Monday, December 26, 2011

ho ho ho

Hello peeps, how are you?Hope everything is all good and dandy.Oh, and merry merry christmas to anyone celebrating.I just got back from my own merry celebration, no not the christmas thingy, but more like a family gathering celebration by the beach:)4 families, 2 whole days, major fun.what else would you be asking for but to bask and frolic under the sun and a beach party the night after?hahhaaaa..beach party, if you count munching on Daim's, nuts, orange juice, lots of gossipy talks and fireworks!Yeah fireworks on the christmas eve:)

Just got home from the getaway last night, and had to cancel the date for being too tired to even went out anymore.And send a christmas email to James'mom , hope everything is all good there and what else can i do but to wish, right?

The pictures will be follow up soon, too lazy to even resizing some of them.

Happy Monday everyone and belated christmas to all my Christian friends

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


can't wait to be home this week, and it is a slight giddiness i cant wait to be home:P

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Okay so i am back with a bang.A bang that comes together with the neverending cough, fever, sore throat and 360 dollar shorter of money for that lousy overweight luggages.On the greater note, I am officially graduated from the specialist course, gained more friends all over Asean, and was 4 days late from being the first batch ever trying the Transformers 4D Ride.Awesomeeeeee..!!

No matter how much i missed my 3 weeks temporary home in RELC, it has never been better being home.Being closer to the girls in the office, getting back to classes and not to worry of how much money i had to spend for food alone in different currency.hehehe:P...True, me attending the specialist course is one of a lifetime opportunity, probably one of many perks in my career. It was an amazing experience money can't buy.Being in the same class with people from different level and different posts, make me realize that there are things in the world that can't be taught, humbleness, matter who you are.I knew a PHD holder, a classmate of mine, who never failed to smile and greet people every morning, and always willing to share her thoughts and opinion in classes. I knew a guy in my group who always grin whenever i did silly joke on him, giving the fact he might not know any single word i am saying as the joke is on him :). I knew a roomate, despite the language barrier, had turned out to be so sisterly and brought chuckles everytime there were misunderstanding of words.And I met people who never stop making me part of them and, inside and outside the class, even when we only knew each others for mere 3 weeks.

It was amazing, really.

If only my other matter is as amazing as these.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


i believe i no longer can read men.

and i believe this leads to nowhere.

maybe it's time to continue walking?


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

day 3 everyone

Day 3 of RELC class-it's barely a week yet I feel i have been there for months.I've got acquainted with that chinese aunties who keep my room clean and the one mending the cafe.I started to get into the vibe of being a student , again (trust me it's not easy to sit there digesting newest information, or even information that is long forgotten).I've learnt how to be an independent learner, learning all nook and cranny of s'pore roads and places and still got lost :)

We have 3 different lecturers covering 3 different areas of the subject matter, and I am then given Mr Brian Pettit as the supervisor.He is the one who is going to supervise my work, which is the graded assignment.Scary I know.I am not exactly prepared to be graded:P.So basically, my course is about training to be the oral communication specialist, and our subject caters mostly on the aspect on speaking, listening and also the historical background of the language.About how English pidgin and creole are much different from the global English.It is actually fun to have some debates and discussions among the group members as my group consists of the language teachers from Thailand, Laos and Singapore.We have different ideas of the ideal ways incorporating the subject matter in our lesson.And my group is really a supercool group.The guys in the group are really nice, and so does the singaporean girl.

The only problem here is that the class ends at 5 I am free to do anything i want, providing the fact that it is not raining and i know what to shop for in Orchard road which is just a 20 mins walking from the hotel.why is that a problem you ask?Because i wont be going to Orchard everyday, and it's no fun walking in the rain.So, sleeping time after 5 then.boohoooo..

Monday, November 21, 2011

back to square one

I better start with the post or i end up dreading not updating any single update about my work trip.

First of 21 days in Singapore has run breezily.Too bad that 21 days are not all about Christmas shopping along the stretch of Orchard Road:).I am here for what deemed as specialist for oral communication and the course is under Regional English Language Centre and my 21 days in Singapore would be fulled of classes, assignments, and more classes.

