Sunday, February 27, 2011

Roast lyn:)

Hey you, i know i have stopped scribbling words and all that rambles, but i am not stopping entirely, just halting for a while.I was busy for the whole month of January, and am trying to get over the 'missing you i might cry' phase in February :(.Never know saying goodbye could be that hard, even it means just for a temporary departing, finger crossed..

Okay, somber mood aside, it's time for the monthly grocery shopping.

When people say being sad makes you hungry, little do i know it could be true in the saying. Let's see, gloomy people turn hungry easy, and gloomy people with the paycheck are hungry for a real cookout at home.Just look at the trolley, and mind you, these are the catch for less than 10 minutes being in Giant. And mind you, i was in Giant for more than 10 minutes, uhh ohh..

Pick and pay. So what do you plan to cook, Miss Spender?

I want to whip up something that include these in the recipe:).Now now, no matter how repeatedly I told pbear that cooking is not my forte, i do have the moment when the urge to be the Masterchef wannabe comes. Even when it comes not so often..haha:)

All that you need, baby.

Chicken breast, lemon juice, pounded cloves of garlic, rosemary, chopped parsley, sprinkled olive oil and butter to moist, pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Leave to marinate for 15 minutes (in which I disobeyed, i put it to roast after 5 minutes, so I thought it won't be juicy as expected, can't blame a hungry woman in hurry now, can you?).And oh, the potatoes and long beans to be roasted together with the chicken, so it would absorb the juices (and fat, of course..heheh). I don't really know the ideal duration to roast the chicken, so i guess 30 minutes will do.

And...this is how my 30 minutes turn out to be:).....

Lemon and rosemary roasted chicken, and yeah, it tastes awwwwwwsome!!!

ps:thanks to my blog-surfing skill, i came across this one blog, and she's the one with the recipe:)

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