Thursday, October 30, 2008

akulah gergasi itu

i tink i shud just change my blog to penny for food, rather than penny for a thought, coz i realized that 80% of my ramblings and whatsnot are all based on the glory of food, be it like what i ate, what luncheon we went to, what party be it next bla bla bla.and then, just so you know, im gonna talk about what i did for my luncheon hour today...which was off to BASKIN ROBBINS!
well, the initial plan was to belanja us for the baskin robbins' cake.oh lupa lak..nih zarina punya treat for her belated birthday.rasa nak meletup perut even for only 2 scoops of icecream.i chose the combination of berry berry strawberry and the strawberry cheesecake.much to my dear friends' amazement and amusement, i was able to finish the whole scoops okayyyyy!!sila tabik hormat pada aku.ckp lagi aku slalu tak habis makanan!ahhahah..
oh sebelum mula aktiviti melantak ice cream, my stomach was growling hard n ive told everyone (terima kasih for my big mouth!) that im gonna get those big apple donuts on my way home, twister kfc and a starbuck marchiato (yet again!).but on my last spoonful of the icecream, perut aku mula la nak terjeluak, tak rasa nak makan apa apa dah.aku relaaa.....gelakkan la kat aku...for all my cakap besar and grediness!!!!aku tak kisahhhhhhh...mak tak kisahhhh...biar!! biar!!!
unfortunately, i can just only plan.
nak meletup perut macam mana pun, tetap bawak balik twister kfc dgn big apple donuts.ehhe...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

those 48hrs...

ive changed to about 6 templates for my blog in the last 48 hours.geez...i shud know there's the better thing to indulge in besides changing the background every now n then.saja..experimenting with those oh so pretty backdrops and looks how it changes ur page and give additional lift up element to it..(hahhaha..i so dont need to justify myself aite?).went to kuantan n secured myself the ticket home to perlis this friday.balik lagi!hhehe..
my cough is gettin better (not that anyone askin anyway:)), but the mucus..??!!! gets stuck on my nostril n just before i got myself into a light nap this evenin (if u cud call a 2 hrs nap as a lite one!), i needed to breathe thru my mouth!.rasa mcm ikan gopi pun ada jugak.and my nose have those 'bebulu' condition (when it gets all dry and the skin keeps peeling off).benci aku!like i need to make it moist all the time by applying moisturiser and lotion n thus resulted to my bling bling nose reflection.(bling bling bukan sebab aku nak jadi 50 cents ke puff daddy ke apa ye..bling bling sebab hidung aku berkilat kilat for that extra moisturising effect).
my stomach doesnt do me justice either.felt bloated.blamed for all the sushis/caramel macchiato/burger daging cafe admin i had tis tak abis abis dr tadi and had been burping like crazy.
nak mandilah kejap.kalau mandi pukul 12 mlm kang dpt paru paru berair.ehheheh

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

and you called that a weekend.

if u are picturing my deepavali hols full of socialising events, then u are wrong.ive spent my whole hols doing sth that i know i wont regret doin even if it eats the whole holidays i had, which is to go home to perlis and visit my 'padaiyappa' in the hospital.never realised that abah's condition has forced him to undergo an operation, n that sumhow explained of his suffer from the neverending fever n whats not.went to kl on friday, yeah it's not 7am as i imagined it wud be, it was close to noon when i actually drove myself out from kuantan.picked aten n went for her party dress hunting in bangsar n damansara.ended up with me buying a nice black spageti dress which i didnt even intend to buy in the first place.gosh...i am soo buying it just becoz the shop got a pleasant salesgirl!called home n then we got to know that abah's condition was not improving n doc suggested he went for an operation to remove his 'boil', if u wanna name it that way.

saturday mornin-went to pudu with the rest of rosli's clan for the ticket hunting.boy, aint easy finding a ticket home when u gotta fight the throng of people heading back to their hometown!luckily we got ourselves return ticket, just the matter of time before all the tickets were sold out.since the ticket said 1030pm, we spent the rest of the afternoon lepakin at aten's place in bangsar.lepak lepak borak borak dan tido tidoan.reaching perlis at almost dawn, about 5am or so.mandi lebih kurang n drove mama's car to kedah medical centre.abah's op was due in the afternoon, but later being reschedule since his blood level were really high.about 18!needed an insulin to stabilise his glucose level.lepak lepak ngan abah n dok perabiskan duit mama suh dia belanja makan kat cafe spital.

