Monday, December 26, 2011

ho ho ho

Hello peeps, how are you?Hope everything is all good and dandy.Oh, and merry merry christmas to anyone celebrating.I just got back from my own merry celebration, no not the christmas thingy, but more like a family gathering celebration by the beach:)4 families, 2 whole days, major fun.what else would you be asking for but to bask and frolic under the sun and a beach party the night after?hahhaaaa..beach party, if you count munching on Daim's, nuts, orange juice, lots of gossipy talks and fireworks!Yeah fireworks on the christmas eve:)

Just got home from the getaway last night, and had to cancel the date for being too tired to even went out anymore.And send a christmas email to James'mom , hope everything is all good there and what else can i do but to wish, right?

The pictures will be follow up soon, too lazy to even resizing some of them.

Happy Monday everyone and belated christmas to all my Christian friends

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


can't wait to be home this week, and it is a slight giddiness i cant wait to be home:P

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Okay so i am back with a bang.A bang that comes together with the neverending cough, fever, sore throat and 360 dollar shorter of money for that lousy overweight luggages.On the greater note, I am officially graduated from the specialist course, gained more friends all over Asean, and was 4 days late from being the first batch ever trying the Transformers 4D Ride.Awesomeeeeee..!!

No matter how much i missed my 3 weeks temporary home in RELC, it has never been better being home.Being closer to the girls in the office, getting back to classes and not to worry of how much money i had to spend for food alone in different currency.hehehe:P...True, me attending the specialist course is one of a lifetime opportunity, probably one of many perks in my career. It was an amazing experience money can't buy.Being in the same class with people from different level and different posts, make me realize that there are things in the world that can't be taught, humbleness, matter who you are.I knew a PHD holder, a classmate of mine, who never failed to smile and greet people every morning, and always willing to share her thoughts and opinion in classes. I knew a guy in my group who always grin whenever i did silly joke on him, giving the fact he might not know any single word i am saying as the joke is on him :). I knew a roomate, despite the language barrier, had turned out to be so sisterly and brought chuckles everytime there were misunderstanding of words.And I met people who never stop making me part of them and, inside and outside the class, even when we only knew each others for mere 3 weeks.

It was amazing, really.

If only my other matter is as amazing as these.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


i believe i no longer can read men.

and i believe this leads to nowhere.

maybe it's time to continue walking?


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