Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yogurt day

I can imagine licking the spoonful of those creamy vanilla and red velvet yogurt, chewing on the fresh strawberry and all the delectable garnishes on top of it.Or tucking myself with a plate of grilled juicy chicken, or smashed beef, accompanying by the hot sambal in AP ayam penyet.Or just strolling endlessly and aimlessly along the walkway in East Coast Mall, or just donning my comfy tank top and snuggly pants, cruising every tv channels from Astro, resting on that blue couch at home.

AHHHHHHHHH...dream on it!~

Cause it's Saturday and it is a working Saturday, where your fun are all about attending classes.

And not helping that they even switched the aircond off, whoever the moron is.

Darnnnnnn....i just want my yogurtt!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wish you're here

Just wish she is here back in Kuantan so it won't be this hassle making such a simple decision.
Guess i just miss us and u a lot..

Monday, June 20, 2011

the art of impart

Dealing with a 'stony-face' make me realize the utmost important thing..

Communication skill is not inherited, but learned.

And adding to that I might as well put this one too,

The way you communicate with people, regardless who you are, will bring you one notch higher in the society, or lower.

I don't know how other people learn to communicate (since everybody knows how to speak), but I learned mine through vigorous observation from people around me, consciously or not.My better teachers would probably these people I interact or interacted everyday in my life, be it parents, relatives, friends, 'frienemy' or even strangers I encountered unintentionally by chance. I might do mistakes myself in managing myself with other people, committing some error prior from my weak judgement. But I acquire, aware of what faulty that I have done so I would be better being in the future, and so my communication with other human beings can be done smoothly and delicately without leading to any misunderstanding.I know I do not deal with robot, and such, people I dealt with have feelings too.And amusing how good or bad communication easily trigger different feelings from people.These, as humble human who is still learning, learned of what kind of communication should be followed and to be avoided.

1)Eye contact.Looking people right in the eyes will only tell you one thing, that you are a brave persona, even though you are at the wrong side of the fight.It takes effort to look at one's eye and say whatever you want to say (even a simple SORRY), because then it will depict how honest you are with your feeling.

2)You do not have to yell to get your points crossed.I've learned this through my previous relationship.Probably the only way we communicate was by comparing how loud and shrilly we could be.Yelling when you're mad , nothing helpful about that.It doubles the shrillness.

3)It could only be one speaker in between you two.One has to end up being listener, and to listen well and be calm no matter how much you want to explode inside for just being a speaker.

4)After the good job being a listener, then we could reply sensibly to all the points debated.And mr/ms speaker, now is the time for you to shut the &*%^* up and take the listening seat:)

5)You do not need to argue right away with every opposite speech that your brain does not want to process.I argued greedily, it is my sore points and it still take me time to master the art of 'not arguing for the first 2 minutes' rule.

6)Stop doing everything that you do, at once, when people approach you with serious matters.It takes people's gut to come and see you and talk to you personally (your win), but such a loser for not taking their seriousness into account (your lose).You just make yourself look so vulnerable and weak by making yourself busy doing other tasks while those people is having 'serious conversation ' with you because seriously, you just look plain vulnerable, get it?

7)Say sorry and thank you.Is that hard to articulate these two simple words in your daily conversation?

Friday, June 17, 2011

girls week out

I so love hanging out...especially when your own clans are together!!

Jakun atau tidak, I just figured out Baskin Robbin has the most creamy, exquisite chocolate mint ice cream I've ever had!Dua orang yang EKSYEN tak nak ice cream, spoon feeding themselves with my ice cream, all gone even before we reached the car park!

My gorgeous queen

Having mama and aten over for a week was like a highlight of the month. Frequent visitor to my crib and has had the plan to come over to Kuantan months back, this time around Aten had succeeded in coaxing mama to tag along. It was a major suprise since mama normally travelled with abah, and not as a solo traveler. Well am i complaining? fact i was over the moon having them both as the royalty to my humble crib (sebab rumah aku despite ada flat screen tivi and all the machines dan juga dua jenis internet, adalah sangat bersepah sepah and tak cantik.hek!).Tried persuading abah to join the trip but he had to pass since there were lots of works to be handle in the office.Seemed like it was girls' week out yeah!Just at the same time wishing that Ina would join too, then it'll be perfect:)

Thankfully, both of them secured the tickets to and fro and got the same trip as i was!Kind of worried mama couldn't handle being in the bus for good 12 hours but she survived!Having burgers and chicken rice as dinner on the bus, it felt like having a school trip when you were 15.Hehe..

Got to be in the office the morning we reached Kuantan.Sucker yeah but what to's a working week and I am doomed to handful of classes.Nak berjimba -jimbanan, then it has to be done after 5.Funny was, they were readily dressed up once I reached home to fetch them both.:).First night, we had dinner at the newly opened eatery of Ayam Penyet.Real sucker for ayam penyet, I couldn't resist but vetoed everybody so we could dine there.Haha..not bad, and mama seemed to love her ayam penyet.Her only comment...'takdak kuah!'