sunday afternoon-abah went to the op theater.sempat lagi buat lawak before he being pushed on the cart.."org masuk teater pakai baju kot, aku masuk teater pakai baju nampak montot".hahahha..very not funny at the moment u know.

sunday afternoon noon-still waiting for abah to come out.lama jugak.went in at about 3 sth, n finally went out at almost 5pm.

sunday evening-being 'halau'ed by mama.wanted us to go home n rest since aten n i nye bus departs at 930 am in the mornin.she wanted us to go home n sleep well.sian kat mama je would be left alone in the hosp.after much assurances and urges, we left her with abah which was still under sedation.

monday morning-drove to kmc as early as 7am.met abah n mama.stay till about 9am n headed to bus station for the route back to kl with aten.glad to see abah was awake n dah boleh amik breakfast.

monday afternoon-reaching kl, took kebal from paen, sent aten back to ipba n drove back to kuantan.

yes i know.t'was supposed to be really tiring day all in all, but no qualms there.seeing abah even if it is just a day,to make sure that he is okay, is all that worth.:)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

cough cough.

was supposed to go to kl in the afternoon, but due to the unhealthy being of yours truly, then have to reschedule the plan.cewahh..reschedule tuh...!i was down with sore throat n mild to be the weather since it hasnt stop pouring in the afternoon, well..almost every afternoon now it seems.since syida is already left to kl earlier n i was soooo lazy to cook, just opt for a pasar malam satay to ease the hunger pang.thought of goin to bed early since the initial plan is to 'gerak khas' ke kl as early as 7am, but got so engrossed with my new project i only realized it is almost 11.30pm n i have yet to pack my clothes!well then got to sign it off now:)

on the other note..emot is discharged and abah hasnt being well for almost a week now.i am worried of him and most probably thinking of goin straight to perlis.guess tis is just the unwell month for everybody, eh?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

letter to pocoyo

dear my universe..

please get better..mummy really really sicks knowing that you are sick.if only mummy knows what mummy should do.gosh, do you know how much u mean to mummy?mummy just wants the best for you even if mummy needs to go to the end of the world to find you the cure.

right now, mummy is looking at you sleeping.for these past few days, mummy is in the downdest beloved son is you know how u freak mummy out just by not having a healthy poo?do you know how lil sleep that mummy had these days, worrying and checkin so you would not befall with this unknown sickness again?do you know, mummy cursed the illness and hoping that it would be mummy instead who is sick?

so dear, please..please...get better.dun let mummy worries again.mummy just 'crumple like a cheap tracing paper' thinking of u.

mummy might not be able to jot this down for you since mummy is nursing you in the hospital, but mummy knows...if these going to be translated into words, then these are what mummy would feel..

mummy erin.

Monday, October 20, 2008

do you KNOW me?

ouuuh...2 entries in a nite? that's what we called bloggingbug:)


1) i hate slimey creatures..namely cacing n ulat (just to write the names themselves give me shiver..iyarkkhh).i dun fool around when it comes to these 2 to put it so u wud understand perfectly eh?mcm ni la...let say dekat plastik sampah yg disimpan 3 4 hari lupa nak buang (i know it gross, but it happened.heheh), u cud see that tiny teeny lil creatures climbing on top (double iyarrkhh!!), saya sanggup kemas bilek anda selama sebulan as long as u wud help me throwin the whole things out (things= pakej sampah dan ulat ulatan).in nother occasion, i used to bail out from washing the vege once stumbled on ulat daun, which surely resulted in Puan Inson babbling nonstop.aaaaa...tak sanggup!so, i STILL DUN GET why people venture themselves into this cacing enterpreneuring stuff.tak ke gila.ternak ayam itik je tak boleh ke?

