Wednesday, September 27, 2006

rejoicing Ramadhan! (with food)

it's been a fourth day of ramadan, meaning that ive been spending money on thos food that left uneaten.i know this gonna be one absendminded act as holy ramdhan supposedly teach us to not be boros n spend money whenever u got growling stomach.just like yesterday, i ended up buying ikan bawal which was half than being eaten, sata (4 pieces altogether which ended up being in a garbage plastic) n few more side dishes which im not supposed to buy since i hardly ate all of em.if this all about lusting over food, guess i can never say no a small but frequent eater.i got hungry easily from time to time.and as for the ramadhan, we the girls have been setting up plan to go out n have superlicious break fast today, adeline said she wanna treat four of us to Secret Recipe.yum yum,and acik, being her birthday coming up next week, wanna having the same deal n we gonna hit kenny rogers week, Kak Nor has this funtastic idea about having our break fast at this Chinese restaurant nearby Grand Cont.em' s that for a first week of Ramadhan? :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

real women have curves..

there..the title of my eversodepressing blog wud hopefully sumhow help me regarding to my weight consciousness.well not that im being spending times thinkin whether i cud be a bit thinner than this, it just the matter that, it wud be great if i am blessed wit a flat tummy, nice shape of gorgeous leg, structured arms n smaller breasts (im not supposed to put it down, but anyway..this my blog!).i am not scrutinizing myself, infact im glad im kinda shrinkin these years, but looking at ur own reflection in the mirror every morning wud eventually bring one consensus,'u are one lazy lady, miss!' u keep on scrutinizing ur body, commenting here n ther, but u done nothing in return.
well,i did carry out actions, i went to gym, been on the treadmills for hours, swearing on yogurts n cursing on carb, waking up early every weekend just for the matter to jog freely, buying myself a rope so i cud do skipping, panting myself to every movements of raina's belly dancing and so forth.but why cant there be a miracle to my figure?
so back to the topic (which evidently true, n the topic is from one HBO's original movie indeed), i believe we are yet to be the real women, because the real women are those who believe in curve and fat that there are blessed for.

Friday, September 15, 2006


we were having our shopping spree in KLCC, which mostly that was me doin the shopping, then it was raining hard.pretty hard.i was actually goin home to kuantan, n the car was park way far from the park.he did all his best, stopping every taxi n asking em whether they cud commute us to the parking spot which was merely just few hundred metres away.all for the matter of not lettin me caught cold n influenza.
It was again in the park of KLCC, i hadnt have chances to pour whatever i felt inside, all the commotion of sadness for the lost of my dearest angah.And i barely knew him, but here infront of him, i washed away tears, lotsa them.The first time since the day of angah's funeral, i knew i had sumone who i can talk to.his gestures were enuff.
he was the one who worked very hard to find me tailor, when i cudnt find even a single person who could sew my clothes for my Raya masquerade. God knows how happy i was back then, knowing i cud parade with my opel baju kurung.
my friends knew im fond of Hayao Miyazaki's work, the creator of Spirited Away and Totoro. but being penniless i am always, i cud only buy a cd per outing, n the rest, i asked him to do the pirating process. he did the most suprising thing, no not doin the downloading thingy, but presented me a complete box of original Hayao's series.
It was a third day of Raya,he boarded the bus a nite before, reaching Perlis, met my parents, n getting the bus back to Johor the very same day.

then if all these good things he had done to me, why cant i be his angel for once?

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