Big momma and lil sista.mwahhh:)

Starting day two, mama started going all ga ga over my house.I mean, she wanted to clean everything.Mopping, dusting, washing, rearranging, you name it.I am sorry for lil sister since she was pushed to join forces.Hehe..sorry...The one thing that could make my mom transform into a cleaning robot is by doing all the cleanups herself.Really, I didn't want her to work hard polishing everything here, I mean this was her holiday and she deserved some R&R.But I guess nothing could stop her and as long as it made her happy, I'll be happy too (I would be crazy NOT to be happy when my house is spotless clean and licin berseri seri!!Oh gembira!).As she told her readers in her blog, cleaning is part of the hobby she indulges in.My hobby?Making a mess of it after few months (hey, mama and aten even bet on the cleanliness state of the fans coming few weeks later!ahhahhaa)

Since I work all day, the only doable things we could do were to go out for dinner and some shopping spree.Brought them both to all the available shopping malls in Kuantan and had afternoon tea munching on sata and all things fried (let them tried udang and ikan celup tepung in one of the famous spot in Tanjung Lumpur (dang I have none of the pictures in the camera!). And Friday was to treat them for lunch at Caribbean Cafe in Gambang Waterpark Resort (just 10 minutes from where I live, how cool is that?).

Sending both of them home was the last thing I want to do.True, we did nothing fancy except moping around the house and 'mopping' too for mama, but thruthfully I want them to stay longer because once they started the journey home on that very Friday, I just feel needy all over again.Thanks for coming and love you

Girls, let's have the 'weekend fun' again!

new dress!

I've found out my way getting out of the stress..

Change your whole look of the blog, witt witt!!

and I've got to thank,they got wonderful bunch of cool looking background that I could get my hand on whenever I get bored with the recent. Playing dress-up for the blog is like having new dresses for your Barbie.

It's fun fun fun!!

I, with the stoney-faced creature

I was about to hit my 10 am class when I got a call from the receptionist.

Rec:lyn, kereta kelisa parking dekat belakang kan? (your car is parked behind right?)
me: err..a ah...
Rec: ada orang langgar kereta lyn ni..yada..yada..yada (somebody hits your car....)

and her voice trailing off while I chanted my mantra. 'Kenot be angry..kenot be angry..It's's friday..' and despite a bit of quevering lips and close to swear f.c.u.k, i kept my composure at the normal beat. And began to have a good listening session to whatever the receptionist is explaining.

Rec: dia langgar sikit..pecah plat kereta sikit..calar sikit...(just a slow soft hit, not much just some broken plate and bit of scratches)
me: ada kemek tak??? (is there any dent??)
and i heard some other voice at the back try to help with the explaination.
me: eh orang yang langgar tu ada situ ke?apasal dia tak.cakap sendiri dengan olin? (is she there?why can't she explain it herself?) rudeness number one noted.
Rec:eh heheh..nanti dia call lyn balik.

Okay.first thing first.You are such a ..... WITH A STONE-FACED look.I went down to the office to have better description from her, and looked like she was having good time indulging her breakfast, and FREAKING EAT while talking to me (rudeness number two noted) .That is so damn rude. First, you do not apologize for whatever wreck you do to my car.Second, I feel close to kick her right in the mouth for not stopping from her breakfast and explaining it nicely (cuba kau bayang, kau yang turun sembah dia, and dia tengah sedap dok melahap breakfast. Sambil tangan sumbat nasik dalam mulut, sambil buat muka toya, sambil dok cakap dengan aku. Suwey sangat kan?). Asked how we should settle this and all i got as a reply '...macam mana eh?'. Macam mana apa?? biatch, kau dah langgar kau bayar la, takkan aku nak ajak kau mandi manda kat gambang waterpark!!!.Memang la bodoh punya soalan. And she keeps on saying that my parking space made her hard to maneuver her car, and the road is 'sempit'.Now listen, when i park my car, i follow 2 rules.

1) bear other people's car in mind
2) only then you can bear your car in mind

In short, I won't park somewhere that is hard for me to manouver my car away from other people's car, or vice versa.I labeled that kinda people who do not bother thinking about other people as bonehead, so i don't dare to be called the same. And when somebody told me in the face that my parking space make it so 'sempit', all I could do it to hold breathe and to not yell, RETARD!!. You are the one getting off the parking, you are the one hitting my bumper and leaving scratches and yet you blame the inexistence of the' sempit' parking lot? Are you blind or what?Oh maybe you are, since you already know it is 'sempit', but still wanted to steer your big car and DO NOT BOTHER calling the receptionist so the receptionist could inform me to move my car away, since you are that incompetent of driving. You ONLY BOTHER to call when you finally hit someone's car.Hell yeah!

Please don't jaw-dropped and do that ugly stoney face when the bill comes.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a slap in the face

Doing bloghopped tonight really make me all jittery.And that comes from all the writing penned by another 13 year old kiddo (by any means, i am not referring to overrated Datin Milano, so boring already that one). This kid, in comparison to Datin, is more immaculate with her English (which somehow has driven me to read more more more dan tak rasa menyampah sangat).Yeah she's full of the F words too, but that's not really the concern now.