Plus those eezy breezy shopping trip everyday.yeah if you have the money:)

There are 23 participants in my course, and 2 of us are from Malaysia.The rest of them are Indonesian, Bruneian, Singaporean, Myanmar, Vietnamese, Thais, and Laotian. Most of the things we did on the first day were the orientation, getting to know the places, the subject matters, the lecturers, the assessment.Oh god, now i know the feeling of being a student, again, after so many years:).Took picture for the ID, and the dispensed of pocket money.Yey, but that is not for the 'jolly good time' moment.The pocket money is basically to be used for your daily food purchase and other supposedly important needs.

The class officially started with Dr Chan's subject-testing speaking and listening.Being in his class reminded how much I need to recall the memory of all the terms and jargon in teaching speaking and listening, and how embarrassing to know that certain terms are awkwardly unfamiliar to me.Hmmm..that's what we call relearning, I reckon.The Thai guy in my group, he beat me lots in term of knowledge * sheepish grin*.Dr Chan's 3 hour lesson has been nothing but amazing.

On the other note, I hope my ID card won't look hideous!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Phewwwww...what a week!Now that we are no longer being confined in a hotel room doing a very confidential exam and now I could finally put my mind in one goal, getting ready for a work trip to Singapore (neways, don't really want to talk bout it, im still waiting for the e-ticket, and i am on my nerve wreck!).So, let's get to something more fun,

like meeting up the bestie and clan!Last day of my confinement in the hotel (5 days, mind you.I just can't see hotel food anymore!), Zar gave me a call and said the plan was on, she wanted to give a visit.My other clan was supposed to be there too, but unfortunately, she drove herself to an incident, literally.:(Syida was supposed to be there, since we hardly, like hardly met after both of those 2 geng pacak bendera moved to Selangor, so when nyah and i got a chance to be in Kl for work purpose, meeting up was then put in the agenda.Let's plan this again sometimes in the future okay, Dutdut.

And so we catched up stories, had laugh, so much people might think we owned Tarbush, bartered hot gossips on people we didn't like, and yes, it's like the old time.Life might make us choose our own path, but the path that we all choose does not make us come apart.It's all about the distance, but it's not about the feeling you have for your closest friends.It stays no matter what.:)

so what's next for the girls?Let's 'flying' everyone!:)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


So the pictures above represented how I celebrated my aidiladha this year. Just me and the girls, whipping up simple chicken rendang, sambal tumis udang and nothing-to-be-shouted about lemang.Since the girls couldn't make it home, and I miss-look the date of raya hajj, and managed to grab the ticket home only after the first raya.How enticing. Woke up when the prayer being called, had an early shower when the girls were still sleeping, took wudhu' and performed my raya prayer, alone with the guidance from the nearby mosque.

And with that I couldn't stop the tears from welling down my cheek, thinking of all the sacrifices that I should have done but I haven't because I am so selfish that way.Thinking of what other sacrifices could I do for the sake of the Above, without asking Him to pity me and require something in return.Thinking why I couldn't still sacrifice my usual self for what He has asked me do, praying that He won't take my life so soon so I could go back to Him.Thinking of why hesitation always got into my way everytime I wanted to do and be good.Thinking of what in the world I could do to both of the old ones at home, so they will stop worry about me.

Thinking and thinking.

So yes, my raya is somber, but it does make me more humble.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji everyone, albeit being the fourth day of raya when this post is published.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

lone journey

Reached Kuantan safely amidst the rain.Called the pakcik teksi as early as 5am to let him know my whereabouts and he, gladly, was free to pick me up.Using Shamisha Holiday instead of Utama, and they sped like mad, mad, mad with me prayed hard , hard, hard.11 hours travelling period, with the aircond water dripped constantly on the couch.Was freezing to death, and from the menstrual pain, no less.

In a second was giving up working in Kuantan and just wanted to go somewhere else, and closer to home.