2)i talk to my car.i am not just that i believe u shud talk good things to him (my car is a aku gatal.tapi dia suka selak kain perempuan).i motivate him before the long journey like..err..on a second thought, tak payah la bagitau.mcm jijik je dialognye pun.hahha..i thank him once reaching the journey.and i normally plead him not to cause any trouble when the payday is still far. and oh, i called myself kakak.hahahha (aku dah kata bunyinya jijik).

3)i HAVE to sleep in an uncreased bedsheet.even if i am really really late to work n cudnt make up the bed, it has to be well made before i sleep.akan tarik cadar kemas kemas, susun all the haiwan nicely on the position..dan terjun ke katil untuk tido.heheh.kerja sia sia. (pls refer to the above pic untuk gambar 'sebelum')
4)i am one of those supercry you know.i cried watching sad cartoon (The Lion King..boleh?), i cried for julia roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding.i cried for the fights i have had with my siblings and good friends.i cried when i felt my parents being biased (perasaan bodoh di kala anda belum baligh).i cried for other people's sadness (lost of mother, unhealthy being of a son etc),i still cry for my late angah and wan kulim, i cried for all my dead cats and recently, i cried for pakcik teksi yang grad dapat phd itu.meroyan takk?..:)
5)i am a movie freak.bukan sebab aku gila movie...bukan.freak here means that if i am obsessed with one movie, let say..cerita Taal yang ada aishwarya rai tu, i wud google to know the movie bloopers, beli kaset yang full soundtrack lagu lagu dia (hahah..beli kat Mydin je nak) dan layan cerita Taal versi TAMIL sampai habis walaupun subtitle tak kuar kuar sampai ending!.
6)another must have session.i must HAVE my lipstick/glosses/vaseline at all time except at home laaa...gila apa tenyeh lipstick dok umah je kan?even the taintest color would do.i dun want to be mistaken of having fever/illness/being unwell...yet again.seriously!gila pucat muka aku takde lip..lapliplap merahnya makngah (dialog iklan bank dolu dolu).huahhaha.
7)saya tengah/pernah (which i hope 'pernah') menjadi seorang yang panas baran.and not proud of it.i cursed on the road (aku tau mak aku baca ni nanti..huhuh) sumtimes i just wonder how a person who is sensitive and romantic at heart (YES, i am), cud have all the anger.but the good thing is, i dun keep the anger long.the anger subsides less than an hour.and i dun keep hatred on people, no matter how bad things are.i just can't.
8)aku takut doktot gigi, which explain why sum of the gigi aku tak pegi sekolah.hahhah
9)while i was a kid, i most probably was the naughtiest kid in the neighbourhood.stakat hanger besi (bukan pelastik hanger mcm zaman skarang ye), ranting jambu, getah paip air, feather duster, joran..dah rasa belaka.and i stole buah mata kucing jiran on the way pegi ngaji quran.and korek makan kacang dari plastik yang terbukak kat kedai and..tahap kedekut nak mampus. i was so stingy...not with my belonging, but with all my makciks and pakciks n my tok n wan 's belonging.jangan harap nak pinjam basikal wan aku, unless you wud want to hear me scream n shout like a banshee.
10)i am a hopeless romantic at rasa geli dgn statement ini:)
DONE!now..i am tagging:
a)acikcik ke cik kebom
b)nadya e.
and everyone who likes and enjoy cut n paste (since aku dpt ni dgn cara itu.huhuahuah...)

pot luck get together gether!

gambar-gambar bukan hiasan.gambar sebenar.sila rasa lapar:)

ini bukan bahan basah.ini adry

jeng..jeng..jeng...syida and i did tis for the luncheon!

kukusan rahsia....

nasi impit mini yang indah
tangan syida dan kacang panjang

ini bukan bazar ramadan

all about fat, carb and heaven..hehehhe..

