Saturday, April 16, 2016

To where it begins..again

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. Ya allah berdebu sungguh blog. It has been nothing but words full of memories. Bukan tak teringin nak update, teringin. Tuhan saja tau betapa nak sangat update, so many things have been put captivated in my mind. To an extent sampai rasa nak explode pun ada. Bila bukak blog, nothing came out. Blank. Sebab tak tau nak start dari mana. Kekuatan takde. Kekuatan untuk pen down my thought and make it public. Blogging used to be one way i disseminate my thoughts so it wont bother me. That i can just simply write down about everything, and anything. But i know once i start to write again, it will all be on the gloomy side. Things that i dont want to be remembered, but not taking it out from my brain will only drive me crazy even more. Insha allah, i will try to brave myself, and to keep reassuring myself that writing is one way out from any life issues that we face.

Let's hope all is well from now on

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