Tuesday, October 12, 2004


our beloved cat has found dead.alfatihah.that was the msg that made me cried almost every single mins last nite.dad send us msg, me ina n wen, knowing tat we ought to know bout nen's wherebouts.true, i cudnt stop cryin afta that even the fact that nen was only a lil cat that we kept at home.how cud i not?ina n me were the ones who brought him home, we found him, when he was just a stray cat.i cud still remember when we first brought him to the car, he was standing still infront the mirror, watching the windshields.watching the rain poured down. gosh..he was damn adorable.(please please dun let me drop any single tears now).
my dad was not really into cat liking, but wiv nen, he changed totally, n he was the one who brought up fish n boiled it and he was the one who fed him.how could we not love nen?he was so so manja,lil species yg realy realy adorable.believe me.
ther was a time when he was suspected poisoned.we rushed him to the clinic, me n my dad.never in my life i would think dad, whose the one who always chased cats who ruined our ceiling, would be the one who carried the critical nen inside the doc room.it was so unbelievable.
now, it is believable.i would never get a nice cat like nen.ever.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

ex and the city.

i was being a couch potato yesterday n intended to watch sex n the city dvd, and a tis one subtitle really caught me n i spent another 30 mins,watching n trying to digest the issue in mind.the topic..ex and the city.can u ever be friends with ur ex?can u ever face ur ex and act like nuthin happens before n things shud be goin on naturally?
for both questions..i would answer yes, despite the look that my baby might give me.i mean..befriending ex is much more easy than trying to create a new one.(huny, when u read this, i dun mean to include u in the issue..im just trying to be frank n openminded.hope u dun mind kay.luv ya).how many of us really waiting for the ex to come n start afresh?im not.im not waiting for them to come, but i would definitely not going to irk if they extended the hands n make amend.im not that cruel.i see being with them as an experience in life.experience for the maturity growth.i never put a hatred, not even a grudge. i see the flakes in relationship as normality of relationship that cannot go anywhere.a blunder.sth that is passable n healed as time goes by.
but can my x survive me n accept me as the friend?i dunno.i cant prejudge myself.some of them did create another bond of friendship, n not ashamed of past mistakes, n sum..cant even think of where they are now.my previous one, despite abashing me wit crude n disgusted remarks just because i said no to the relationship, at last try to mend things up, n stay as a friend.n we are kewl that way i guess.and he was ok when i said im meeting n seeing sumone n madly in love these days.
being in a friendship with an ex is the most bravest thing ive ever done.

Happy besday Acix!~~

she is turning 24 tday..and she looked esctatic enuff unwrapping all the gifts infront of us.she got quite a few number of pink stuff up to her liking.there was a frame, a jewelry box, a cuddly piggy toy (she really got this penchant of pink n pigs!), n ta daaa...the pink embedded mirror me n zaire found in lovely lace.
hepy birthday zarina..many happy returns to u!tanjobi omedeto gozaimasu!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

and the weekend goes by..

saturday 2 oct.at last, afta a tremendous, meticulously planned date wiv my baby, we did go to genting, after all.i can feel his spirit of spending time wiv me, and was i touched by the thought of him coming over to kuantan just for the matter tat he wanted to accompany me driving to genting.:).
we started late on tat morning.thought of going at 7, but i was only finishing up dressing at 8.blame me not!i was like.. staying up all nite just to cook him n me sum food to be taken to genting (he was complaining the food was exorbitant up ther..ha ha..huney, i knew u just wanted me to cook).so being a good gf i am, i managed to screw up the kitchen n walla...the macaroni n tuna sandwich.well..at least it looked edible enuff n looked good in the tupperwares.ive been waiting for a long time to cook him sum, guess i managed to pull it out sumhow.:) and wiv the heart soared of blithe n giddiness, it was the moment we've been waiting for.
up in genting, everything was heaven.the rollercoaster (n i was still amazed of the voice he shrieked), the merry go round (still cudnt believe i let myself having the 'ever-so-cool ride'),the laughs, the jitters, the messy ice cream eating, i can still picture tat clearly.sorry i was not being descriptive enuff coz i believe good things are better left unsaid.and being wiv him, is a part of good things that happen to me lately.i want to write more, to be more passionate about the rides, but i know he knows that we both know the things we know.thank u baby, for the enticing moment we both had. and im counting on bali...:)

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