Sunday, August 29, 2010

and those were the days..

..when tackiness was hawt!

Oh boy, how i was cracking up real hard, flipping through the old albums my mom placed aside for her housekeeping duty.Some of the tattered albums really provided me a real entertainment, like i couldnt even stop laughing like mad.And one thing i am practically sure of is, the pose were all wicked, diva-esque type.haha..and of course, tacky as hell!
It's either standing or just sitting, please.Camera roll..ready...Oh sod it, aint gonna do both, period.:)

OH.MY.GOD.hahahahahhaha. how more embarassing could you get yourself into??irony!!!!Belon kau saiz dua posen je ke kiah?

That's the signature pose, people.Mulut mau muncung, tangan mau kepit pinggang, lipstick merah, harusssss...i told you, very the diva please. (ps: nadya, if you happen to read this, yeah that cheongsam clad kiddo was you.haha)

Gooodyyy, i so love birthday!Especially when the birthday wasn't yours and you threw tantrum just because you wanted to blow the candles just like the birthday girl.Kan aku dah kata drama queen.(pps: the real birthday girl was the one in red and that's her mom in red too, probably ready to kick me out of the party, being a party pooper and howling like mad )

Rozlin kau boleh tak jgn over posing.Kau tengok tak yang lain pose maintain je mcm geng koir merdekarama (ppps:beach hat, check.Tucked in shirt, double check.The tackiest short, oh pleaseee spare me that!).hahahahha..pose tetap menten sama seperti di atas ya pembaca sekalian.

Te amo, los hermanos.Love you more than a heart could give:)

Friday, August 27, 2010

the greedy hunt

One of the ultimate reason why i am so eager coming back for the break fast session with people at No:7, obviously because of the pasar ramadan! see, going to pasar ramadan at the kangar stadium is somehow taken as an obligation.Teaming up with my dad, we would go n come back with berbondong bondong plastic of kuihs, lauks and whatsnot.Trust me, we have this bigger appetite and going to pasar ramadan with a stomach growling really isnt a win-win situation:).So today, i dragged my dad and paen (they dutifully waited for me cooking up the kitchen) and close to 6pm, the team is up for the mission.

Probably because it was a Nuzul Quran break, some of the stalls are left empty.oh well, i know exactly what im here for and i don't care if they just open less than 10 stalls for the matter as long as my fav kiosks are still up open (i even repeatedly telling everybody in the car that i am specifically wanted to go to these 2 stalls!.childlike tantrum , anyone?)

Bazar ramadan kangar is just a stone throw away from my house, less than 5 mins by car, but since it's ramadan feast, it's kinda jammed packed with cars.Located strategically in the stadium area (hence the name bazar ramadan stadium as the locals call it), you are in definite quest for variation of meals from the rows and rows of the neverending stalls.And what's my quest you asked me? Ultimately this juice stall who sell nothing but fruit juices for just a steal of rm2!RM2!!dont you dare tell me juices are somewhere else to!I hunted high and low for the juice stall like this one, in Kuantan and it leaves me, still with air tebu , soya and more air tebu.Sheeshh.This stall used to sell their juices (you name the fruit, u gotta all it here, watermelon, oranges, dragonfruit, carrot, apple yada yada) for a mere RM 1.50, but hiking way up to RM2 (oh pakcik, kalau letak RM3 pun i still beli air kedai you).Choose watermelon and oranges and close to pick up another plastic of honeydew juice when paen said he wanted to buy coconut juice too.Oh well.

Okay, one down, what else on the mission?

The ikan bakar!Like this one stall, they grilled kembong fish (they called it mackerel do they?), and sold it for a mere RM2 for 4 pieces of the grilled fish.Heck you would never ever find this good somewhere else.So cheap lor!!!!!And the gravy of the ikan bakar..mmmm, so not up to any competition with those ikan bakar stalls in Tanjung Lumpur.The smell is so inviting we ended up buying ikan pari bakar and cencaru too. (Seriously, i still can't find the good grilled fish anywhere in Tanjung Lumpur despite all the hubbub claim that Tanjung Lumpur has the best grilled ikan bakar.Well...i beg to differ, please)

And we went to buy paen's fav stuff too, cendawan goreng and they even got this udang sanggul.The prawns are all wrapped up with this crunchy, wanton-like skin and fried till golden.emmmmmm.

esok nak pegi lagi.hehe..remind me to bring my camera too, wokey?

an LDR you say?