The price of being a lone traveller.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jakarta and Bandung post-mortem post

warning reminder:do not read if you can't stand lengthy babble.Or the outdated storytelling.And proceed if you always want to know about me.I do not mind.really:)

let's start the note by salivating now, shall we:)

mangga dua mall just right across the hotel

The AUTHENTIC stall.not a chance.

Ayam Goreng Suharti.The best ayam goreng in Bandung

The row of shoplots that left you breathless, and hyperventilated

Inside the Factory Outlet.Ralph Lauren must cry when he sees this

The model.The terminator I mean, really

Post-Mangga Dua Incident-explains the needs of water

No matter how horrific a year could get me, I always make sure that I have two travelling trips anywhere in the world, just for the sake of escapism.Why two you ask?Well, one is for family member travelling trip, and another one would be the best friend travelling trip.Darnnn, it makes me sound so uber rich lol!

So, for the family member travelling trip, me and the partner, we chose Jakarta and Bandung for the 3-day trip.Jakarta and Bandung because the money's cheaper, Ina hadn't been to any of these two and I wanted to shop cloths like mad.

We stayed in Jakarta for most of our trip, and Bandung was one day plan.Since we only had three days to shop and sightsee, time had to be spent wisely.Wise meant dragging the bags right after the arrival, straight to the shopping mall!Crazy I know, but it would be crazier to go and check ourselves in the hotel, and beat the craziest traffic back to the mall.It took us almost an hour just to get to the hotel, so we tried being a very good tourists by listening obediently to our taxi driver's instructions-not to go first to the hotel because it will be a massive traffic by lunch hour.Oh boy!So with the bags, and the oily face but soaring spirit, we went hunting stuffs at Tanah Abang.Managed to score few chiffon with astoundingly cheap prices that I almost wanted to spend all the money borong all the clothes *case of a mad woman went mad shopping madly :)*.

Got back to the hotel all restless, it was far more exhausted than I ever imagine, albeit being my second trip back to the busy city.Couldn't remember what Ina bought though, perhaps some knick-knacks or something like that.Haha I was too absorbed with my own findings I care less with my surroundings. After much rejuvenation, we dragged our feet back to the nearby mall, across the hotel, for dinner.I had to oppose Ina's idea to try the REAL AUTHENTIC indonesian meal served right from their cart.You go if you please, and don't blame me if you go all diarrhea later.So Pizza Hut it is.hahah, how more authentic could you get?

Second day-Bandung time.Need to catch the earliest van that will transport us to Bandung.Missed the first trip, so we had to wait for the second one, or the third (oh boy I couldn't believe I coaxed and purred an Indonesian guy to let us have the second trip!).Took us about 2 hours and a short break in their RnR to reach Bandung, and just like two lost kittens we had to find our own way to get to places in Bandung as I totally forgotten where the exact shoplots we had to go.Had the first stop in Rumah Mode (little bit overrated this place, and we just stayed for less than an hour-not much clothes appealing to the eyes, and ain't cheap either.OVERRATED as it is!).

As Ina wanted to score some jeans, and being a hopeless tourist guide this time around, I suggested we went to Heritage, at Jalan Riau.The only thing was, nobody knows where Heritage was.I couldn't even remember the exact location, but I did remember the selections of clothes were not that cheesy and sleazy.So we walked.Walked and walked and keep on walking.And because it was raining initially, the road and the drains were all clogged (imagine walking on its narrow roads where drain water kept on flowing like waterfall.Only blacker, and gross.).And up to one intersection where we couldn't move but stucked because the water flows heavily, and I WAS SPLASHED!Literally splashed from head to toe with drain water!!GROSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!.My jeans were soaked wet, my soles were all soggy and I couldn't even swallow my own saliva without thinking it was the drain water.Urghhhhh!!!!!!.So I dragged Ina to the closest shop I could find, bought a blouse and new jeans and wore it right here, right there.Gah!!so much of being an avid walking shopper.We did find Heritage in the end, but sadly they had made me cringed with the lowly quality and products.Got to the van terminal in time, and reached Jakarta at 9pm.The damage-jeans, t-shirts, blouses and some ego drained by the tank water.

