Thursday, June 14, 2012

selfish and the sad cat

I know I should have trusted my instinct, every time I was being apprehensive to bring Hampri back to Kuantan. Deep inside me, I know taking him away from Mokey is never a good idea and it is rather a messy affair. How could you have the heart to separate those 2 felines who have been together since they were just little kittens and when they are in the process of growing up, you snatched their privileges. I did, I had those heart and now I feel so bad. I mean it.

Hampri has not been his usual self, well he does main tangkap tikus with the toy I bought him, but during the day, he would just mop around and seclude himself under my bed. And it is heartbroken to see his untouched food tray. I have this hideous feeling that he is not eating the whole day and the reason is me. He is under a lot of stress. Who could blame him, when all of sudden being dragged away from his cat mate.

He must curse me lots for this.:(

And this morning, I woke up seeing blood on the shape of paws every where in the house. The living room, my room, the kitchen. Greeting and kissing him first thing in the morning are part of my daily fix, but today he was just looking at me, not trying to move or anything. He whimpered when I tried to carry him on my lap. Imagining something worst, I've checked his paws and noticed that it was bleeding and oh my did I just see a piece of glass stucked in between his paws?!!

I was closed to burst out. Stupid of being emotional but the feeling was undeniable crazy. I felt bad of him being sick, even wanted to take the day off and brought him to the vet right at the moment. No wonder he wasn't being so playful last night. Not when your paws are bleeding and a piece of glass is sticking out :(. I knew this because I even tried to take the glass out but Hampri kept trying to dig his claws onto my skin.

Brought him to a government veterinary clinic in Kuantan that afternoon. A nice government clinic, that one. The receptionist was helpful enough over the phone ( I was freaking out and calling them couple of times to confirm that there would be a doctor and she keep assuring me to just bring Hampri over, mesti dia ingat aku gila under pressure huhu..) and nice too, way more peramah than the private clinic I went for Hampri's grooming earlier. The good thing is, Hampri didn't even mengamuk when he was brought into the inspection room. He winced in the beginning , and started to move and hide under my tudung., Aiyoooo adik!

And no, it was not a glass but he broke his nail and the nail was the one stucked within the paws. Not helping that he was having a bit of fever too. And yes, he was under stress, he will lost his appetite because he needs and misses his partner and there would be no medication to cure but to bring him back to Mokey (vet cakap macam tu, terus aku rasa nak nangis. Kesiannyaaaa Hampri:(. Cucuk ubat sikit, put some iodine on his cut and he is good to go. Hopefully the nail will grow fast sebab I could still see blood on the floor:((

Hampri, I love you a lot. You are the reason I smile and laugh for these past weeks.I am sorry for being so inconsiderate but to let you go is one hard thing for me too. I want you to be your 'happy' self again but sometimes I want to make 'me' happy, more. Selfish, I know.

Please get better okay? Breaks my heart to see you like this:(

Friday, June 01, 2012

Hampri in the house!!

So many events were up on my social calendars lately, that I wanted to blog about some of them really bad, but time always makes me stuck in between. I still need to blog about aten's convocation, among others but that has to wait coz I have more pressing news to tell...

I got a housemate, y'all coz the little brother is back!!.

Haha remember last year I brought that 2 felines home? This time around, I am officially adopting Humpri, the big fat orange puss ( seriously, he somehow reminds me of Garfield, because gemok, oren dan err..gemok. It just Humpri likes to play, bukan pemalas nak mati macam Garfield.. Since mama tagged along on the way back to Kuantan the other day, she did all the talking. Tolong sabaqkan si gemok tu yang somehow dah restless dok dalam carrier dia. 3 jam kot journey, dah la bagi few licks of Quiet Moment je, not the injection or pills like mostly given to pets when they are about to go for a long trip. As usual lah, he came berlenggang kankung masuk dalam carrier without much fuss. Sonang kojo!

So yesterday, I wanted to do something nice for him as a welcome home gift (gituuuuu... welcome home gift kat si gemok cost dekat rm 200 kauuu ). Officially kopaks aku bulan ni. huhu.. Brought him over to Jawhari Pet Centre, one of the most well-known cat centre in Kuantan (Zarina, oh I so owe you because I got to know all these cat stuffs from her and Rambo), get him all bathe and groomed, and even bought him new toys and new cat food. Heheh..meriah uolls!

let see how this thing works:)

jom adik, main 'fishing fishing' tikuih

  Anyway, first few days of him being away from Scmokey is like....hazabbbbb!!! (let me clear this, Scmokey or Moki is Hampri play pal back at Ina's place. Even though is non-related, they practically grew up together. I was having doubts and hugeeeeeee degree of hesitation to bring Hampri to Kuantan without Moki coz I so kesian one, sunyi dia nanti takdak kawan and all. And what if I have to go away for courses and meetings? That will pity him the most, especially nak keluar masuk boarding centre. I tak bolehla....berpikir banyak sangat sebab tuh sampai ke sudah tak bawak Hampri balik walaupun I got the idea to bring him home, like a year ago. Sampaila my mom insisted that 2 cats were too much in Ina's apartment, and come to think that I do love Hampri and want him over, so bawak balik je la kita.

cemana nak main menatang ni??co bagitau sat

The first few nights were like..OMG! He started miowing like crazy at the wee hour of 2, 3 am! Bukan miaw miaw sekali dua ye, like repeatedly for like every 5 mins. The first day I woke up at 3 am and trust me, I can't even get back to sleep. It's like having a baby, with thick fur in the house. haha..Tu satu . Masalah lain pulak dia tak nak lansung main dengan orang, terus sembunyi bawah sofa (dia carikkan sofa bawah and buat buaian tempat persembunyian). The whole day! Makan pun tak nak. Aku rasa dia depress. Aku lagi depress okey! Makan sehari sekali je, yang lain terus lari menyorok bawak sofa. Nasib ada my parents and Aten. They helped me out la trying to coax him out and eat and all. Ye la, aku ni sebuk berkejar ke opis sebab minggu pendaftaran pelajar semua tu. So million thanks to them for putting up with Hampri's non-stop miowing. hehe..

The update? Hampri is getting ' friendlier'. No longer sleeping inside his buaian ( ke sebab dah koyak dan tak muat, maybe. habislaaaaa kerusi gomennnn ..hehehehheheh). He follows whenever I am, kalau tengok tv, kejap lagi terkedek kedek dia keluar tido kat depan. And if I am in the room, he either will sleep under my bed or next to the almari, sprawling his 4 legs and those thick thick fur. And semalam dia dah start panjat my body and give his infamous paws massage. It just that this time, adik, kau tu dah gemok, berat kau dah dekat 6 kilo, semput aku everytime kena panjat badan tauuuuu. But it's all back to what he is good at and how I loved him at the first place:)

main fishing tikuih lagi..tak mencabarnyaaaaaa!! Angry Bird ada, Angry Bird??

tunggu sat, I stretching sat

oh hoooo barulah boleh amek gambar!!  me and my passport shot kawan kawan!!

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