Wednesday, September 30, 2015

a (very) backdated raya entry

It is always a calming kind of feeling to look back at those pictures of your little, humble crib. A sense of attachment, belonging, self-satisfaction and of course, pride and joy. If i were entrusted with digits of endless money, there are so much, so many things I want to do. But hey, you can't buy a castle in one day, can you? These were what we had for the previous Raya celebration. 

Yellow gerberas. As the curtains and sofa spelt earthy tones, yellow can brighten the living room.

For the round table, i opted for lilies and pink gerberas.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

5-word Tuesday. Or whatevs

Craving. A super craving mode.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Bubbai 2014

Brrrr.. It's freezing cold in gambang. Like, gila sejuk. Pagi pagi mandi macam kena electrocuted. Ice bucket challenge what you sayyyyy? Nih bergelen gelen ice bucket punya shower. I have to wear socks in my house. Humphrey pulak sekarang ni kalau nak tido je, nak naik atas katil mengendeng- ngendeng tepi kaki takpun tepi my body. Nak tumpang heat lah tu. tapi sedap jugak peluk dia time time sejuk ni. Panassss je. Yang penting peluk dia tak haroommmm. Koh koh koh

Since it is freaking freezing in gambang, badan pun jadik cepat lapar. Since i kurang lemak, mula la mulut rasa nak ngunyah cekelat la, roti paun la, buboq labu la. Nasib baik ada neighbour best. Nama dia elsa ( tapi dia takde olaf ;))). Selalu kasik i foodies. Hari tu anak dia pagi pagi dah ketuk pintu rumah i nak kasik lamb chop. Kelas kau elsa. Brekfast ongputeh sangat makan lamb chop dengan fries. Lepas tu semalam dinner she gave me bubur labu. Nomnomnom! Food stock has to be replenished soon. Food yang senang nak kunyah kunyah. Hope the weather is soon going to be okay. It is still raining, heavily sometimes. I really wanted to go to kl but just take a look at how LPT looks like now!! Gila tenggelam highway. You have to literally ride a boat to get to the other side of the road. ;((. I just miss going back to kl.;(

On the other note, it will be 2015 in a day. I wish nothing but dirahmati Tuhan yang Maha Kuasa. Not only to me, but to all the beloved. God has the reasons why they still love me regardless how crappy it has been for me this 2014.

Love and let love in.

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