You think with Bandung shopping trip we were happy as clams?No we were not, so we needed to satiate our needs at Mangga Dua Mall, just a walking distance to our hotel.Since the checkout was at 12, and the flight was in the evening, that would just give us ample time to hit the target.Soooo wrong!!The mall itself was huge, so Ina and I had to go our own way, with the plan to meet again at one of the shops after few hours (why did we agree to meet at the shop in the first place I had no idea.Mangga Dua has few blocks.And to get from one block to another, that's another mystery because you will get lost.And each block has few doorways and it's rather confusing come to think of it).So we thought we were so clever to get our own way, happily mending the shopping needs, shops after shops and when the few hours passed, I reverted back to the original meeting point, hoping I wont be that late so I wont miss Ina.30 mins, 45 mins, I couldn't still see her.The saleswoman who was mending the shop must look at me pitifully as I couldn't stop asking her.I even made the announcement in the reception centre!And it was so close to our check out time that I had to think deep, left Ina in the mall and dashed back to the hotel.That's where she will be in the end right as we knew the checkout time was at 12 and we had a flight to catch.So she had to go back to the hotel , right??She must listen to me telepathically, she had too!!!

I was literally puffing for air and about to ask the doorman about my sister, when he smiled smugly and patiently said

"adik mbak udah pulang ke hotel tadi"

Ohhhhhhhhhh telepathy!!Thank God thank God thank God it works!!(in the end it found out that Ina did wait, but in different block as she couldn't find her way back to the meeting point and she was lost and yeah.Telepathy works.).

So half and hour later, all sweaty and exhausted, we officially reached the airport, and spent the next 3 hours waiting for the scheduled flight.And silently declared that this won't be a 3 day break again, but a week or more:)

That's it.Thanks for not yawning, y'all:) LOL!!


Mom came into the room last night commanding me to change the layout of the blog, said it wasn't friendly to her eyes.Log on and to find out that she was true to her words, that my blog is no longer in its proper position.Big splotch of blue dominating the background, and hideous photobucket reminder following the cursor,gone where my pretty pink flowers used to be.Went and checked the source of my initial template, and nothing but sighing on the fact that the template creator hadn't update his/her photobucket account, resulting on the blogs losing the backgrounds.So much for playing Barbie to my blog.

So, as we can see now, I am officially reverting to Blogger templates, as un'fussy' as it can be.Even it's a tad uglier than any of my previous templates, the point here is to write blogs so you get your points across, right, right??

Okay, I am resentful because it ain't a pretty one!

let's not jinx it shall we

The great news came in September, but till now I still need to constantly pinch my flesh to affirm that I am not just dreaming on it.I am all jittery, the quavering feeling keep crawling back to the bottom pit of my stomach, churning and fidgeting on all the possibilities that shit might happen.I do not want to jinx things by saying oh okay, I am going to sail this smoothly, as foreknow by me, I could turn out to be the most jinxed person in the entire world if I keep blabbing about it too much.

Not even when you are among the luckiest to be picked to enroll in this course which cost you almost nothing, in nearby regional state. And not even when you, might possibly, be the only few candidates from the country to be honored such expenses.

Ironically, they chose you to enroll in one of your favourite field, oral communication.The field that never turns me down as I always enjoyed any classes that involve the skills.And how the field that was perceived so comfortable before that I feel so inadequate now, I have no idea.I seriously have no slightest idea what made it sounds so freaking nightmarish. That I would succumb myself to be one huge embarrassment to myself.That I would stutter throughout my 4-weeks stints.That I couldn't even produce one humble piece of assignment.That I would go short of money that I start to lock myself in the hotel room.That I start failing miserably in the group works yada yada yada.Oh boy.

Maybe I should just stop yapping on the unforeseen events and start living for the moment.Because it's the proudest moment in my career that I should just relish and put the big smile on my face

Sunday, October 16, 2011


How's that for luncheon menu today?Haha, one of many perks of living on your own is designing and judging your own takes (takdelah menu nasik hari hari, dak gitu?).As for these past few days my tummy has not been collaborating well with my lust for food, so I guess I have to start conceptualising the menu to be more tummy-friendly.So there, straight from the kitchen and the heart, the spicy italian pasta with a dash of bird eye chillies.Kelassss kau Maria!! Nama nak best jer.What is so tummy-friendly about bird eye chillies anyway.Gah!So wrong, tummy-friendly here is the need of spiciness:). And being a loyal Malaysian eater, spiciness is what needed in a plate of food.