well..i only reached lina's place at almost 4pm due to the unhealthy condition of emot.acik and i rushed him to HTAA to seek further treatment since his bloody poo poo wont stop.acik was crazily worried about emot's condition and i did too.sian kat gelimot.whats with the flu, cough and bad poo after sending acik and her son to HTAA (we get thru every stages of examining emot before he was admitted to pediatric ward), and rushing to lina's for zuhur prayer, then it came to my awareness....MAK OII.. BANYAKNYA MAKANAN!seriously!it cud feed the whole Tanzania.ckp je jenis carbs apa semua ada.hahahha!they got behun siam, mee calong, laksa, prawn olio, lontong (cehh...nak sebut jugak tu.huhu),caramel apa ntah namanya, cheesecake,cucur udang (the real cucur udang yang ada udang ...bukan stakat letak udang kecut mcm kat pasar malam tuh ye) and buah buahan dan air airan.since ive gotten my lunch with acik at the hospital cafe, so i was kinda dealing with the bloated tummy n cud eat just a lil.
writing tis has sumhow resulted in growlin tummy.ceh!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

iron chef

YAY!!!ther's gonna be makan makan at lina's place tomorrow.but if u tink that it's gonna be open house she will have, then u hit wrong.we are going to have pot luck party that's me n syida set everythin beforehand, i mean we are only gonna cook early in the morning.just to prepare bahan bahan basah je..nih pun tangan still pijar blend cili kering.masak apa?that u have to wait n find it out tomorrow.heeheh

besnye makan makan....(yeeess.....i am indeed still in the lust over food mood:)

Friday, October 17, 2008


i would travel to the end of the world and do everything possible for as long as i am still the people that i love n worth my love...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

guilty pleasure...or pressure..or both?

i ate like a pig...!geez..dunno what posses me that makes me gobble food tak makan seekor lembu seorang diri..not like that.but those who know corak pemakanan saya akan sedia maklum that i dun eat much (not for the diet matter, but i kinda of guessin that my pintu perut dah mengecil.heh).or if i eat in the afternoon i wud stay full till the next day.betul!

tapi itu duluuuuu...

now i see food as sth marvelous..a if u dun taste it now u wud regret it later.but this does not base on grediness sebab i always feel hungry.why eh? for example..we went our for sushi outing on tuesday since it's RM2 per plate of sushi promotion.i got 2 plates of sushi and one whole set of piri piri chicken.bila balik rumah, dah start craving on nasik campoq sebab tgk serunding cikgu inson on the table.padahal yang tadi pun tak sempat hadam lagi aku rasa.and for yesterday, i ate 2 plates of different food for my breakfast, nasi lemak and behun goreng, got nasik campor for luncheon, sebemban plastik of goreng pisang in the late afternoon, and behun sup for dinner.well, not much u say? how bout i munched kuweh raya dari pagi sampai malam in between the heavy meals.dah jadik snacking mcm tu.there are lots!

i tink my devotion on food must derive from these few reasons:

1) im getting my period and will have my period in coming time.
2) i am stressful for unknown reasons.haishhh.i dun feel stress..but maybe im in stress.agaknya pak lah rasa mcm ni la gamaknya kann...?
3)i miss my mom.laugh all u want.but just spending time with her n apak last weekend feels like i am the only kid they have.hahaha..but i do miss her
4)i am having my period.definitely.

kali pertama saya

First Time to Cook My Own Rice
before i reached puberty..ceewahhh..but then again to be honest, i started to know how to cook rice when i was in standard six kot.canggih kan?all thanks to cikgu inson aka my mom who cudnt stand me watchin tv alone n not lifting a finger in the 2 basic tasks that i wud normally involve in were potong bawang n masak nasik:)

First Time to Learn AlQuran
rumah tok su man (he is one fierce cikgu koran i tell u!!), still remember how we wud pluck buah mata kucin in our neighbour's property on the way to tok su man's house.gila kan, sempat melahap buah curi on the way pegi ngaji quran.huhauhaua

First Time to Have a Laptop
in KMPH.big, bulky, hideous, unsophisticated, mahal nak mampus NEC laptop.13 riban siot.

First Time to be Away from My Parents
sek men keb derma hostel. i just didnt get why i offered myself to live in the hostel since my house is just 2 km away from my school.i stayed for a week then cabut lari.bosan ah!

First Time to Write a Story
form 4 ke form 5, cant remember.i wrote a teenage story about my gang (we are 5 alltogether, consisting of lia, elin tomboy, che awa babyish, deqna and urs truly).got love stories, family conflicts and everything that Ahadiat Akashah has.:)

First Time to Clubbing
eh eh..sibuk nak tau kenapa?curious ye...curiousssss...

