm, Marcos realized that Alzheimer had changed both of his life. Supporting Monica had given the reasons for him to be alive.

"It absorbs you all day. In the morning I wake up, I give her breakfast and change her diaper. Then accompany the nurses to make the healing of bedsores. Then give her lunch, in the afternoon change her diaper and give her snack, and finally in the evening I give her dinner and I change the diaper again. You spend all day practically." (The Star, Feb 22, 2012)

But he knows that the hardest moment has come. Monica died peacefully in his arms, five years after. He had to start afresh, at the age of 89, with no one to be with and no one to look after.

And they were together since 1946.

Here in our shore, it was the news of Faris Nur Daniel that brought us to the sorrowful state. Diagnosed with a HLH disease, Faris was then to be treated with chemotherapy and perhaps stem-cells transplantation, depending on the urgency of the disease. For 23 days, outside of the ICU, his parents never fail to leave his side, and camped outside the unit when the night crawled in. They never stopped talking to him, even if he couldn't hear, to give him courage to fight the battle. They never lose hope.

Faris exhaled his last breath and was invited peacefully on the 23rd day by the Maker.


(credit pictures to

2 different worlds, one endless love.

You can't kill it with goodbye
It always finds a place to hide
Inside your heart for your whole life
Love is never-ending

(Brad Paisley, Love is Never Ending)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

sign me in!

One of the most powerful device of non-verbal communication is the sign language. No words, just a gesture of fingers or hand to indicate your intention. So dominant, that one click of gesture can surely win you over stiff verbal fight or end up being slapped on the face. Oh, why am I talking bout sign language anyway when I am better known with lots of facial expression (trust me, I do not want to see my facial expression in the mirror either haha..wonder what my students have to put up everyday anyway!)

I was in the middle of work-crisis( read: run out of exercise and reading materials for that afternoon class. Common problem, quick remedy..just Googled what else!). While I was hunting for the working stuff (read again: Facebooking first, and then the working stuff.hahah..I need some pleasure too you know), and then I came across this site, talking about sign language and how the appropriateness is determined differently from one country to another. OMG, sumpah tak tau, ingat semua sama ja. Just imagine, doing the sign language that for 32 years you think it is okay, but when it comes to that certain society, it has a vulgarly connotation?..darn.

See that list of sign language? I do 80% of the above, busuk-busuk pun tanda peace, yo! Let see the exact meanings of each and whether you really know what you are really doing..heh:)

Evidently, this is called The Corna Sign. American call this to show their support on the football team. Even George Bush used this to show his support for Texas Longhorn Footbalm team. But do you know that this is a jailbird offence in Italy? That it is used to tell a man that other man is screwing his wife? So much for the football support, duh!

Okay, nih apa kebenda pulak? Ni nama dia Moutza sign. Nama tak nak kalah, mau nak berbau profesional ja..ha ha. Okay this is the sign to indicate 'stop right there, I do not want to listen to you anymore'. Paling senang, kalau menyampah, just show the gesture, and talk to the hand, because my face ain't listening.kih kih..But oh oh, if you ever go to Greece and Turkey, and motion this, you are basically asking the person to go to hell. And the closer you put your palm on the person's face, the more threaten it gets. Yeah baby, wanna talk to my hand, then I let my hand eat your face! But on a greater note, if you get to Mexico and do this (with some waving of course), you are merely saying hi:)

Uh oh, do this if you want to be a sexy vixen because you are doing A Dog Call sign. Bukan panggil anjing ye, ini panggil abang suami masuk ke bilik dan mmm..mmm..mmm.. Calling a man to a room and do all the thinkable and unthinkable. Get it, it's a tempt, Hollywood vixen in a classic black and white movies did this a lot and we thought it was seductively done.. And what's with the red lipstick, the boa, the come-hither dress. Meletop nyah..!!You get the picture. But this is the most offensive to Filipino as this only meant to call dogs, literally. You can get arrested, and with a broken finger of course. Kensel niat nak jadi seksi.

Ini pulak ladies and gentleman, adalah bukan tanda victory. If the palm of the hand facing the signer, means it is an insult in certain countries like Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, but if the back of the hand facing you, the signer, barulah maksud dia victory. Yang semua orang suka buat time posing amik gambaq, kalau tak tunjuk tanda peace, yo! maka anda bukanlah cool.

