Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i've got you


for letting my goofiest self looks so immaculately perfect
and for making me believing in things i once forgotten:)

Saturday, January 08, 2011

painting the town red

a camera is a spot on!

see, he wanted to get out of the room once in a while and sing his heart out!

hoh..pilihan lagu rock kapak sapakah ini??

gleaming faces:)

Guess how did my new year day start?clubbing around town?ah no:)watching fireworks? partly true, but a no still.

The best THING of the new day of the year is to have the whole clan on the boat, literally:)

Coincidentally,little sister was supposed to be in kl that week for her registration matter (senior year, girl!) and it was Saturday when new year befall this year, and since yours truly was having the day off since Friday (i love malaysian football team for this!), so the initial plan was to meet up in kl for our faimily get together. Oh boy, how long have i not been in the city?i am so not counting!.La familia reached kuala lumpur at about 9ish pm , suprisingly enough, the ever so room-obsessed brother was on the boat too.He never wants to go anywhere without his sacred room, so when he made the trip this time around, we quickly got some plans on for the new year.Went home to ina's apartment to freshen up and put the make up on because..

Let's go warbling on the karaoke machine!

Mama didn't want to join, understood since it was a long ride to kl, and she got all stiff knee and bit haggard, and after much coaxing, she was adamant still to just sleep through the night, so that would just left us five, plus mr am (ina's bf, yeah it was the meet the focker time lol).And since it was close to 12, the roads were totally jammed and we didn't want to end up in the car being sprayed by some drunkards revellers, Endah Parade was the only choice. 90 bucks for the whole 2 hours session, not bad, yeah?Not as classy as any Red Box joints though, but who cares, we got the room booked:).Went home and found mama slept on the couch, sorrylah tak sempat beli roti canai since everyone was bit worried leaving mama all by herself at home.

My yesteryears celebration might be fulled of fireworks and niteout fun, but nothing beats having your whole clan with you, because it sure does spell million of more fun!

a new book

Happy new year people!not too late to usher the new year now, yes?8 days late but who is counting, it's NEW YEAR!

for the prayers to be answered
for the dreams to be response
for the wish to be fulfilled
for the acts to be acknowledge


for the love to be here.

A MERRY JOYFUL NEW YEAR EVERYONE, may this year bring extra mileage of life meaningful purpose:)

lots of love

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