Friday, October 04, 2013

Makcik cdm

Please queue up makcik, and do not hover when i am trying to cash in some money.

Makcik tau tak saya rimas makcik dok tengok tengok like we are families and know each other well?

Dan lagiiiii rimas bila makcik buat panjang panjang kepala tengok berapa note rm saya masukkan dalam CDM.

Tak baik busy body tau makcik. Kan saya dah terpaksa buat muka kekwat saya?

Saya rimas. Haishhhh!

Post selebet

I am ... indecisive. Can't even make simple decision without having people interfering.

I want... a plate of nasik ayam penyet. Or soto ayam with extra sambal. Or lontong, again. Or pasembur Padang Kota. Gila..nafsu jin semua ni

I have... a microwave. Finally after years contemplating. Beli microwave pun kecoh. Kecoh la sebab aku kedekut. Sekarang takjub sendiri. Muahahahha!!

I keep... a lot of junks. Like empty perfume bottles or the yellowed outdated newspapers.

I wish... to be less emotional and sensitive. I am such an emotional wreck i cried when Julia Roberts wanted to stay forever in Britain for the sake of Hugh Grant. Ok itu adalah Notting Hill. But still.

I hate... liars. Just please. Don't lie to my face.

I once... was this stubborn chubby girl who always got what she wanted and threw tantrum because everybody scared she would create scene which she always did. Okay, i was 4, or maybe 5 and everybody loved me. *blow nails*

I fear... of the uncertainty. And losing, because of that uncertainty.

I hear... the empty stomach growling. Akibatnya for skipping lunch. Please please dont let my tummy growl in front of him, soon. That will be a definite embarrassment.

I don't think ... i'll be saying yes to any ghost movies played in my house. No way, as i soon going to be paranoid and start visualizing stupid things, in my house.

I regret... not to say no to my previous relationship when i get the chance to. We both knew it will never work but we both were stubborn. It didn't work anyway. I should have said it first, to his face. Demm.

I love... the giddy feeling of being loved and in love.
Plastik bag disediakan untuk muntah selepas baca ini.

I am not... afraid of wrinkles and crows feet. Percayalah.

I am afraid...of anything wriggling. Cacing, ulat ? Eeeeeeeeeew!!!!

I dance... like nobody's business. In front of mirrors and my confused cat.

I sing... off-keyed in siblings previous karaoke session. And can't even follow the lyric indicator.

I never... be mad at a person more than a day. No matter how shoddy and shitty the situation is.

I rarely... win an argument. Kerana selalu lost of words and dumbfounded.

I cry when... I got to know I've been lied to my face. And to difficult situation. And to sad cartoon like The Lion King.

I am not always...disorganized. I can be a tip-top planner and i drag you to obey the plan.

I hate that... I need to drive to Guardian Pharmacy later, which is i malas, just because i need to restock my contact lens solution.
And also the fact that i can't hate you.

I am confused about... dates and forecoming events. I even close not to get my raya haji tix just because i miscounted the dates for the raya haji break. Nasibbbbbbb ada.

I need... to speed up writing this entry coz everybody is leavinggggg the office. And it's damn creepy not having anybody

I should... stop right now and reapply my lippie and get set gooo!!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

cerita wanita besi

The only one thing i dread doing every month is paying my dentist a visit (paying..yeah like literally). Penat kot every month pergi tapi jawapan Dr Ling memang potong stim.. "You punya gigi ada banyak lambat woo gerak!"  If it isnt Dr Ling, then the wife (merangkap receptionist and nurse, oh yes she is a certified dental nurse) would chirp in. The usual remark, "Lozlinnn.. you punya gigi manyak lama hoo". Tensen aku hoi. Dont remind me things I already know la misi. Wa sudah manyak kasi lu untung ma. Tapi itulaa... 3 tahun punya visit nama aku jadi Lozlin. I have been wearing braces long time I forget how I look like without one.

Semalam dental visit pun sama lah. The problem is not my upper teeth (which was the main culprit), but it turned out that it was my lower teeth yang banyak songeh. Kalau tak jarang, tak simetri. Dah simetri, jarang balik. Apa punya degil. Everytime post treatment, mula nak berdenyut. The treatment is mostly the same, tukar getah kaler kaler for my brackets . And sometimes tukar wire. Ntah nak explain pun tak berapa nak reti, but the purpose is to realign the dental structure. Macam nak tarik the stubborn tooth so jadi symmetrical dengan the rest and this indeed happens all the time. I mean, kedudukan gigi berubah all the time ye. Which is why post - ortho  you are still required to wear a retainer. For the rest of your life, a fact that not many dentist will bother tell.

Ni pun tengah type entry dok kemain denyut. Semalam balik dentist, singgah beli roti john best kat Pasar Malam Jaya Gading. Roti john paling best, banyak daging cincang and tak kedekut telo, hanya bole ditelan tanpa kunyah. Gila tak stim. Ini semua sebab tak bole make use gigi bawah. Kacip gigi je denyut denyut habis camne nak kunyah daging cincang and teloq? 

So jangan la tanya hamba ini bila I would be metal-free. I seriously have no idea. If it is time, then it is time. Kalau nak force pun tak guna ye dok? Buatnya lagi teruk herot bengot gigi ni how?

Yang penting, I know you love me with my braces, don't ya?

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