Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We had fun and we still do

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Even for another 50 years, love is always here to stay;)

Monday, August 20, 2012

salam raya

Salam lovelies...:)

So how's your raya? Bet some of you are still glued in front of the telly, munching on ketupat , rendang or biskut raya, or off to bed early because you are going to have your huge open house tomorrow? Whatever is, I hope everything is fruitful and you indeed have a fruitful day.

My raya? Let just say we (aten and I) presented our mom a huge amount of manpower by doing most of the raya preparation since well, you know, mom is not capable of doing some of the houseworks. We did the raya shopping ( by raya shopping, I literally mean shopping for the daging, ayam and whatnot), and we did the raya cooking ( even sadly, my masak merah ayam turns out bit sad than what it should be:(

Geez, all of sudden I have no words to express my raya prep. Too tired to even think of the phrases and words..sorryy.

Okaylah, since it's raya night, it won't be too late to wish all my dearest

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin, since I am just a regular being, I am prone to make mistakes. Thanks for pointing out my mistakes and correcting my wrongdoings. Sorry for all the bad deeds and wish you all the most enjoyable raya.:)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


always the 'princessy' pose

the fusion spread

iftar at the apartment. 

captured right at the moment


Remember I blogged you readers about a friend of mine, whose husband was fatefully diagnosed with brain cancer (which by the time he was diagnosed, it was already stage 3 or 4),

My dear friend's husband, Radhzi Rahman was called to meet the Maker on the 1st August 2012, early morning, after nearly a year battling an unforeseen cancer.Al-fatihah..

There is no words, no sympathy suffice enough to tell how I feel for her and her daughter. Losing the one you love, while others are joyfully preparing for the raya celebration..she is really one tough lady. She might be small in size, but even I can't beat her spirit. I could not fathom waking up in the morning, and realizing that the familiar face you see each day, is now gone. That her little daughter is too small to even notice that the man in the family is no longer home. How she was tested this big, and yet handles every torment peacefully, she has my utmost admiration.

And because of this, every time I am clouded with my own sad affairs and tribulation, and when the cruel, evil heart starts to blame the Al-Mighty of all these undesirable misfortunes in my life, I stop. I stop and try to reflect other's misfortunes, to weigh and to calculate how there are more unlucky, unfortunate people who have greater ill-fated moments in their lives. And who am I, to question His job of bestowing me with the sadness, when He has given me more of the happy phases in my life. I am, somehow, too blind to see all those because I am just a human being. And as a normal and weak being, I look for my happiness definitely and despair over sorrows.

May God make me stronger and al-fatihah to my dear friend's husband.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

15 years down the lane

Everytime I read about people (strangers..yea I stalked their blogs hehe) going for their school reunion and having a blast getting together with the old acquaintances, I simply wonder about mine, bile la aku nak gi reunion macam ni. Meet old friends, meet old enemies, meet old flings (eh?) and probably laugh mad seeing how everyone changes, physically of course, where everybody is having their own pot belly and feet of crows. Sneakily (more like emm..guiltily) I already had my fair share of giggles, seeing the pictures of the old mates plastered of their FB, especially those who I had crushed on (like, you are not that serious liking this guy while you were 15, aren't you????)

Howeverrrrr... when the invite comes for the Dermarian reunion, I was a bit apprehensive. Tiba tiba rasa tak seronok pun ada. I mean don't get me wrong, I believe I was in good terms with everybody I knew back in secondary school, but exactly why do people set up reunions like this? To catch up stories? To make efforts renewing the friendship?Honestly, not that I talked to everybody back in my school. But it does not mean that I am a snob.Arrogance is definitely not me .I am not sombong you know, it just that, logically you knew people by faces and names, but they might not be your talking buddies. Setakat hi here hi there, that's that. And to have reunions like this, you are expected to catch up stories. What stories? We never even had any stories when we were 15. I have nothing against gathering or reunion per se, I might even go if I have nothing else to do when the time comes:) But to be there formally, acting that you are smitten with everybody, well it's kinda hard to do.

Back when you were teenagers, you did have your own clique. The people where you can joke around and talk about anything, those people who did not hide behind walls or facades. Those people, whose after 15 years, are still being missed regardless where they are. These are the people that I want to meet, reunion or no reunion.True, outside the cliques, I do have wishes to meet few faces, but it has been too long and meet up will just call for an awkwardness.

Nevermindlah, yang penting I got to meet these bunch this raya:)

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