Ini adalah tanda yang sangat-sangat diharapkan daripada boss yang cerewet. Atau mintak cuti dan boss tunjuk je sign ni, terus rasa nak peluk boss ketat-ketat. Ha ha..This is an O.K sign, some consider this as an A O.K, sangat-sangat bagus le maksudnya tu. But, there are buts. If you do this in Latin America and France, you are connotatively imposed a sexual object. In Australia, it means zero. In New Zealand, this is a cheap way to say OK. And you are homosexual is you motion this in Turkey.

And since we are in a developing era of millenium (darn, I am replicating my students' favorite sentence. Era of millenium, gah!), new signs are of course developed, much to our delights.. and chagrin. Don't believe me? What about these following signs?

Scroll down now, will you:)

Ha ha ha..the mother of cuteness. The Korean pose. The Sarang-he I Love You post. My best friend does this lots. And admittedly, it is cute. I mean, when she does it, he he..

Ni pun nak cuba sign ala-ala cute. Kembang- kembang pipi, letak fist bulat-bulat tepi pipi. Olololololo...If you are girl, you are cute. If you are guys, then I want to puke. Kah kah kah dah macam kura-kura.

Ini pulak signs when you attended a course, and being asked to represent your group through initial letter of your name. Maka beginilah hasilnya. Mantapppp..ha ha ha ..!

Errr.....this is the motivator for the course. Only God knows what kind of sign he is indicating!

Credit:pictures (but not the last 2 most epic pictures, are taken from where else but Google, and info might not be accurate but who cares, anyway. haha!

Monday, February 20, 2012

think before you pose

“your body is not a temple, it's an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.”
― Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly

Does this mean that acting nude and posing au naturale for your partner (illegally, of course, but still couldn't understand legal marriage partner would do the same anyway) is an in-thing? Something to prove that you are madly deeply crazily in love with a person that few lewd poses captured would be okay? Been reading cheap gossips from various networks and they do not fail to mention this so-called artist (which I never heard of!), who presumably posed naked for her ex-bf and now the picture or rather a video is which become viral and wildly circulated on the net.

I pity the girl though. She must not have seen this coming. She must not have seen her being a celebrity, or being under the limelight which expose her to a total glitz and glamor, with a huge price to pay. What she saw may be, the way to a man's heart is through a few seductive poses and a video, so to speak.

And oh she denied it vehemently of course, who wouldn't? Saying her mother knows her body better and mother agreed that is not her body after all. Oh well, my mother might not let me see the light of the day, ever. I might be dead before I can deny anything, Ha..ha..

Okay so now, anybody got the video I could watch?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

funny is..

Funny is...

a) when you get to pasar malam, teringin sangat nak makan cucoq cempedak, gila-gila craving, tapi yang ada hanyalah buah-buahan cempedak, berlambak lambak , tanpa ada gerai menjual cucoqnya. Demmmm...

b)to realize that in the morning you just agreed on a promotion given by a telemarketer without actually noticing that you just agreed. Oh, that because she called while you were still sleeping and of course sedang mamai di waktu pagi. Dabel demmm...

c)at a drive-thru, where you confidently ordering, with a loud and clear voice and perhaps with a notch higher, a quater pounder, LARGE size, and when you went to the payment counter, to realize that all you want was the ayam goreng McD.REGULAR.

nak yang ini sebenaqnyaaaaaaaaa...!!

d)to be jealous and envious of people and their life just by reading their blogs. Selalu terpikir, bestnya jadi orang ni, ada semua, perfect ja kehidupan depa noo....padahal..I should realize that whatever I am jealous at is merely based on what I read, not what I see.

sangap sabtu

Have you ever been in a condition that before the coming weekend, you have a well-planned idea and are looking forward to it, but reaching Friday, your plan has to be revoked altogether. Chop chop! And I wince because I don't have any back-up plan this weekend.

The Rosli's clan is supposed to be in KL this weekend. And sungguhlah aku teruja nak ke KL jugak. In case you are wondering why I am so uber excited nak ke KL, that is because KL is my pit-stop visit every month, without fail. It just that after the Singapore course, teruih rasa segan yang amat nak drive jauh jauh ke sana. Ha ha..and I am trying to save like mad.Tak pi KL merasa la save beberapa ratus ribu rupiah.kihkih..Sekali, mama told me that they will only start the journey on Sunday morning and most probably reach KL late . Abes, bilanye I nak balik kolej?? Terus kensel plan.

