Wednesday, December 31, 2008

it's nothing personal, it just business

y'know, after a while, u got tired with all the prerequisited routines you undergo everyday, and when the boredom struck, what else to do besides thinkin of doin sth extraordinaire.Yeah, not that i despise teaching.i love it.i love talking.i love my kids.but wouldnt it be nice to be given million of rm to start venturing into sth fresh, say, a business perhaps?So over pizza today, para-para self confessed businessman pun start brainstorming what shud be done if we ever becoming one of those movers and shakers(ceh...sila syiok sendri)

1)bridal boutique-uhh...i always love bridal, be it the gowns, the dais, the trays of hantaran, u name it.and been to jakarta and bandung really really makes me crazy of buying almost every pieces of bridal stuff becoz it was pretty stunning and devilishly cheap to the max!and i enjoy making people pretty, and look at them transformed.

2)nursery-acik thought of this one.why not?i might not have babies but i know im good with love me.hahaha(yeah, if you can count on 2 innocent toddlers who have been the victims towards being the object of my affection). and trust me, people seek and hunt for nursery every minutes.and a major major fiasco just to find a good nursery and people whom u can trust to handle ur babies.and we provide good nursery and daycare centre to you, with the uniforms and all.(wahh..belum apa apa iklan dah kuar)

3)bookshop-oh total heavenly!oh tidak boleh.oh kerana maybe akan bangkrap sebab semua buku tak nak jual asyik nak habiskan baca dulu baru jual.

4)florist-another oh so heavenly.tapi jika tiada pembeli, what the heck im gonna do with all the flowers?buat ulam?and flower stinks like heck once it wilts.tapi saya sukalah if this gonna happen.especially those exotic flowers u rarely see.

5)kedai makan-people dig on food, right?yeah right.if the food is edible.and digestible.and tastes good.nak jadik restauranteur pun kena pandai bodek tukang masak kan?finding the killer one.let people coming back to ur lil eatery.sapa pulak nak jadik tukang masak aku?lina?mampus la dia masak nasik goreng daging hari hari.ahhah..

6)spa q-hehehe..cuz nadya wanted to do this.not bad eh?my masseuse would get this one loyal customer, tak payah tunggu org lain, boss je dtg mengurut hari hari.sekali lagi, probability untuk bangkrap sangat tinggi.ahhaha

is there any business i could lazily venture in and get like loads of cash in the end of the month?oh nak bisnes yang lakuuuu je sentiasa.ada ke?kalau ada silalah menjadi business partner saya.the he he..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

salam maal hijrah

wishing you good health, good fortune and neverending blessedness from Allah S.W.T
Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah 1430

Monday, December 29, 2008

he is the man of the year.hurreyy!

bon anniversaire, dear abah!!

my very first trial of triffle.mengghairahkan tak rupanya?

the birthday indulgence

guess what he is eyeing for? (it was the tembikai he first dig.hehe)

tepuk tepuk tepuk sambil potong kek (bapak aku bantai pakai kain pelekat je nih)

this was all came impulsive.mama wanted to fry behun that afternoon, and since we havent celebrate abah's bday, then it's gonna be his jubilation altogether
to abah, may god give u good health, good fortune and the neverending blessedness.
love you much,abah!

Friday, December 26, 2008

on the very day of christmas...

before the game started, kat belakang tu van kesayangan yb lie

nih le aku.tak bergaya lansung

yang mcm nak terbang ni anak laki yb lie.aku asyik hanjingkan dia je mula mula since byk masuk lonkang

aten and her smooth throw

peh ...kalau boleh pak aku ni nak masuk skali dlm lane

scoreboard.aku turn last.sempat hanjingkan untuk org lain.ahha

mlm pegi makan kat mycafe yg bes


hahaha..that was actually came in the very last minute, abah put our name to represent sena indah rukun tetangga for all rkt perlis bowling tournament in alor setar.caya tak?oh what the heck, since i am in perlis and we got enuff members in a team (mr rosli, aten , wen and yours truly, albeit semua pemain kecuali en rosli adalah pemain boling bukan tegar), why not giving it a round of game eh?
There were 4 rounds!40 chances of you to mislocate your fingers and arm's joint, and that exclude chances of you making ultimate fool of yourself untuk bola masuk lonkang since all the teams were GOOD!!nampak je muka pakcik pakcik, but terer siak!they even brought their own balls ( shitty joke here please) to battle us.
did we win?Entahlah noks..mak pun tak tau..hahahha..since we were all went home once our game was over.gila penat n didnt think we cud wait any longer.nak menang hapa...most of our initial game saw the balls got into the lonkang je.haha..ada hati nak menang tu!