Now, if i ever get back to the game of love, i really do have 10 reasons why i rather fit for LDR (that's a long distance relationship for you) instead of being stucked to each other like siamese twins.

1) i am not a cut for those everyday lovey dovey get together.u know, seeing the person 24/7 a day, and to complement that, a never ending phone call.u can either get one of those, or none.i feel suffocated to say the least.when you're in LDR, you kinda have to make used the situation that he ain't there with you every minutes, which is perfectly okay by me.

2) love grows when you're apart (okay, sounds yucky and corny)

3) absence makes the heart grows fonder (now , sounds tad corny but less yucky,that's more like it, :))

4) I always love the vibe and the feeling of missing someone.The emotional state of being apart and could only get together once in a while, be it just talking on the phone, or skyping.And being all giddy when he's finally there.Having the same feeling that both of you share.

5)I like my own space and i respect his.Which means regardless how much i'm missing him like heck, i don't need to know every single stuffs of what he's been up to and guessing he is thinking about it too.

6)There are moreeeeee stories to be told when you finally get together, and the intensity of telling the stories, no matter how crappy it be, is so much more it moved up another notch.

7)It teaches me to be very independent (and looking back on my previous relationships, it really was!) and not really relying much on him which is good because if things turn sour i still know my way around.

8)i like having the sentiment of missing someone dearly without him having to hover around me.haha crazy biotch?

9)to have the chances to post him yucky romantic stuffs and to be able to deliver it verbally via skype without looking like a total dork and hopeless romantic washout

10)im just not good being too clingy

noted:these are all theoretically pondered and baseless.Don't start assuming:)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

of wishes and hopes

It's true to say Ramadan is the blessed month of all, the chances to be the better servant and asks forgiveness.And to pray for wishes and for the wishes to be answered.It has been 15 days of Ramadan, and there are stories to be shared, of the cherished hopes and desires.
I just got to know late this evening that my colleague has gotten pregnant again, after her miscarriage 2 months back.And who would think she's getting pregnant again as it just been less than 2 months after her fateful incident. I went to see her the day she being home warded, and looking at her, i knew devastation was all over here, to lose a baby but she kept herself up, and gained back her spirit not long after.And I believe because she's a nice person, she's gotten her prayer answered.A ramadan baby as the gift to keep moving forward:).
Coming back to work after a long day in the neverending teaching session, i was suprised by a friend saying there's bit more rezeki for me in term of the paycheck.And yes, alhamdulilah it is:).Wasnt really expecting it to be done this fast as we were told that all the claims are only to be entertained next year, the very least.So we didnt put any hope and just going to imagine it's going to be a normal Raya without bonuses and all.Now that's what we call rezeki, won't it? and of course,more for my tabung ostolia.hehe..
And the toppest rezeki of all, i am a free woman, to say it literally.The curtain has closed and the show has ended.3 years battling and how it made me this strong, knowing that i have a unit of family who backs up my decision no matter what and i am truly blessed with all the endless support.
Ramadan is indeed the month of prayers been answered.
and hoping this one prayer will have its call too..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

ai buat tutorial masak ni.kelessss...

Taraaa...these what i had for break fasting today.And please, none were bought okay?i am well surrendered with all the 'makanan tak sedap' but look gorgeous being displayed at the ramadan bazaar and what else to do on Sunday than whipping out your own food?So there, made myself this ayam masak merah (close to tokma's recipe but cannot challenge the boss la mehh),fried buncis and carrot with prawn (prawn bapak besar tenggelam carrot aku), the not so pretty looking fried fish yang taste marvelous (it's selar goreng tempoyak okay?walaupun huduh tapi rasa bes gila nak pitam), goreng cempedak and teh limau ais.HOMEMADE!

My dear beloved sista wanted this recipe for ayam masak merah since she came across my so neverending list of food fiesta.ha ha

First thing first,get the chicken ready, fry them all.Love my chicken crunchier even for the masak merah.Ended up just eating 1/4 of the whole plate of chicken.heheheh

Fry the sliced garlic.The red chillies are meant for the garnish part later.Jangan masukkan cili sekali, hangit sapa nak makan?