Disebabkan ai sangap tak tau nak buat apa, teruih mandi, semayang, siap siap, amik kunci kereta and bedesop pi drive-thru McD. Pasaipa nak pi drive-thru McD yang super jauh kat Telok Cempedak? Sebab I just need to be in the car and drive. For the sake of driving and being alone in the car, sambil layan Suria FM, Hot FM dan FLY FM alternately every 5 minutes. Have you done this before? I mean, driving without no exact purpose? Well I do, for weeks now. Sort of escapism. I don't know, some people might revert to do things they love when they get bored, like cooking, or baking or car washing. But I prefer to get behind the wheels.

Oh oh, singgah Giant dan beli macam macam untuk cooking session esok. Rasa nak buat banoffe pie pulak. Tengoklah kalau aku tidak kesiangan. Chehahahahha....

ini troli Giant saya, troli anda pula bagaimana?

Friday, February 17, 2012

the posting part 2

After 12 hours, few pit stops and one uncertainty (sapa lagi, aku la), the entourage finally reached the place. Checking in at Seri Malaysia Hotel and would pay the visit at the workplace tomorrow morning. Penat tak abes lagi, dah kena mendaftar kat tempat kerja (masih merungut-rungut sebab tak puas hati kes Kedah posting)

the long gone Vanette, my familia and my late angah.

But my resentment and bitterness changed once I saw the college. It was so serene, bare, but unruffled. I was in love. Jatuh cinta. Hilang semua rasa negatif, rasa was-was, rasa sakit hati kena rejek di posting asal. This was where I am going to find my rezeki, and despite being far away from home, I can feel this could be my home, too.

it's really a bare land i know, but this is my heaven

First week duduk kuarters tak payah cakaplah. A real survivor I had been. No electricity initially as we were the first tenant and TNB took days to complete the installation. Maka, menapaklah aku and the housegang pi carik sumber elektrik. Nak iron baju uolsssss..!!. Mai malam ja, berbondong-bondong la iols dengan Cuda kiri kanan tangan pegang hanger baju. Eh, berbondong- bondong nak ke mana tu?

inilah rumahku syurgaku yang sungguh la bare gila. Semua melepek kat lantai sebab panas, takde elektrik ha ha. Ni hari pertama masuk rumah nih

Pegi surau kau! Orang pegi beribadat, aku pi pinjam karen nak iron baju. Ha ha..Itu satu hal, hal lain pulak, it was a priviledge for you to have a transportation. Being a fresh grad student at that time, we didn't, or I rather say, I didn't have any savings. Having a car or any means of transportation was just a dream. An exclusive priviledge. So my mode of transportation, to and from office, was walking all the way. And I walked for a year, before I could finally afford a small car which I love till death.

So there, the remembrance of my posting. It wasn't really a poignant story. Not much drama, but for me, it is a change, a reversal from being just a girl who might be depending way too much on people around here, to a person who can engage in everything, whatever it will be. Even if this wasn't my first dream to be here, it is still, and for long, be one of the best dream in my life.

the college, these days, not so bare anymore, isn't it?

the posting part 1

Since Aten got her posting result already, it brought me back to the memory of my own posting, almost 9 years ago. Gitu...9 tahun..berasap dah dok kat sini rupanya. Berasap, tapi tak lemau:). How did my experience go anyway?

I think it was in 2003, sebulan lebih jadi penganggur kurang hormat (maklumla asyik nak habiskan beras kat rumah je. Mesti mak aku bosan, dak gitu mama? he he). One day a fella told me that we could contact KPM as the result was out. Dub dab dub dab..the heart was pounding crazily when my call being answered.

"tahniah ye, nama cik ada di bahagian matrikulasi dan akan di hantar ke matrikulasi kedah"

YEYYYYYYYYYYYY..mau tak makcik nak melompat kuat-kuat. Terus rasa nak skipping skipping gembira keliling rumah. Ha ha..Dah la matrikulasi, dapat kat Kedah pulak tu! Couldn't stop grinning for the rest of the day. Bestnyeeeeeeeee dapat utara, dah la tak kena ngajar sekolah wow wow wow...!!!

Or so it seemed like I was the luckiest girl ever. When the official letter arrived, in capital letter, bold and clear, my name was printed next to the posting area, the name of another state in east coast region instead of Kedah! The only state in Malaysia that I never stepped my foot on. OH.MY.GOD. And my mind went spiraling crazily. Mana bolehhhhh..kata Kedah!! How am I supposed to live? Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!! This is definitely a catastrophe! And even after much quarreling and angry dispute with KPM people and of course abah, it had been finalized.

