Wednesday, July 02, 2014

puding raja

total yummy and diabetic-prone
If there is one dessert that I could eat non stop and to have an endless craving, this will be it. For those who are curious, introducing the jewel for my sweet teeth, the ultimate puding raja. Why raja? Most probably because this is supposedly the Sultan of Pahang favourite dessert. That is what I've been told. And raja because of the richness in its texture and color. See, that bright yellow 'curlies' which could easily be mistaken as muruku? (lia called that maruku hahaha)

So, what's with this puding raja craziness you ask? Because the main filling are bananas! I can never say no to banana, you know that right? And it is not a sebarangan type of pisang, normally the use of pisang lemak manis is given priority. That yellow stuffs are jala emas ( made from telur itik kot, am not too sure), then decorate with prunes, pistachios, chopped cherries. Puding raja is to be eaten together with the sauce, the custard sauce. Sedapnyaaaa ampunnn!

And another thing that makes it so special is the unavailability of it. I mean, it is normally ordered and prepared for events and now this, at pasar ramadan. It might be sold elsewhere, everyday but to find a good puding raja is rather tricky. Every year, without fail,  puding raja hunting at Kuantan Pasar Ramadan is a must and it will always be the same stall each year, the one from Pekan. Priced at RM 5 each per container. Mahal? Shut your eyes and just appreciate the flavour :)

Baby is a month or two

How do i start? I know my blog has been keeping dust and yes I do not have any concrete reasons for not blogging. I have lots of my spare time but I just don't feel to put it into words. Words are cheap. They are somehow expressionless. And I gain my way of being expressive which I rather not disclose here.

So July comes. How time flies. And now we are in the beginning of Holy Ramadan, trying to gather and reach His love and pahala. I know I haven't been a good servant of Him, and I have done countless of mistakes and things I regret, but to know He always keeps the eyes on me and to know that He cares, it soothes even the most infuriated part of me. Oh talking about Ramadan, mama and abah are officially fasting and break fasting at that new address. Mama has been feeding me with lots of pixies, things she bought, what she did and so forth. I think she is more than happy to decorate the house when I am not there because she can let her creative juice flow. Which unlike me, I can be one hell a stressed out tenant just thinking of the color of the curtain. Mama must be rolling her eyes every time I spluttered the idea and concept of the house. Yeah, been repeating to her about the concept millionth of times hahaha. Work has taken a toll on me, I could not really go back and see my baby. Only got the chance to have the sleepover there once! Itupun after the kenduri tahlil and doa selamat, where the house was basically empty with no furniture.

this is the view. the new view.

I've been meaning to blog more about this baby of mine but I am pretty much rather read my mom's. So Raya is going to be here, at this new address and likely Aten's wedding too. He, with the grey wall and the rooftop, is barely a year and yet is about to host a few events. Alhamdulilah :). Be blog about this later okay, maybe on the prep and the things I bought. Or maybe not. Hahaha. saya malas. Ok bai

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