Sunday, August 31, 2008


if i cud have sworn on..
f**k u both , loser bastards..

but i dun.

coz the stunned,flabbergasted look on 'his' face is more than enough.

it's priceless.

Friday, August 29, 2008

makan lagi..

what a day..we've spent the whole afternoon chitchatting at lina's place.sheeshh..i shud have taken a pic just to show u people our own version of parliament session.riuh tak hingat u ols!ahhaa..the best part is, our parliament is well completed with food!!actually it is the food who leads the way.lina brought kueh siput aka tat nenas keras 'kedekiang' (deriving from the experiment goes wrong.hahha..), behun and kepok leko.this does not include one whole tupperware of roti gardenia n its set of serawa courtesy of nyah.kenyang babe!its been a while since we last lepak like this and just have fun munching on food and savouring on gossips and such.tapi tak ngumpat ye:)skit skit je.i guess this gonna be the affair of wrapping up days towards the reaching of ramadan:) boleh ke macam ni?chit chat chit chat here which brought me to this...i shud have gotten home n pack my stuff n start the journey to kl.abah n mama are going to 'celebrate' ramadan with us all in kl.ta for now:)

the holiest.:)


is just around the corner.the holy month where u can actually be human n better servant of god.there are sooo many things ive long to do coming ramadan like fulfilling my terawih calls,cleansing the acts, cooking instead of pigging out etc.

to my dearest families and friends, fellow muslim sisters and brothers whom i know n yet to know, please forgive for all my wrongdoings.for whatever i do and say. im just a weak human being who sumtimes let the bad part of me doing most of the actions.if i ever cross ur path, trust me i didnt mean to do it the way i did, and if there are nother road to take, i would surely take it:).hope we are able to do ramadan to the max

sorry for everything and once again, salam ramadan from the frail me:)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the greatest guru.

life has been a great teaches love will wilt,it teaches that people change, it teaches u the greater life ahead..the ones u never imagine u cud be.once ur in love, and in second ur out of it.once u are with sumone, and in second ur back to be alone.once ur top of the world, in a second uve been crashing hard to the is magic.i just need to know how to experience it wisely :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

peculiar me? crazy lookin at other's blogs. their stories intrigue me, their life fascinate me, their pics humor me :). i can keep on reading n reading for hours, for blogs that i dun even personally know the owner

2.i dig bubur so much.n i keep making bubur for afternoon tea n late supper.sedap ke tak letak tepi.even my apak pun naik heran he was once asked "buboq lagi???" in love wit meet uncle hussin n hujan.sound poyo je kan but dunno lah, feel the greatness of their songs, even tryin very very hard finding superfast downloaded sites to get their songs.

4.i can bable n nag my cat, mok for for today, we smelt poopie, n searchin where did mok went pooping, but to no in like every hour, i wud nag n berleter to him to practically tell me where the poops would be hidden.sheeshh..i must be losing my mind.

5.i 'seek' n 'find' new me.and i love it!cant believe i would totally love sth that i once despised

6.i superfuckin hate blu inc n its products.lamanya tak melucah!

7.i cringed to the word love, sayang, love and more makes me wanna puke.seriously n it got nuthin to do with me n the stupid engagement.guess the hormone is back to balance.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

sleepybum so sleepy albeit goin to bed early (if u cud call 3am early).been eyeing what wud get into my stomach later this afternoon.i got like 4 more days to go.kinda tiring fasting when people around u are hungrily chomping n gobbling on food.i was half awake tis mornin in my mornin class, tryin hard to make myself conscious to the kids.(dun even care much for latecomers today).gosh's only 11am.u are so lack of sugar!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

where does the good go

love is for those who blessed.i would not be the best person or neither do i in the perfect position to even begin talkin about love.but it coudnt stop me for being happy, at least for sumone else's love long time friend from perlis, who just managed to walk out from her wrecked marriage, might finally find the one.we had a very long talk about her probability to begin another serious committed relationship.i know it aint easy to start trusting man after what had happened, believe me..when the love is murdered by the one u truly put ur trust, u had nowhere to turn to.that the beginning of sprung into life again.but i believe her to have extra efforts to handle the blossomed relationship.funny is, she finds him just the exact way i found mine.and these are what i told her..
it is okay to be afraid
it is okay to be terrified of the unknown
it is okay to be prejudiced coz not all people around us are dealing with the same phase of life
it is okay to be in love again becoz love itself is about discovering the bitterness in life
it is okay to cry once in a while when u start comparing the one that went away n the one that makes you his princess
it is okay to smile upon promises
it is okay to feel stupid when things do not get ur way

and for all the unanswered questions would be answered later, believe me.just look back on the diary ive used to write
i noticed that life was much better and easier when you have less to think about. not about money, not about hurting hearts, not about being hurt, not about succumbing to people's need.that was just, being free. but life ain't easy. as clock is ticking, you gonna be bombarded with lotsa questions.
would i make a right choice?picking up this man?i dont know. that was exactly the question i've yearned somebody to's a bit tricky.tis sort of question you would know better, not anybody else. God, i wish i would just be shown some ways, low or high, whether to pick this man is the noblest act i will do. please, help me.
23 july 07
and i got the answer in no less than a year.i so feel you my dear friend

i find me

haha..i need to find 5 more people to create the cloning
ps: dear girl, sorry to post u in the blog...but my friends cudnt stop comparing us.hahha:)

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