So here's the recipe for a wonderful afternoon meal (especially untuk cik Ina.Sila no cubaaa)

Prawn and chicken.The more the merrier.They made a good team these two :)
Julienne-cut carrots (my only source of veggie)
4 shallots-thinly sliced
Loads of crushed garlic
4 to 5 stalks of bird eye chillies-slice too.Add more if you want extra zing!
salt and pepper-I used coarsely grounded black pepper
McCormick Italian herbs
Splash of virgin oil to fry

The actions

Fry the shallots and garlic together.Add salts and pepper. I used it lots.Then add your carrots.Took a while to make it tender, then go put your source of meats in there.And don't forget the chillies.Do add the McCormick Italian herbs.I put some just because it works so well with pasta.And finally, your already boiled pasta.Ready to gobble!

Have I told you that I even plan to bake some muffins and pie too?ahhahahaha

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday is my idle-ness day

Okay my day has not been that fruitful much.Given that it is the end of the weekend and body has used all the energy preserved for the rest of the week.My kids are in the midst of their MUET dreaded paper, speaking what else, and spent the whole week listening obediently (despite stifling few unintended yawns in between, lol!) on their practices (in fact there are going to be groups coming after 4pm on Friday.God grief!)

So what's the plan tomorrow you ask.After the last Saturday hiatus, I don't think I could manage one more week without having proper sleeps (read:wake up only at NOON..ehhe).Thus that's the plan, catching up with all those missed slumbers!Oh, I still need to hit Giant for grocery shopping.It's crazy not having anything to eat literally at home.And these peeps at work even plan to throw a pot luck on Monday (more grocery shopping, yeah!).And..and the house needs some tender loving care too.The living room, the washroom, the kitchen, I am so beyond energy to work out muscles cleaning the house.

Mentioning food, it's little bit weird that I kind of losing appetite towards heavy meal.Like, the other night, I couldn't even barely gobble the 10 sticks satay (it's a veryyyyyyyyy skinny satay I tell you!), but gets reallyyy really hungry in the morning after.Plus, drinking nescafe makes me a little bit bloated and nauseous.Urghh..

So there, my short updates.Should be more but my laziness is ruling everything for now.Mwahhhh:)'s not going to be a NOON wakey-up day.Just remembered that I have to bring the new baby for a 10k service.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Hay sugar.Sorry for the long pause.Do I want to defend my action of going too long?Nah, I don't think so.I am pretty much alive, kicking and living.The ultimate enemies were just boredom and laziness.Boredom of retelling the same stories over and over again, and laziness to even telling the new ones.It's pretty much being the silent story teller.

Don't worry, I'll be creeping back to the blog sphere once it's all set and done:)

much ado about nothing



Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yogurt day

I can imagine licking the spoonful of those creamy vanilla and red velvet yogurt, chewing on the fresh strawberry and all the delectable garnishes on top of it.Or tucking myself with a plate of grilled juicy chicken, or smashed beef, accompanying by the hot sambal in AP ayam penyet.Or just strolling endlessly and aimlessly along the walkway in East Coast Mall, or just donning my comfy tank top and snuggly pants, cruising every tv channels from Astro, resting on that blue couch at home.

AHHHHHHHHH...dream on it!~

Cause it's Saturday and it is a working Saturday, where your fun are all about attending classes.

And not helping that they even switched the aircond off, whoever the moron is.

Darnnnnnn....i just want my yogurtt!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wish you're here

Just wish she is here back in Kuantan so it won't be this hassle making such a simple decision.
Guess i just miss us and u a lot..

Monday, June 20, 2011

the art of impart

Dealing with a 'stony-face' make me realize the utmost important thing..

Communication skill is not inherited, but learned.

