Monday, February 28, 2005

the cats in the hats..

Being away in Pahang cant resist my mind from thinkin about my beloved no no..not my mum or dad, but the tiny tots.Precisely my bucuk cats!!!i missed em.i really am missing em all.well...after nen, my dad complied that our family need to have a we officially adopted siti, the not so cute kitten.but my mum is so into her, she even being her midwife when siti gave birth to cik ah (doi..cant believe why cant my creative in formulating the names????).then we have 3 adopted persians, courtesy of my dad's worker.the mum is nickel (being bitchy enuff of being the persian she didnt even care bout playin around wiv us), the kids are nelly (grey one, nickel fav's daughter as she always tag along wherever her mumy goes), and my cute lil nicky, the one that i favor the most.for a persian, she is soooenergetic, so playful and sooo adorable!and yeah not to forget, so smelly.humm...had to wash her again n again.she smells of cockroaches for god sake!hem hemm..cant wait to go back n cuddle thos tiny beings.miawww..

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