Friday, October 31, 2014


Mama selalu bagitau, do good to others, even you get the worst from them. Jangan retaliate, because it would not help any wars. Biarlah apa orang nak buat kat kita, yang penting kita just keep calm and smile (despite jiwa memberontak untuk membalas, kan mama?)

But that shows how weak you are, for not retaliating. For not taking revenge for whatever bad people do on you. Kenapa nak biar? Kenapa nak let yourself dipijak pijak and being abused emotionally?

So I asked mama. And I guess she does not have to answer that because I get the answer for that myself.

Sebab tak membalas bukan bermaksud lemah. Bukan bermaksud kalah. Bukan bermaksud salah.

Tak membalas itu melenyapkan amarah. Biarlah.

Bukan lama kita nak hidup di dunia pun. And I have learned to forgive and I learnt to ask for forgiveness.

Semoga diterimaNya.

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