And adding to that I might as well put this one too,

The way you communicate with people, regardless who you are, will bring you one notch higher in the society, or lower.

I don't know how other people learn to communicate (since everybody knows how to speak), but I learned mine through vigorous observation from people around me, consciously or not.My better teachers would probably these people I interact or interacted everyday in my life, be it parents, relatives, friends, 'frienemy' or even strangers I encountered unintentionally by chance. I might do mistakes myself in managing myself with other people, committing some error prior from my weak judgement. But I acquire, aware of what faulty that I have done so I would be better being in the future, and so my communication with other human beings can be done smoothly and delicately without leading to any misunderstanding.I know I do not deal with robot, and such, people I dealt with have feelings too.And amusing how good or bad communication easily trigger different feelings from people.These, as humble human who is still learning, learned of what kind of communication should be followed and to be avoided.

1)Eye contact.Looking people right in the eyes will only tell you one thing, that you are a brave persona, even though you are at the wrong side of the fight.It takes effort to look at one's eye and say whatever you want to say (even a simple SORRY), because then it will depict how honest you are with your feeling.

2)You do not have to yell to get your points crossed.I've learned this through my previous relationship.Probably the only way we communicate was by comparing how loud and shrilly we could be.Yelling when you're mad , nothing helpful about that.It doubles the shrillness.

3)It could only be one speaker in between you two.One has to end up being listener, and to listen well and be calm no matter how much you want to explode inside for just being a speaker.

4)After the good job being a listener, then we could reply sensibly to all the points debated.And mr/ms speaker, now is the time for you to shut the &*%^* up and take the listening seat:)

5)You do not need to argue right away with every opposite speech that your brain does not want to process.I argued greedily, it is my sore points and it still take me time to master the art of 'not arguing for the first 2 minutes' rule.

6)Stop doing everything that you do, at once, when people approach you with serious matters.It takes people's gut to come and see you and talk to you personally (your win), but such a loser for not taking their seriousness into account (your lose).You just make yourself look so vulnerable and weak by making yourself busy doing other tasks while those people is having 'serious conversation ' with you because seriously, you just look plain vulnerable, get it?

7)Say sorry and thank you.Is that hard to articulate these two simple words in your daily conversation?

Friday, June 17, 2011

girls week out

I so love hanging out...especially when your own clans are together!!

Jakun atau tidak, I just figured out Baskin Robbin has the most creamy, exquisite chocolate mint ice cream I've ever had!Dua orang yang EKSYEN tak nak ice cream, spoon feeding themselves with my ice cream, all gone even before we reached the car park!

My gorgeous queen

Having mama and aten over for a week was like a highlight of the month. Frequent visitor to my crib and has had the plan to come over to Kuantan months back, this time around Aten had succeeded in coaxing mama to tag along. It was a major suprise since mama normally travelled with abah, and not as a solo traveler. Well am i complaining? fact i was over the moon having them both as the royalty to my humble crib (sebab rumah aku despite ada flat screen tivi and all the machines dan juga dua jenis internet, adalah sangat bersepah sepah and tak cantik.hek!).Tried persuading abah to join the trip but he had to pass since there were lots of works to be handle in the office.Seemed like it was girls' week out yeah!Just at the same time wishing that Ina would join too, then it'll be perfect:)

Thankfully, both of them secured the tickets to and fro and got the same trip as i was!Kind of worried mama couldn't handle being in the bus for good 12 hours but she survived!Having burgers and chicken rice as dinner on the bus, it felt like having a school trip when you were 15.Hehe..

Got to be in the office the morning we reached Kuantan.Sucker yeah but what to's a working week and I am doomed to handful of classes.Nak berjimba -jimbanan, then it has to be done after 5.Funny was, they were readily dressed up once I reached home to fetch them both.:).First night, we had dinner at the newly opened eatery of Ayam Penyet.Real sucker for ayam penyet, I couldn't resist but vetoed everybody so we could dine there.Haha..not bad, and mama seemed to love her ayam penyet.Her only comment...'takdak kuah!'

