Friday, February 27, 2009


even if i always keep on chanting that i care less of my birthday celebration this year (if there is any..anyway), it's nothing against the law to at least have a wishlist, isnt' it.being easypeasy me, im not asking for a mountainhill of golds or such craps, just stuffs that u know,enlighten me:).so here goes.i am wishing...

1) for these 2 important people in my life to stay and be in love.eternally.

2)to always be loved by the people i love

3)to drastically change my do'.to the extent that i wont even be recognizing myself.goin all blondie, anyone??

4)to purchase that legacy stripe tote.thehehehe....

5)to be presented with bobby brown lip palette.i never swoon on a lippie like this before:)

6)to have a new pair of jeans!dah berumbai rumbai yang lain tuh!

7)narciso rodriguez for black n pink. i swear i want both!

8)to have Catherine Hardwicke's twilight 'Director's Notebook'. (dah dapat!!!)

9)to be sponsored for the round trip here. intending of going to the yellow marked area. i am terribly missing sumbody there.

9)for this cutesy lil hatbox for the yummy smell of crabtree n evelyn lavender bath set.

10) for any cute, delightfully gorgeous tops!


11)for this to be over n get over with.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

hari gaji.

hari ni gaji.

ok..takde motif nak cerita.sangat mengantuk.seperti mahu menghempas badan ke lantai dan tido.lepas ni nak mengular.hari jumaat balik kampung.oyeah.nak pikir adiah untuk beli pada diri sendiri sempena birthday.mcm nak makan eskrim baskin robbin.

i better stop the writing before everybody throws up for the mad incoherent rambling.

i blame for the yesterday's banana madness for the erratic gibberish talk.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

those were the days

we are seriously a crazy bunch of lecturers!!!!!!!hahaha..stumble upon this when browsing thru files to be deleted.purposely done to wish nyah n ajak on the wedding day, but what the heck..we were so in awe we forgot to turn on the speaker.maka jadilah gayanya mcm ni.ahhaha!!!!!

the group of 4..the course we went were really a blast!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

of orange, octopus and oh bloody hell.

the crazy tag.thought it was easypeasy but's tricky like heck!zarina aku tag hang lagi ni.i got writer's block (boleh?hahhah).

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own post, erase my answers, enter yours and tag people you want. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name :olin
2. A four letter word : oh ok!
3. A boy's name : orson (laki bree yang OCD dlm desperato housewivo)
4. A girl's name : oshin
5. An occupation : OBGYN
6. A color : olive green (yeah, color of a puke i wud say)
7. Something you'll wear: Osis+ Volume Cream (when my hair were in the state of frizziness and being all curlygurly)
8. A food : otak udang (a very crucial element to make a devilishly salivating asam laksa)
9. Something found in the bathroom: occasionally used Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Bath and Shower Gel
10. A place : Ottawa, Canada
11. A reason for being late : Oh bloody hell, my cat eats the watch!the he he..
12. Something you'd shout : Otak la!!(the 'h' being silent..the normal cursing wud be 'hotak la!')
13. A movie title : Original Sin (raunchy made up movies with antonio B.and angelina J)
14. Something you drink : Oren Sankis masam manis
15. A musical group : Offspring (come out and play anyone..?)
16. An animal : Octopus (davy jonessssss tentacles.the he he)
17. A street name : ohyvertsrgeahxxgh (nama jalan di russia.ok. aku tipu.ahaha)
18. A type of car : optra
19. Title of a song : Original prankster (none other than the Offspring ..again!)

tag gila.terbantut aku nak mandi malam.

Friday, February 20, 2009

sigh sigh sigh


maybe i am just being superdupersensitive.


what a day to end a week.


rest in peace my dear toi.u are deeply missed.mama n abah and us miss ur i wish i wud always let u rested on my lap everytime u r sleepy and wanted the attention.
how i missed bullying u with that plastic i missed having u around lil one.

thanks for the happiness u brought to us.

main mekap mekap

before she starts stomping on me with that killer high heels, i now obediently do the tag as u wish my laling loloba.hehhe...(fakta mengdefend diri: asyik amik gambar yang selepas je,muka selenga sebelum mekap asikkkk je lupa nak amik.selenga lah katakannnn..heheheh..maafkan kami penunggu gua!!)


