Tuesday, October 17, 2006


im counting daysss to raya!goin home, no matter how bad the condition wud n cud be, i still love my home.that comfy sofa, thos plasma tv, that unglamorious toilet, that berserk roo..i just love everything back home.now that raya is just around the corner, n i cud only call to ask for the updates.well,looking that abah kinda bz repainting the house (paen said sth about having warna keladi??).me, ina n aten wud only be goin home this saturday since ina got her work finish at 1 am on friday.so rise n shine baby.but to be honest dude..i dun really feel the vibe of raya.well, maybe that im gettin older n older every year, n maybe that derived from all the tense at home.i dunno, i just wanna go back to that comfy home again.

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