Big momma and lil sista.mwahhh:)

Starting day two, mama started going all ga ga over my house.I mean, she wanted to clean everything.Mopping, dusting, washing, rearranging, you name it.I am sorry for lil sister since she was pushed to join forces.Hehe..sorry...The one thing that could make my mom transform into a cleaning robot is by doing all the cleanups herself.Really, I didn't want her to work hard polishing everything here, I mean this was her holiday and she deserved some R&R.But I guess nothing could stop her and as long as it made her happy, I'll be happy too (I would be crazy NOT to be happy when my house is spotless clean and licin berseri seri!!Oh gembira!).As she told her readers in her blog, cleaning is part of the hobby she indulges in.My hobby?Making a mess of it after few months (hey, mama and aten even bet on the cleanliness state of the fans coming few weeks later!ahhahhaa)

Since I work all day, the only doable things we could do were to go out for dinner and some shopping spree.Brought them both to all the available shopping malls in Kuantan and had afternoon tea munching on sata and all things fried (let them tried udang and ikan celup tepung in one of the famous spot in Tanjung Lumpur (dang I have none of the pictures in the camera!). And Friday was to treat them for lunch at Caribbean Cafe in Gambang Waterpark Resort (just 10 minutes from where I live, how cool is that?).

Sending both of them home was the last thing I want to do.True, we did nothing fancy except moping around the house and 'mopping' too for mama, but thruthfully I want them to stay longer because once they started the journey home on that very Friday, I just feel needy all over again.Thanks for coming and love you

Girls, let's have the 'weekend fun' again!

new dress!

I've found out my way getting out of the stress..

Change your whole look of the blog, witt witt!!

and I've got to thank,they got wonderful bunch of cool looking background that I could get my hand on whenever I get bored with the recent. Playing dress-up for the blog is like having new dresses for your Barbie.

It's fun fun fun!!

I, with the stoney-faced creature

I was about to hit my 10 am class when I got a call from the receptionist.

Rec:lyn, kereta kelisa parking dekat belakang kan? (your car is parked behind right?)
me: err..a ah...
Rec: ada orang langgar kereta lyn ni..yada..yada..yada (somebody hits your car....)

and her voice trailing off while I chanted my mantra. 'Kenot be angry..kenot be angry..It's's friday..' and despite a bit of quevering lips and close to swear f.c.u.k, i kept my composure at the normal beat. And began to have a good listening session to whatever the receptionist is explaining.

Rec: dia langgar sikit..pecah plat kereta sikit..calar sikit...(just a slow soft hit, not much just some broken plate and bit of scratches)
me: ada kemek tak??? (is there any dent??)
and i heard some other voice at the back try to help with the explaination.
me: eh orang yang langgar tu ada situ ke?apasal dia tak.cakap sendiri dengan olin? (is she there?why can't she explain it herself?) rudeness number one noted.
Rec:eh heheh..nanti dia call lyn balik.

Okay.first thing first.You are such a ..... WITH A STONE-FACED look.I went down to the office to have better description from her, and looked like she was having good time indulging her breakfast, and FREAKING EAT while talking to me (rudeness number two noted) .That is so damn rude. First, you do not apologize for whatever wreck you do to my car.Second, I feel close to kick her right in the mouth for not stopping from her breakfast and explaining it nicely (cuba kau bayang, kau yang turun sembah dia, and dia tengah sedap dok melahap breakfast. Sambil tangan sumbat nasik dalam mulut, sambil buat muka toya, sambil dok cakap dengan aku. Suwey sangat kan?). Asked how we should settle this and all i got as a reply '...macam mana eh?'. Macam mana apa?? biatch, kau dah langgar kau bayar la, takkan aku nak ajak kau mandi manda kat gambang waterpark!!!.Memang la bodoh punya soalan. And she keeps on saying that my parking space made her hard to maneuver her car, and the road is 'sempit'.Now listen, when i park my car, i follow 2 rules.