even what we had were not always all bed of roses
even what we had were not always the bluest of sky
even what we had were not always contentedness

but still...

i am wishing u the happiest birthday and may the Allmighty god bring you the most amazing years to come

insya allah.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ho ho ho



Sunday, December 21, 2008

gurldiks nite:)

now now people..this is the answer of me missing sans blogging. the past 2 weeks were all went to sashaying and shaking the bon bon.i did what i love the most!apa lagi, berdansa la!.the college came out with nite appreciating the lecturers, and us the girldixs came with the hilarious, if not the most syok sendri act, dancing the beat to sugar sugar and oh carol, and sum part of samseng kampung dusun drama tryin to flirt with nother 2 girldixs tapi bolayan.ha mcm tu la lebey kurang ceritanya.tapi seriously hilarious and wildly funny!!dgn acik with her gelimot act, and with the help of the sidekick lia, cuba mengurat itu dua gadis di tepian pantai.and us??we danced to the 60s, posing on stage with the pareo and siap dengan bunga kalung lagik.hahah..belasah je la noks!
and the cherry on the top?

FIRST RUNNER UP BABE!!!hahahaahaaha.

arriving at vistana, checkin the stage, plus posing syok sendri!

yang kiri sekali tuh le managernye.smalam dia belanja makan mee kari syukri sebab menang nombot dua.yehuu..

samseng kampung dusun, ahli band, penari kabaret silver tortoise dgn gadis pantai yg eksyen

posing lagi..after last pektis ni

tuh dia, i told u, posing baik punya promot pareo.lina, apa motif ko angkat ketiak nih?

samseng kampung dusun geng sarip dol dgn keganasan menguratnya

cis nampak separuh je muka aku

gedik lagii..

post dance.soryle syida, muka kau kena caras ngan amiyah dan bling bling nya.ehheheh..

lapar hokayyy!

the he he he he he he....
so what if we only got the hamper?
jealous much since u cant do what we did?:)

tanjobi omedeto gozaimasu !!

a grrrreat friend is like a good bra...

hard to find.supportive.comfortable.always lifts you up, never lets you down or leaves you hanging and is always close to your heart.
happy belated burfday amiya darling!!we love u lots like we love a good pair of lacy bra.the he he he..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

dorkiness.the he he..

hola!bon bon

ikan baung and her stalker

mcm nak jadik vampire.a ah..vampire saiko.

kau tonyoh ke dalam ke tarik ke luaq menda tuh zarina?

mata bulat, idung bulat, pipi bulat, apa yg runcing aku pun tak tau

call me sexy!

sumtimes it is time to stop being pretty and let the foolishness does the talking.hak hak.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

mis loba loba

somebody is in finally together getherlah?.cant wait to see him.hik hik.

adakah saya yang dilanda demam kecintaan ini?hahaha..
oh tidak...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

