Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the big guy

It was 3 years ago that i first laid my eyes on him, after the long anticipation, he was finally introduced to me officially.I remembered crying, to see him for the first time.The feeling was indescribable, i was mending heart crushed of that devastating affair, and at the same time getting overwhelmed with the joy to be introduced to this new guy. The new guy who i can't stop adore.

And truthfully, he made me forgot for a split second how messy my life was at that time.I kissed him, touched him and to know that despite all despairs, he will be one hero that could bring smiles to anyone around him, and me obviously.

And throughout that 2 years together, we were practically together, three of us.The moment he being left behind was close to none.We brought him whenever we went...the mall, the hospital, the city, you name it, and he shared whatever stories we talked about.There was no dull moment when he was around.We have the world on our own. The world where he was only a small baby, the baby of my best friend and given the chances to love him is a bliss, and to know that he somehow cure the empty hole in my heart.

Dear emot, you made me believe that love comes in the strangest moment.The moment that yiyin lose 'it', yiyin knows that yiyin has you in return.Happy birthday my dear little boy, we might not share that moments together anymore, but please know that auntie loves you to bits, and wish you all happiness in the world.

sayanggg dia:)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

saving earth can't be done in an hour

Let see what we, or i have done to save the mother earth, and believe me, it is nothing close to an hour work:)

a) complying the fact that saturday is a no bag day, and it means NO to 20 cents per plastic bag too

b) letting my kids share the worksheet in class, without me having to make copies for each one of them.30 pieces of papers to be shared/recycled among 18o students, now that is what we called tree saving:)

c) to never have any intention now or in the near future for a fully air conditioned apartment

d) using less water, to not let the water runs while you are brushing teeth or washing faces or changing the contact lenses (old habit die hard!)

e) recycling the newspaper/ old magazines by making fun English lesson (saving your time finding materials that's for sure lol)

f) littering the highway..NOT .Forgive me mother earth for I had sinned before:(.

g) to not producing soapsuds from laundry much by of course, not doing laundry too often:).and yes, electricity save!

h) reusing the cooking oil to the maximum use, and filling empty mineral bottle with used cooking oil instead of just spilling the rest of them onto your kitchen sink (trust me it 's less messy this way:)

i) using discarded printed papers as scrap papers (just don't understand why i cant make this a habit, still!)

so there, few ways to be an earth lover and i don't even have to burn a kilo joule to make this happen.
Happy Earth Hour, peeps

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have a brother, in fact he is the only brother we have in the family.The fact that i do not talk much about him does not mean we are estranged sibling, but more to say we are siblings in our very own way.Truthfully, i might not know every personal details, and little quirks about my only brother, up until now.

Until he stays with me for a while.

Little do i know, that my brother does like to talk, to discuss about movies, or any documentaries we have both seen on the telly.Little do i know that my brother, albeit his tad reclusive way, do like sharing his stories, his opinion, his feeling, and knowing how to open up. Now that i know my brother likes to help clean the kitchen, not minding him a bit to pick up my dirty plate, without me asking him too.Now that i know my brother does work his way to be employed, that he did all the 'googling' job, finding the address of those likeable places to work, and will be working on my laptop every single day, updating his resume' and such. That my brother is a very appreciative guy, who never say no to anything that i cook, instead just gladly have whatever i serve him.That my brother doesn't mind forking out expenses for the house, pretty much to my dismay, because i don't want him to spend money on that because he is not working and such and i really, really don't mind helping him out at all.I do these all because of just one reason.

For he is the only brother that we have.

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