I was officially posted to the east coast region. Bye bye dream, hello the unknown! Sob..sob..

So, I boarded abah's old Vanette, along with the parents, siblings, my late angah and both of my grandparents. Oh boy, I brought the entourage who definitely not sharing the feeling of despair. Seriously, they enjoyed the day long trip, even salah jalan turun naik Genting (nobody in the family, it turned out, ever made it to this particular state of the East Coast and ingat jalan ke Genting would be one way leading to the place). And I, the victim, kept gulping and gasping for air. There was no highway, just a long winding road, lead to inevitable destruction of my life. And yeah, so much for the jungle on the roadsides.

I did not want to be there. Not in my lifetime.

Little that I know I was about to undergo the biggest change of my lifetime.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

congrats, little sister!

The little girl in my family is now officially a teacher, almost.:).2 years pursuing knowledge abroad, and absorbing more in IPBA, she is now ready to spread her wings and Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur!!

She got posted yeah~ not to the places I wish her would anyway, but what matter is that she is ready to venture into the world where mama and I are so proud of. Of course, it's the world of challenge and abundant of stress, but knowing her, I know she will nail everything comes her way. She is definitely born to do this:) Just look at how she handled Adry. The boy was so absorbed in whatever she doodled. When she was a kid, she handled another kids too, like a big sister being in a mini kindergarten, ha ha...So I guess the gene was there long time ago.:)

So to make it official,welcome aboard darling and how proud I am of you!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the 14th

Yeah, it's 14th February. Where people go crazily buying flowers, expressing undying love unconditionally (which pretty much bizarre to just pick a day and say 143) and becoming all ostentatiously affectionate. Well, for yours truly, it's like any other day, co exception. Waking up, getting ready to work, working like mad, going home and sleeping like there's no tomorrow. Nak valentine valentine hapanye.

During my ignorance year, even I wasn't a believer of celebrating-love-in- a- day event, pernah jugak gatal gatal asking my then boyfriend to buy me flowers. Yeah I did hard work on that, giving hints here and there and thought he grew tired of me pestering him so he bought it anyway. Okay, sangat suka, but then, that's all lah. Suka bunga je pun, not the day itself. The excitement and the novelty died very soon after. Going out for dinner for the occasion? Do you know how much it costs for a couple dinner on the 14th Feb? A bomb! And what did you get? More couples having the same menu and paying the same ridiculous price. So where's the excitement?

And post-ignorance years, I started to do a lot of reading, gauged myself in a lot of therapeutic reading materials and inhaled deeply in regret, to know that I celebrated the day for people to remember St Valentine. Memang la tak berarak sampai macam tu sekali, but the history of and the idea of remembering him through this particular day, astagfirullahal azim.. May God forgive me as I have sinned. Biarlah tak cool, tak best and tak ikut trend pun, I have enough of these hoopla.

Baik taruh duit beli KFC kan kan?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

lesung batu, kau ado?

takdak motip punya post, saja nak showcase menu hari ni.hahahahha

Okay not entirely that I am lazy cook, but to cook and live by myself, sometimes it is a total waste, and you know I am not exactly a big eater. But.....somehow,sometimes...eating out bores the heck out of you.Tak tahan wehh....asyik kedai yang sama, menu yang sama, rega pun sama. Ha ..ha..

So, on the lovely Sunday, after the long beauty nap (tapi kalau nengokkan gaya mangkit pukul berapa dah jadi huduh nap kihkih..ada aku kesah?), I planned my cooking session. I wanted to make ayam goreng cabai banyak minyak. Faveret tau..dah lama plan nak masak ni. Basuh udang, basuh ayam, letak kunyit, potong potong cabai, potong potong bawang, amik blender

ehhhhh....mana blender aku??? Tak guno, spoil betul blender tertinggal kat umah Ina. Terpaksa la bertimpuh ayu mengguna cara tradisional. Apa, ingat rumah I takde lesung batu ke? Tumbuk punya tumbuk, maka jadilah hasil di atas.

Lapaq nasik la pulak.This is why I don't cook often, because I can't resist my own air tangan. Kah kah..perasan melampau. Meh la join kalau tak malu:P

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