Wednesday, September 28, 2005

perlis vs selangor

im goin to kl this saturday. n guess what the purpose for???watching football!!!!can u believe it?believe it!

Monday, September 19, 2005

meetin mum

mama was in town last weekend, so i was in town as well.needed to meet mum, been missing her tho.went n fetch her at her hotel.goshhhh..why cant jpn perlis placed these teachers at more classy place?her hotel was easier to be found, but becoz i was tired n it was gettin late, it turned out to be one tedious task.brought ina along the next day to fetch her.n even brought mum along for a lil shopping spree.went to stila, buyin acik that present, n off to kinokuniya.mum departed the next day, but the nite before, bcoz of ina's prob, all lil secrets of us were shared, n mum was kinda open to listen to whatever shrubs we were saying tat nite.:)a very nice chat indeed.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

this is me..then

u know how's the good feeling feels? feels real good. for instance..u got into misunderstanding with one of ur close friends..n u compile ur guts n face the feels good..mending the altered friendship:)

Monday, September 05, 2005

im prettyyy beat!

drive home alone fr kl since i didnt allow zaire to tag along.ha ha.sorryy dear, but dun tink it'll be good idea since i got a practise wit students bout the launching a stop at projet, buy me bbq burger n mocha n spent bout 20 bucks for mags .i have no idea why i ended up buying so many things!safely arrived at 4, slept awhile (i really really need a nap!)n was woken up by the msg fr jue askin for a double sided tape.bummer....there goes my naps!hu hu.finished practicing about 2 hrs later, n shud i say tis?the kids ROCK babe!promised acix that we need to be at the hall as early as 7 o clock, but heck i woke up at 645!thank god we arrived early coz some idiots disarranged the chairs!i was closed to tears but need to muster all strength so tat it wont end up as a laughin matter among students.but upon seeing the kids on stage, doin the fairies thingy, was i proud?u bet!n even pengarah praised us for doin tremendous job.

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