an entry for my dear bhoot

way back in uni years,achiko and i were not exactly belonged to the same circle of friends.what we normally did was passing a mere hy or simply forcing a smile once bumped into each other.never cud i imagine she is my bestie now, more to bring sum astonishment to those friends we knew back in uitm.
"eh, ko kawan ngan acik petir??"
ha ha that was her, the petir, the thunder.well, she was quite famous, mostly for her outspoken way and which people might mistakenly identify as being loud .loud ?now..why i never thought of that once i bumped into her back in matric?as simple as i didnt judge her, not now not ever.and obviously not before.seriously, why would u not know a person well to even justify her attitude based on hearsay?i guess i just didnt fall into that.for me she is zarina, bukan acik petir ye.we clicked right from the start, and for once i know i found my 'gu', my gangbang, my bestie (i do have two, but to the one back in uitm years, i guess distant and time lessen the fondness, yes?)here.petir or not, i rather have her and that what makes her, her.
during moi downdest mo, she's one who actually put words into my face and i am shamelessly cried.pretty's like being hit on the head hard.a wake up call.and she knew it well that i wasnt in need for all those shushes and hushes, that i wud be ok bla bla bla.she knew i needed it more than simply digesting all the pujukan.she 'hit' me hard and what she did was beyond awoke me.
we do have our ups and downs, hi and low mo'.the kecik hati part, the makan hati, the tidak puas hati, but knowing the fact that we have this for 5 years, it's all about asam garam friendshiplah kan.and to her emot, gosh, i believe that is the best thing in her life, i really do.i was the happiest in dr wira's room.and i knew her wud too.and no, up to the most sensitive part, we are not using each other, we might as complement what we are lacking.she is the fun side where i cud be all boring and stop saying she uses me and im being used.that is sooo not the picture!
note, ini bukanlah balasan blog that she did on me:), i feel called to do this,people might not know her well, and yes, people might still think her wrongly.but to my dearest achikokoko, u are the best and u know and i know u are a good person inside.dun let what people say about u tarnish the best part of u .maybe, just maybe, we dun need to prove what we believe to be the truth to other people, eh?u know why i lap biu my dear friend:)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

penang mali

yours truly is back to perlis for raya korban celebration, making a pitstop in penang for a night while waiting for ina's's the pixies untuk tayangan bersama..hehaha..oh yeah...i discovered chawrasta..heaven to all the bookworms..swear to god!!thanks to acik for ever mentioning this lil heaven on earth.ahhahha..

on the way home to there was no coherency of the pixel's order ye:)

she's gone crazy of smelling the books! in chawrasta:)

feery ride back to butterworth..jakun aku naik ferry okay

makan makan di padang kota..sorilah gambar makanan takde.

lai ..lai....pilih asam mari...

uncle kedai buku itu musti tensen ngan aku...asik ketik gambar je

piling up of books..the euphoria!

Monday, December 01, 2008

what la..!!

what's with TESLian and people against them?i just dun really get it, esp ecially when it comes from 'these' people.the one who supposed to tell people off nicely (if that irritates your eyes that much!).the ones who are smugly hiding their identities behind their so called tudungs.
Saturday.we were forced to attend this course (sumthing got to do with the youngsters and ways to educate em...AS IF!) under the organization of counselling department.oh, and the talk was given by this prof dr bla bla bla, from UKM, looking nice and demure at first with her baju kurung and tudung labuh (goshh..i am really not against these tudung labuh just that sumhow their holier than thou attitudes 'amazed' me so much!).
at first everythin was A okay, up till she went meroyan and talked how she despises lecturer bahasa inggeris yang amik TESL in UKM , with their oh so sexy attires and 'slutty' attitudes (if that how she puts lecturers who sits on the table sambil goyang goyang kaki).cmon la, u were paid to give talks, and stop the crap about how to do this n that, much to the amusement of us english lecturers.dia ingat kolej ni takde english lecturers datang her talks ke that she makes the total chances to bash the TESLian wrong doins?where is ur etiquette?and that comes from a person who being awarded a doctor?a judgemental and bias much?
oklah, sum of her points might be based on the demented reality.TESLian memang hingar bingar.that just us.carilah mana mana TESLian kat Mesia ni who are not outspoken and all merry. really..u cudnt really point out one.sexiness??hello..pakai baju kurung pun eventually kena stamped sexy jugak kat dahi.Just because they are TESLian.that's why.oh belum lagi masuk bab how we talked, laughed (kadang kadang mcm hyena, yes.).but we are not hypocrite, better than those who looked all so modest and decent..and all of sudden..wallaaa..ha kau, kena tangkap basah sana sini.
enjoy amik TESL ni actually.pahala lebih.income dr org mcm dr bla bla bla.hahahah...

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