First Time Fall in Love
cant remember. i fall in and out of love.or crush.or fling every 2 seconds in kindergarten.hahah.ok ok my first crush with this guy name mohd ehsan, kelas cemerlang semasa di form5.i realy like him since he looks like alex yoong.

First Time to See the world officially
morning of 2 march 1980

First Time to Buy A Guy Something
i bought my father a clinique happy for men deodarant.wanting to buy him perfume, but exceeded the budget, so dapatlah deodarant berperisa clinique itu sahaja

First time to be a middle person
my female best friend was totally in love with my best male i was the postman.

First Time to Understand What is Life..
when i first knew the feeling of being happy, being crushed, laughed crazily, cried heavily and so forth. i try to understand life every single day.

First Time to Learn Silat
tak terlintas di otak saya dulu, sekarang atau selamanya.mcm tak glemer je.

First Time to Meet A King
tis i had to agree with acik.the king of pahang during the tumultous controversial period of time!

My Very First Best Friend
tis oso to agree with acik.who cud keep a secret better than yours truly? hi hi hi (gelak setan sebab banyak sgt rohasiaaa..)

First Time to Realise that I am Actually A Slow Learner
i am a slow learner. always.hahah..slow learner but an avid one!

First Time to Play Online RPG Game
aku hanya tau main pacman and bookworm

First time to live in UK
mcm mana ko tau ni?kih kih

First Time to Understand Others do Care ABout Me
they cried when i cried.cewahhh...seriously.when they do that then i know.ive seen this with acik.

.First Time to think about diet
sebelum aku putus tunang aku rasa buncit dan peha yg besar, masa itulah niat diet yang melampau.ehhehe skang diet no moreeeee....:P

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Joyeux anniversaire!!

Your birthdays are sweet,
Never discreet
They taste like honey,
Always so funny.
The sweetest cake,
We would always bake,
With sugar or cane,
Never the same.
Wishing you,
the sweetest day
that's filled with sugar,
In every way

jangan sedih sedih ok:)

tanjobi omedeto gozaimasu zarina!

to my everdearest zarina zainal..

on this day, u deserve to be happy/ kooky/ blithe/crazy/ecstatic ...and not a person cud be mad at'cha...:)


thanks for all the things uve done n no words cud describe how i value everythin:)

Monday, October 06, 2008

raya pixies:)

ive known these people since i was 15

otw to tok's house

hurryyy..the photog wont wait for us:P

selendang raya:)

cornflakes coated chocolate

cornflakes coated chocolate with nuts

the raya stories will be posted later wayy tired to think of words.just got back to kuantan to be exact:).see u tmrow:)

tag raya:P

Berapa pasang baju raya anda tahun ini dan kaler apakah?
2+1, dua yang saya tempah, lagi satu saya bantai beli di klsentral sebab ia ada manik manik.saya suka glemer di pagi raya.semuanya bercorak batik supaya senang dilenjan ke opis pada setiap hari kamis.

Apakah makanan raya tradisional kegemaran anda?
serunding cikgu inson dan ayam masak merah pedas makan dengan ketupat dawun palas.setahun sekali je jumpa semua ni.

Apakah biskut raya kegemaran anda?
saya suka conflake cekelat yang saya buat dengan aten.manis manis n rasa cekelat yg melimpah ruah (promote tak hingat!).selain itu saya juga suka makan semperit ceri merah dan tat nanas.

Berapa banyak duit raya anda dapat n spend untuk bagi kepada budak-budak?
saya sudah bekerja jadi saya tidak dpt duwet raya.tahun lepas saya bagi rm3 je sebab sengkek tade bonus.tahun ni macam lebih skit(kurang periksa..mungkin sama je.ehhehe).saya teringin dapat duwet raya lagi tapi sedar saya dah kertu tak sesuai dapat duwet raya.(saya akan cuba buat rayuan kepada ibu bapa saya)

Apakah aktiviti malam raya korang?
malam raya saya layan apek gitu gitu raya2006 di tibi tiga sambil carik ayam untuk buat serunding.

Apakah lagu raya terbaik korang?
saya layan je semua lagu raya.katanya main sekali setahun je.jadi..layannnnnnnn

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