Tuesday, March 28, 2006

the day i want to curl up and die

so im overeacting.for the title yes indeed.but thats my mundane expression.it would be a day when u feel u cant laugh for jokes, u wanna cry but there would be no tears n u feel ur life is just one pathway to heaven..or hell perhaps.no i dun have any innerself issues if u wanna label me crazy.i just dun feel good.u know?'those' feeling comes n washes u.thats that.pronto.or maybe it becoz it's nearly the end of semester, or probably becoz its my menstrual cycle.whatever.

Monday, March 06, 2006

the visit

now that he's finally came n the curtains fall, it coveted the work nonstop.i wudnt even wanna be the usher ever again.not that i cant even remember the face of those vvip n vip, just the matter its tiring askin n ushering em to have their comfy seats whilst u stood watchin frm the beginning.well, as for eye candy n as for the cherry on the top, now i present u.. ( do refer the pic above..it's supposed to be after this short ramble..duh!)
he was smashingly hot, amid been drenched in sweat.me n zarina??yeah we did have spotlight on the both parts of our cheeks!

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