Saturday, May 19, 2012

balik oi keje

No matter how much i dreaded going back to Kuantan, I know that three weeks break will come to its end sooner. When I say soon, I mean this very week. I don't dread working in Kuantan, or my workplace for the matter, I just despise the 10- hour -journey it takes. As I am blogging from Aten's place in KL, it means another 2 days for all the breaks I deserve, and coming Monday, it's going to be all hectic timetable and works.

Mama accompanied me driving to KL, leaving abah behind as abah wasn't that fit to travel (plus Nina is having her baby soon, so she needs a midwife ha ha... so since Nina anak kesayangan abah, so abah will be the midwifelah  he he he)

Oh, Nina is our cat , anyway.

So as I said, mama was my co-pilot. It was indeed an all-woman trip:). Since nobody trusts me to be behind wheels within that lengthy duration (probably sebab I merempit like there's no tomorrow, err.. given the condition there is no other passengerlah. I am so berhemah kalau ada penumpang, trust me), so mama volunteered to come along.

Best jugak sekali sekala balik ngan mak ni tau. Macam mana cerita merapu, macam macam tips keluar and you basically don't hold yourself to talk about things anymore since there are only 2 of you. And the best part is when your mom played accountant and paid the toll. he he he...Thank you mummey!!

Tomorrow is going to be a long day since it's going to be all vigorous  . Just hope mom survives cause it sure drains all her energy to hit all the stores and shop like mad!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Saturday's treasure usual:)

Note: it was supposed to be a backdated post. So don't worry, you get the day right, the blog system makes it all loco

Jumaat reminder

Rasulullah SAW bersabda;

"Sungguh beruntung orang yang beriman, kerana segala perkara adalah kebajikan. Jika dia mendapat kenikmatan, dia bersyukur (dia mendapat kebajikan) dan jika dia ditimpa musibah, dia sabar (dia mendapat pahala kebajikan juga)." (HR.Muslim)

Note to self, deal whatever tests with an open heart, wide smile and thank Him enough. Never sigh, sighing is another sign of being impatient, and you will be granted nothing.

Thus ..., walaupun hari ni panas melekit, please please please God don't let me complain...

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Dulu dulu, orang kata mata pen lagi tajam dari mata pedang. Tapi ikut zaman sekarang ni, aku rasa dah tak relevan kot. Sape je yang nak menulis guna pen kan? Semuanya pakat bantai ada blog, budak darjah satu pun gigih update letak gambaq pi camping bagai (err..bab update aku je yang tobat malas. Malas nak mengarang kerana I am born a verbal story teller gituuuu..). Youwols nak blog genre apa? Semua ada, tunggu ketik ketik, godek godek kat Google Chrome je. Nak cita seram? Nak gosip retis? Nak tau resepi ikan goreng kunyit?. Selagi ada permintaan, namely the readers, selagi tu lah bloggers nih akan menggigihkan diri tulis cerita. Kadang kadang sampai menipu, plagiat cerita orang. Sedap wooooo gosip gosip ni, Boleh naikkan traffic, boleh dapatkan income Nuffnang. Boleh dapat award berkoyan koyan. Tapi tulah, in the direction to be a good (famous, perhaps?) blogger, one does somehow miss out the important element, which is to blog responsibly.

Talking about being responsible, I was once closed (or was it really?) been in a bitter blogger feud with another blogger. It was all started from a very personal affair, me writing a piece of my mind  and regardless being a light piece of entry,  she was somehow took offense and incredulously pissed off ( what a wonder since I had not named names. Blog responsibly, remember? ). And what came next was bit  intensely ludicrous. She started her own blog entry on me, war through entries and up to the point that it was indeed became very very personal, ambushing on people's physical and such. In fact wishing that I would not ever get married. Ouch, cruelty.

Have I lose it? Have I let off the steam? When someone is targeting your personal being, I believe you are entitled to feel mad when boundaries were crossed. Oh boy, was i ever ready to pay revenge with my tart remarks. Through blogs, of course. Was I ready to retaliate, dismissing her nonsensical entry about me, and truly so fit to draw up thousands of cursing words at one go a sailor would be damn proud!

Yet, mom stopped me. My mom, one of my 'many' keen readers, who obligingly read every entries, no matter how rubbish it turns out. Mom, my 'entry-checker', who always on her reprimanding mode, every time an entry might sound too 'violent' with words, too harsh for her liking, and too 'open' for a normal mind to take. She bans (on my every day blog entry, mind you) my liking to use the word 'damn' or 'hell' and religiously cautioned that my big boss might read any of my blog entries (which I doubt he reads, my big boss that's it).

