Saturday, November 23, 2013

of the ocean and rollercoaster ride

Life is such a rollercoaster ride atau life is a rollercoaster. Banyak quote pasal rollercoaster dengan life ni. Maybe sebab turun naik rollercoaster macam kehidupan manusia. Kejap atas kejap bawah. Kejap slow, kejap menjunam turun yang boleh buat muntah darah.
Tah la eh. I couldn't really feel the connection. Sebab aku tak suka rollercoaster, satu permainan gila which people are willingly queued for it.

I would rather see life as ocean, for its waves and tide. Macam if boat karam atau mandi pantai and tetiba rasa nak lemas sebab kaki cramp, nak tak nak memang kena stay afloat and struggle to catch those air. You have no choice but to rescue yourself. Biarla tercungap sekalipun, yang penting nak hidup,kan? Mana ada orang nak lemas, and tak buat apa apa?paling cikai tendang air laut kuat kuat. It is all a reflex action. You will do it subconsciously.

Sama jugak macam laut tenang. The calming ocean siapa sangka boleh jadi tsunami? Masa tenang semua very soothing. Tengok laut, hilang jiwa kacau. Tapi when the ocean gets angry, no one can beat it. Nothing can soothe the anger. Semua sekelip mata. Isn't it the same with life? One morning you are doing great, and comes the night, you have gone through hell and back.

Why am i being all cryptic about ocean and life and rollercoaster ride? Simple answer. My brain cant stop working. Filled with neverending queries and questions. How i wish that somehow mr brain gets tired and takes a day off. Just a day off. But no, he is an overachiever. And not helping that he loves flirting with life problems.

Sebab tu orang tua tua kata, if problems and life tests befall you, jangan compare dengan orang yang lebih 'hebat'. Sakit nanti. Comparing will never stop. Disatisfaction is what makes human greedy. Always want it more. Always salivating to beat others. Sebab tu kena always compare dengan yang bawah. Yang unfortunate because of human nature's rule, we always want to be the superior ones.

Supaya kita boleh tersenyum sikit while swimming in that rough sea.

Saturday, November 09, 2013


Life is messy. When you think it's all good, then comes the bad waves wash it away. Bring you further away from the shore. The bad part is, you don't even know how to swim. You can't even float to save your soul. But if there is one thing you know, is that you are not a quitter. You are not a swimmer but you just know when to inhale those air even for a minute. You take every possible chances to kick your legs, so your body will just have to follow the rhythm of the waves, and bring you back to the shore, safe. You are not even afraid to swallow those salty water, because in the end it will be just water and I know I will not drown if you help me stay afloat.

So that is how life is seen. From my point of view. It is messy.

But the messiness is what makes it so good.

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