Sunday, February 12, 2017

inner voice

When i feel like to stop asking, that inner voice inside me quickly stop me, saying, He wants you to keep asking, never falter.
When i feel that i am such a lowly kind, who always anger Him, and which is why the prayer is not answered, that inner voice stops me again, saying, He is the Most Forgiven. No matter how many times you wronged Him.
When i feel like saying disappoinment, frustration, that lowest level of esteem that make you stop short and burst out crying, that inner voice once again stops me, asking me to stop self- pitying, that whatever happen was and is by the will of Him, the ultimate Maker. And Him and Him alone knows the life route, and He even plans all the life meetings, occurences. How He not know that you deeply suffer?

If only i could meet that inner voice so that we can be best friend and talk face to face. I hate fighting these demons all by myself

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