Now come the crucial matter, pembentukan zarah zarah wap dari cili blended hasil buatan sendri ni.Sebabkan ai rajin, ai blend sendiri the chillies, kalau malas beli je, takde undang undang nye semua kena blend sendiri (kau membebel apahal kiah?). Secret of the blend, eh takdelah secret beno, hehe just some cili kering (rebus dulu , kali ni blend cili ai warna oren merah, ai like...selalu kaler kusammm je), with some garlic and shallot.Jangan lupa blend the bijik keras sekali.Time nih no biji keras, all the tamat tempoh only, kenot be used anymore.hehe.
Masak cabai blend tuh, masukkan air asam jawa skit (jgn banyak, kang masam bedengung).Masak lama takpe, agak kering masukkan air sikit sikit (jangan banyak, ini bukan kuah laksa..wahh kau ingat kau chef zam ke rozlin?).

Then masukkan serai ketuk (hidden somewhere behind the wooden sudip),gula n garam jangan lupa,err...note to be shared, rupa kuali kurang cantik, nanti nak beli baru atau kebas saja dari rumah puan inson.Then masukkan santan peket, sikit je takut muak banyak banyak.Godekkan lagi then masukkan ayam goreng tadi, kacau rata, biar menggelegak then baru angkat

Comel tak hasilnya?Cili potong adalah untuk effect cantik.Tak letak pun takpe, ai tak makan pun, eksyen je lebih,hehe:)

sesi tutorial sudahpun habis, sekarang ada rasa mau makan nasik.apakah maksudnya?hahah

i found my gem:) so swooning on these hair masterpieces!!Arent they lovely??And they are made to order, mind you.These gorgeous hairbands are exquisitely hand made by these two uber trendy workforces by the name of sereni & shentel.Am planning to get my hand on this beautiful baby for the coming raya.See, im saving up:).Instead of forking out almost RM3OO (mom, please don't freak out, it's for the raya hair.heeeee) to get my hair done, i could just order this for ehemmm..rm150.But im saving up still, see:).Yeah the downer part of it is , it costs more than what u pay in the regular hair accessories outlets.But it's sooo pretty i can't stop my evil urges to have one of these!

this will look fabulous with any gold and black kebaya, wont they?

the bow is genius..and to have it in turquoise, brilliant!

aren't these lovely??how can u not love this?


Saturday, August 14, 2010

what's cookin, cookie monster?

Ramadan would be one of the months in a year that i go craving for food, and on the food that i don't have any desire before.And it would be the month where you go transforming yourself being an uncredited chef.I cooked more during Ramadan than i do all year round, you know, getting handy and experimenting with foodies that i never try before.Like i never try my hand on rendang, but now i am so wanting to treat myself to that.Or asam pedas, or ayam percik.YUM!!

And when you are superhungry, flipping through the recipe books and pictures are the biggest sin because you are so inclined to whip all those food ready.Like i was browsing Women Weekly in the office (heck yeah im working on Saturday!) moment ago and came across strawberry smoothies and am salivating on it now!And those oh so divine strawberry cream sponge cake! Oh my my!

Need to note what's cooking for break fast coz food in bazar ramadan are so frustratingly bland!Whetted the appetite but so unappealing in taste.Here's my Ramadan list anyway (or do u have any better idea, mom?)

1) ayam goreng cili (chillies pounded with garlic n then fry with oil and make up for the fried chicken gravy.A must!)
2)kari tenggiri (huuuu..the curry is to be reheated for few days until it thickens.Lagi sedap okeh!)
3)tomyam (particularly ayam and udang. not really fond of having squid though)
4)ayam bakar percik (my colleague lettin out the secret recipe for the percik gravy.It was amazingly so easy!)
5)steam fish (with julienne carrots and garlic and gingers and some sesame oil sprinkled on top.Kena pulak ikan kerapu..hmmm..noted, sila beli steamer dulu!)
6)ayam masak lemak cili padi (tried and tested, need to add more bird chillies for extra kick)
7)ikan cermin goreng with bombay onion (fried till brown n crunchy.Oh goshhhhhhh.)
8)daging masak sambal hitam (I loved this recipe, even presented it on hari raya.Ramai puji cakap sedap but the preparation wise..tedious!)
9)ayam masak kicap (5 minutes recipe.Headache free.haha)
10)ayam masak pedas (chicken, again??takde choice okay, nih je aku reti.har har)
11)sambal udang (still am using the mamason chilli paste that is soooo frozen for weeks now)
12)buttered prawn
13)kari ayam (noted:jangan letak more than 2 packets of curry powder or it ends up having the similar taste to curry padaiyappa.heh!)
14)sambal telur