Take a photo of yourself sans makeup. Yeap, no makeup what soever . you can pose any way u like but no make up
Then take another photo with full make up on (like u usually would when u wanna go out

muka seperti berpenyakitkah ini tanpa secalit lipistik?
sudah ada tampalan bendasing seperti bedak dan sebagainya
there.amik kau.ada beza ke?beza kontrasting kaleran bedak je aku nampak ketara.hahaha..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

tic tag toe


well..cudnt resist doin the tag since i know what kinda shop i wud always drag myself inside...having a handful of cash or even a single penny left:)

oh what the heck..i am always gonna be the nerdy what if i got all exhilarated and hit by the cardiac arrest just seeing mountain and mountain of books?so what if i am panting in the need of fresh air just to consume the smell the of books?i cud never get enough getting into any bookshops.boleh gila.i cud even be spending the sweetest time possible sitting in the corner of the bookshop, browsing books.ALONE.

2)GIANT/TESCO/CARREFOUR/ this sounds silly, but seeing aisle by aisle, and every array of new products, may it be the much advertised shower foams, or simply a packet of nuts..kinda gives me a sugar rush.seronok la tgk all sorts of colorful packages.nak nak lagi kalau tersesat masuk cold storage.u go crazy just seeing all the fruit sections u, macam jakun.

and the craziness mounted.why do they have to create all those cute, delightfully pretty stuff when u dun even need them nor u got the idea when to use them?and those products!sumtimes saja nak duduk lama lama dalam guardian just to browse on the shampoo and end up not buying anything pun.memang haunted betol..ringan je kaki aku nak masuk walaupun duit ada 5 inggit je..ehehhehe

another dull looking bookshop u say?wait until u get into this.aku sanggup je drive dari equine pegi selvan kat uptown damansara just becoz i want to get to those damn expensive imported magazines being sold at a damn cheapest price possible (hunted magazine:glamour UK) hemm, so they r lil outdate n what?the mag covers are always gonna be all flashy n yummy.that matters the most:)

walaupun akan disalah tapsir seperti kelab dangdut, tapi ini bukan nama kelab dangdut, but since im gonna say shops, so eateries are counted too ok?bintang henry punya nasik goreng n koteau goreng..demittt....and oh so crunchy sotong goreng tepung.teruja sekejap just to imagine how it satiates the hungry bud(cewah..cilok ayat slogan reader digest encik rosli).so where to?mana lagi kalau tak di uptown damansara.marilah mari...:)

i am definitely tagging
zarina jojoba

and sapa sapa je la yg nak sgt tag.

me n my lobster

our valentine's day outing..this was minus the hohoba fiasco.hhahaha

Saturday, February 14, 2009

goin down under lil sister is officially on the other part of the continent.she called me last night saying everything was all fine and dandy in down under, despite so many tumults being reported, and sumhow drove my parents(mama esp)all crazy n worried.She departed exactly on time, and by 9am all goodbyes were said and we were ready to return to the hotel and packed out stuffs.oh..oh..maybe not really goin back to pack, but hitting the bed obviously.we woke up early since aten's group were to be reported themselves at the airport as early as 6 am!
crazy as it went, both abah and yours truly dua dua kena saman for the wronged spaces for parking.haha.semuanya sebab nak cepat and who would think that the JPJ be writing summons as early as 6 am??sheesh...
it wasnt long when all the check in parts were done and sooner than we think, aten was ready to board the plane.gee..writing this short entry sumhoe bring me to think of my dear lil sister already:)
so now good and remember what we preached you.we love you most!

Monday, February 09, 2009

new moon

i picked up the book, planning to just simply read it for few pages and save it for later, just because ive gotten tired with the internet fiasco.little that i knew, it brought me pages by pages, swimming and sinking to the emotion of the story.never could i imagine that a book, only being introduced to me a week ago by my everdearest friend, could bring such a stirred emotion.ive kept on reading, neglecting the hours passed by and only stopped, realizing there were tears.
Tears...or so i cried for the fiction made by the author.
or so i cried for when bella pleaded edward not to leave her.
or so i cried when edward was finally gone..leaving one shattered..broken heart.
or how she picked up the shattered pieces and tried to move on.

funny how could u relate so well for the fiction.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

of blood and love

first she urges me to watch this...
and then she bought me these

gosh my dear beloved zarina....u got me hooked n i so love u for that!!!hahahahha
emm.,now if u excuse me..i still got some readings to do.

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