Thursday, October 20, 2005


Datin Seri Hendon passed away peacefully this early morning approx at 7.55 am after long battle with the cancer.May God bless her soul.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

a sick, lunatic, maniacal peeping tom!!!

i came across gee's blog last week stating she faced a crazy sex maniac in upm's compound.i felt sorry for the man , i know that nuthin the man showed would interest her tho.hahha.anyway..ere in the college, similar incident happens.but no no..worry not.not that we've been flashed, but the case is about a peeping tom who still at loose.believe me happened in our college, at our apartment.looks like the sick man is eyeing the anak dara sunti houses the most, collecting or shall i put it as swiping undies!how sick is tat?n last nite, a couple of man from the next block nearly caught the culprit but to no avail.he's sneaky enuff to wear all black so he cud get off smoothly unnoticed.i even heard kak aini's hubby yelled to stop him saying 'pencuri pencuri!'but when i drawed the curtain, all tat i cud see was a pitch of darkness.gosh, with the raya holidays coming up i dun feel safe anymore.ok maybe tis sex craved maniac been eyeing the girls, but do we have to wait till the worst come?

my love

ta last, i successfully able to upload the photo of my everdearest love of my la dia ahmad isnen or better known as nen.:)tis goin to be the sec raya he wudnt be wit us, n no more pics of him cud be i missed so adorable. so okay..he's not persian, but he definitely is one of a kind.may ur soul rest in peace baby!

Monday, October 17, 2005

the white baby

my car's aircond has been leaking since the last 2 what else to do instead of goin to the car's 'clinic' n seek for the treatment n how much treatment fare?try rm 80!so im officially penniless n got 2 hundred bucks to spend till the big day come.goshh..n i dun even got the chance to buy the shoes ive been eyeing so long!the a la gucci kinda it shows the difficulty of taking care my white baby.he needs extra tender loving care n being a good momma i am, went straight to the clinic if anythin bad ever really needs u to have extra amount of money in the end of the day just for the sake of taking care the car.rm 80 might not sound that much, but hey for the time like this, even rm 10 bucks are really counted.n now that i need sum more money to repay my dad for the bus ticket..hemmm.

Friday, October 14, 2005

he ho...2 more weeks to go!

it's about 2 weeks more, n has been 3 days i 'postponing' my zone alert.thers nuthin much i can do for the preparation since got no gaji yet.aiyoo payday payday still is awayyy..and with bonus coming along ere are the things needed to be done:

1) buy kuweh raya
have no urges to make cookies tis year, well maybe a kind or two.tgkla kalau rajin.the rest i wud probably just buy it for those who promote it straight to my nose.hahah.ppl dun really relaly go for kuweh these years.they are prone to eat kerepek kerepek.they are more into snacking!

2) check baju raya
hope both of them tailors dun screw up my baju raya or it leaves me nuthin except my undies.ha ha.

3) check the cars
it's gonna be long journey home n the probability of me driving home alone is very high!so gotta check the tyres(by any means, more money is needed for the check up thingy.aiyooo)

Friday, October 07, 2005

tanjobi omedeto gozaimasu zarinaaaa

happy birthday to zarina.hope tis year will bring sth gewd for her..n maybe for her n her huby. :) wish the friendship will last n enuff off all tat stupid arguments.ha ha.i guess it does happen in any healthy friendship.she's glowing tday, n wit all the presents surrounded her, i hope she'll like the 'thing' i bought u can look pretttyyyy..hehehehhe.

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