I dont know, these are what ive been thinkin tho, and i know, looking at my 'professional unscripted culinary skills', these are what will be repeatedly made anyway.haha im so not picky when it comes to foodies and cud end up having similar recipes repeatedly.

hmmm..come to think of it, i am still on the quest to bake some cookies anyway:)

Friday, August 13, 2010

weary worry

Truth to be told, im a little bit weary and even close to being lethargic.can't believe that i wished i was given more time to complete all the assigned works.Feels like the works and even the day would never get done.If you could only see my working table you'll see what i mean, not even a space to put my elbow or my handbag.No kidding.And you know what, the frightening part of it is, i kinda love being chased with work.I mean, it gets me going and halts me from doing all the unnecessary ponders and thoughts that i normally did.It's really tiring, it is.More into the functional of brain since im not considering myself as somewhat organized, as long as i get the job done.But with the work flowing in, i kinda have to keep track with what's been told and whats needed to be done, pronto.

And because of being too weary, i ended up not going for the dentist appointment.i slept till 830pm and it was way too late to even drive to town.Dr ling told me one the back tooth needed to be extracted, before it requires an operation or so he said.I was kinda buying time going to see him coz i thought the dreadful day for that has finally over!That i no longer need the extraction nor scalling session.Uh oh!Probably i get my guts back after the hometown homecoming this sunday

Talking bout going home, i still havent bought the ticket.Bugger!


Don't know much about your life
Don't know much about your world but
Don't wanna be alone tonight
On this planet they called Earth

You don't know about my past
I dont have a future figured out
And maybe this is goin to fast
Or maybe it's not meant to last

But what do you say to taking chances
What do you say to jumping off the edge
Never knowing if there are solid ground below
Or a hand to hold or hell to pay
What do you say

I just wanna start again
And maybe you could show me how to try
Maybe you could take me in
Somewhere underneath your skin

Hey now my heart is beating down
But I'm always coming back for more
There's nothin like love to pull you up
When you're lying down on the floor

taking chances, celine dion

u say 24?

I need another 24 hours per day just so i could complete these never ending work!

breathe in..breathe out..breathe in..breathe out.

No seriously give me nother 24 HOURS!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

oh rats!it's a birthday!

First rule of friendship..

Always always memorize your friend's birthday cause failing to do so will heck explain what kinda friends are you.Lousy probably.

I am so lousy coz i forgot nyah's birthday and we 've been talking bout it days ago!how cud i forget hers? not normally a forgetful being when it comes to birthdays (albeit a no brainer when it involves passwords retrieval.ha ha).i always keep it plastered in mind of my buddies date of birth, or at least remember to send the msg the day earlier.You know why?coz when people forget my birthday, i wud go sulking all day and feel useless and unwanted yada yada yada.So me not going to do that to anyone, swear.So when it happens, and was only realizing it's her birthday when she announced that she bought herself a pair of shoes for her own birthday gift and she wore nice baju kurung purposely for her birthday but i am so freaking absent minded to even realize that.duh!

so to nyah,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the blessed month

Ramadan comes again, too bad i can't just have the first round of Ramadan.Yeah the red district calling!Uh!.Even made prepared with raw ingredients in the fridge for nother round of cooking up the storm session.Guess i have to wait for another week to be able to berpuasa then.
So what's new this ramadan?Well, wouldn't it be that obvious already that my best friend is no longer around, and my housemate is also moving out.Yeah try spelling out fasting alone.I am not sulking, it just the feeling of having my best friend around, touring the pasar ramadan, oogling on food, and spending money buying stuffs we won't end up eating that's what i'll be missing the most.And no one to share stories while digging on food over break fast, or sumbody to knock your door 10 minutes before the imsak's over.I missed that too.

Happy fasting and may this be the most blessed Ramadan ever.

ps:Ramadan is the holy month to say some prayers, doesnt it?i so want to pray a lot:)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

hair talk

Coming from a person who always complain that the unruliness and fuzziness of the mane giving her headache, well.. can't believe it has grown this long!!
The only complain is it takes forever to be dried, and not that practical when gotta rush somewhere and then it gets all limp at once.And the amount of shampoo used, uh oh, don't let me start of that.But anyway, complains aside, i'm quite happy being the girl with a wavy hair since i know i look like crap with the mane straightened.Believe me, been there done that.Never even work with my face structure.It makes it rounder n bit more chubby!
so, wavy rocks!

Thursday, August 05, 2010


"the intensity of knowing you is the reason i'm waking up smiling.."-anonymous :)

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