'You are a teacher, that's not how a teacher would write, no matter how personal your blog is. People read. Your students read. Your colleagues too.  Tak malu ka tulih pelik pelik?'

So I stopped, over my wrath and fury, to write my shit sheet of mind. I made myself free of guilt, and I retained my composure. What if I agitated, and the devil won, entries by entries to fight what I feel was right? Would it end here? I doubt it. We might still in the state of war. And hati yang sakit akan bertambah sakit, hence the peribahasa I said earlier. Kadang-kadang rasa physical attack tuh lagi bagus dari emotional attack, physical attack terus rasa dia punya sakit, biaq pi la lebam lebam, berbirat birat, tapi nampak kesan, puweh hati. Tapi kalu emotional attack via words, fuiiii makan dalam wooo.!!Selagi dok baca, selagi tuh la rasa gila babeng punya dendam. Betul dak? Betul la tuuuuuuu...

Okay coming to the ending of my discussion, my point is simple. Blog responsibly. Write by using mind, not your emotion. Whatever you write might come back to haunt you. There are so many blogs, so many rhymes, so many audiences out there. True, you might defend yourself, claiming this is a free country, if you don't like what you read, then buzz off. There are no pressures to read, I write what I feel, what I think. This is me me me ! But you might hurt others on your way to deliver your thoughts. Others, as this is a free country, have their freedom to enter your comment box too. And sometimes, it might be misled. Good blogger would never sway from his / her true intention. And whatever happens, he knows he is liable to any accusation.

And reading Hazrey's blog, I  realized I was wrong to share the video of a mom who abused her daughter. The video went viral, and I was so mad seeing the video I shared it on my FB account without second thought. Of course, it drew people to draw that 'like' buttons, and sama sama berjemaah untuk memaki hamun that abuser (even the fact that the case was reported last year and the mom is behind bar now, and the kid, alhamdulilah albeit traumatized, is still alive). Does that a right thing to do, condemning an abusive mother with harsh words who already pays the price (tuh dekat dunia, akhirat nanti dia kena jugak lagi). I am over mad at her, of course, tapi biarlah aku marah sorang sorang.  But I am not in my position to maki hamun her, and heret my FB friends to do the same. Tiba-tiba rasa diri sangat serba salah over my video post and dah berdosa buat macam tu and so, I deleted the video. Responsibility, would it be?

Anywaysssssssssss....for the rest of you, happy blogging and I will forever follow you, without a trace of course:)

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

comfort is what make you lazy

Swear..I have no ideas why I am so implausibly lazy to pen down thoughts. Probably because I more into reading these days, not writing.I have so many things to say, trust me. Come talk to me and you probably never see the lights because I am so going to babble non-stop. Or probably because I am soooooo comfortable being in my own comfort zone, where else but home. Back in hometown for the last 2 weeks, do mostly nothing, seriously. Oh maybe the excitement being the driver once in a while, assisting mom choosing her kain baju kurung, occasionally paying the 'royal' visit to my grandma's, and meeting up best bud.That's that. But it is definitely my happiness. I am so wrapped up in my own world, that I have no excuses for my laziness and lack of willpower to even dust my blog.

 So okay here's the updates. Quick one this time..

 a) getting the raise. Yes, besides that 13 percent increment. There's more in the house. Alhamdulillah:)

 b) lil sis and bro are finally securing the dream jobs. In Kuala Lumpur, shesshhh! (which i am discreetly hoping it would be in Kuantan, no less!)

 c) the new baby is close to celebrate 'his' first year birthday. So gonna treat him with the full-blown, 'head-to-toe' wax and polish service!

 d) visits to some islands are on its way .Yippey!

 e) am even thinking to purchase my own birthday present this year. A huge huge one come to think bout it.Insya Allah:)

 On the downsides..
 a) my best friend's dad is diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma, a stomach cancer of some sort and underwent a major operation. Pray hard for CC Zainal. May Allah bless you with good health, uncle.

 b) Still on the cancer talk, Lina's hubby, at one point, was in his critical phase of life. The tumor is getting bigger and second operation somehow seems risky.

 c) Citibank and I are in the credit card fraud feud. I so not going to pay of things that I have not purchased. Kiss my ass if you wish me paying!

So there.  Cukuplah eh update, janji pun sikit je, asal update. Like people care, anyway.Ta!

update sesaat

makan, tido, intenet.makan, tido, internet. can life gets any richer than this? haha..:)

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