She wrote about relationship and being dumped, friendship and school, among other.No problem you say?Yeah, no problem when she wrote about schools and friendship and all about being ordinary 13 year old girl.But when she started yakking on the relationship and such?Now that's totally no brainer!.Telling people how she being dumped by guys, and her guy is yet to be snatched by other girls, you know, Slot Samarenda kinda plot you watch every afternoon in Tv3?That sort of things.And at the same time, she did discuss (seriously) on some issues regarding relationship.Like, seriously.Wake up girl!You are 13 for heaven's sake.There are more to life for a 13 year old girl could indulge into.Why bother splitting your brain into two thinking about how sucky your life is being dumped by guys and the chemical reaction in the relationship?It is not a rocket scientist that you have to learn it from the very young age.Geez, do kids nowadays think they gonna marry the same guy they play jongkang -jongket with?Thankfully, she doesn't say anything about her virginity unlike that dumb datin milano.

My 13 year old didn't involve me being a worrywart about how and who should i date.Or when should i go out with guys.Because that would not ever happen!I got two very very strict adults in my house, watching us like a pair of hawks.Hanging out with boys meant hanging out in school, doing folio, school project or sukan sekolah. When the event/work over, then it's over. No prolonged date to the KFC, or malls, or movies.I got picked up by abah, or rode my bike home. Itupun tak pernah ada niat nak melencong.Nak pergi makan with my other 13 year old girl friends at Diana's Fried Chicken (the closest we had before KFC.ahhh, memory!) pun menangis mintak nak pergi.Malls were to be attended with the parents.Guys didn't call home for no purpose (infact, there were close to none because abah has the booming voice that made most boys peed in the pants and mama would just stare with the icy look and stand, hands folded, infront of the housephone table.You think you could just act brave and talk?No way, we are friggin' scared that way.

Reading the girl's blog made me wonder, am i ready to be the mother?Would i just be numb if my kid's story being plastered on the net?How would i do if i got to know that people talk about my kid's virginity?Would i slap her and disown her and cry like mad?what?what??

While chatting with my little sister, Aten said,
'nih baru 13, kalau umur dia 20 apa dia tulis agaknya'
and i said,
'dia tulis la pasal orange peel dan suntik botox pulak khen???'

Kids, you are now 13 going 31.

Please noted.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Someone Like You:)

How many of you really subscribe for Warna or Mustika package just because you could all be tickle to death by Kumpulan Jambu's joke? Or to be much entertained by the stand-up comedy of Nabil?Tskkkkk...You know what, I don't have to pay a dime to have a good laugh all the day long. I have my reason.

That's right people!I have my abah in the house!

And this is the essay about abah, the funnyman in the house.

My abah is a businessman. And as a local businessman slash contractor slash pekerja syarikat, he is known as one serious boss at the workplace. He meant business when it involves his company and and contracts that he is tendering. Guarding almost 3o workers under RCS, it is not easy not to be mad when things get a little bit uncontrollable and out of hands. And yes, he is one strict boss (used to be her kuli so i knew.ehhehehe)

But one strict boss does has his funny moment. For 31 years, I know my abah as someone who never brings the angry face home to his kids, tiredness yes, but not the look 'I-am-pissing off-with the workers-so-don't bother-talking' kind of look.Never. He always knows how to reply certain things with certain amount of jokes and funny punchlines. And Ina follows, i mean when combining them both, they could easily replace Ajis Satar and S.Shamsudin hahahahah.True, my abah is the comic relief of the house.


Bapak kau mampooo??

And abah is one advisor too, with mama in line definitely. I could not EVER make any decision without involving those two.I mean, ya lah they are parents and all, but how many times do you call home reporting every wonderful or stressful events or every serabut decision that you couldn't solve, to them? Well, i do. Sometimes he could be too stern that nobody would dare debating the issue and on the very good day, he will accept the idea openheartedly (we did have the debate of me, or any malay women dating westerners.A very heated debate. Well, that was before abah got to meet 'Encik Jamil', which a total relief that in the end he seems okay with the whole idea.Love youlah abah:)).

True enough, abah gave his insight of the guys I dated and am dating, and never forgets to ask about James wellbeings and could feel that he is happy that i am happy, finally. And whose dad patiently enough to accompany her daughter to the session, everytime 'the days' came, to meet the judge and the lawyers who could be his own friends, that might know him and might talk about my family? Would he let me walk it on my own?No.Never.And that is the reason i put my head high everytime i had to sit on the bench, waiting for the fate because i knew my abah and mama would be there, shameful or not.

So, on this very wonderful day, toast to my abah for being my survivor, my hero, my saviour, and to make me believe that together with mama, the world is the best place to be for a pitiful daughter like me.

From the very bottom of my heart, Happy Father's Day, Mr Rosli Saad!!

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