1) bear other people's car in mind
2) only then you can bear your car in mind

In short, I won't park somewhere that is hard for me to manouver my car away from other people's car, or vice versa.I labeled that kinda people who do not bother thinking about other people as bonehead, so i don't dare to be called the same. And when somebody told me in the face that my parking space make it so 'sempit', all I could do it to hold breathe and to not yell, RETARD!!. You are the one getting off the parking, you are the one hitting my bumper and leaving scratches and yet you blame the inexistence of the' sempit' parking lot? Are you blind or what?Oh maybe you are, since you already know it is 'sempit', but still wanted to steer your big car and DO NOT BOTHER calling the receptionist so the receptionist could inform me to move my car away, since you are that incompetent of driving. You ONLY BOTHER to call when you finally hit someone's car.Hell yeah!

Please don't jaw-dropped and do that ugly stoney face when the bill comes.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a slap in the face

Doing bloghopped tonight really make me all jittery.And that comes from all the writing penned by another 13 year old kiddo (by any means, i am not referring to overrated Datin Milano, so boring already that one). This kid, in comparison to Datin, is more immaculate with her English (which somehow has driven me to read more more more dan tak rasa menyampah sangat).Yeah she's full of the F words too, but that's not really the concern now.

She wrote about relationship and being dumped, friendship and school, among other.No problem you say?Yeah, no problem when she wrote about schools and friendship and all about being ordinary 13 year old girl.But when she started yakking on the relationship and such?Now that's totally no brainer!.Telling people how she being dumped by guys, and her guy is yet to be snatched by other girls, you know, Slot Samarenda kinda plot you watch every afternoon in Tv3?That sort of things.And at the same time, she did discuss (seriously) on some issues regarding relationship.Like, seriously.Wake up girl!You are 13 for heaven's sake.There are more to life for a 13 year old girl could indulge into.Why bother splitting your brain into two thinking about how sucky your life is being dumped by guys and the chemical reaction in the relationship?It is not a rocket scientist that you have to learn it from the very young age.Geez, do kids nowadays think they gonna marry the same guy they play jongkang -jongket with?Thankfully, she doesn't say anything about her virginity unlike that dumb datin milano.

My 13 year old didn't involve me being a worrywart about how and who should i date.Or when should i go out with guys.Because that would not ever happen!I got two very very strict adults in my house, watching us like a pair of hawks.Hanging out with boys meant hanging out in school, doing folio, school project or sukan sekolah. When the event/work over, then it's over. No prolonged date to the KFC, or malls, or movies.I got picked up by abah, or rode my bike home. Itupun tak pernah ada niat nak melencong.Nak pergi makan with my other 13 year old girl friends at Diana's Fried Chicken (the closest we had before KFC.ahhh, memory!) pun menangis mintak nak pergi.Malls were to be attended with the parents.Guys didn't call home for no purpose (infact, there were close to none because abah has the booming voice that made most boys peed in the pants and mama would just stare with the icy look and stand, hands folded, infront of the housephone table.You think you could just act brave and talk?No way, we are friggin' scared that way.

Reading the girl's blog made me wonder, am i ready to be the mother?Would i just be numb if my kid's story being plastered on the net?How would i do if i got to know that people talk about my kid's virginity?Would i slap her and disown her and cry like mad?what?what??

While chatting with my little sister, Aten said,
'nih baru 13, kalau umur dia 20 apa dia tulis agaknya'
and i said,
'dia tulis la pasal orange peel dan suntik botox pulak khen???'

Kids, you are now 13 going 31.

Please noted.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Someone Like You:)

How many of you really subscribe for Warna or Mustika package just because you could all be tickle to death by Kumpulan Jambu's joke? Or to be much entertained by the stand-up comedy of Nabil?Tskkkkk...You know what, I don't have to pay a dime to have a good laugh all the day long. I have my reason.

That's right people!I have my abah in the house!

And this is the essay about abah, the funnyman in the house.

My abah is a businessman. And as a local businessman slash contractor slash pekerja syarikat, he is known as one serious boss at the workplace. He meant business when it involves his company and and contracts that he is tendering. Guarding almost 3o workers under RCS, it is not easy not to be mad when things get a little bit uncontrollable and out of hands. And yes, he is one strict boss (used to be her kuli so i knew.ehhehehe)

But one strict boss does has his funny moment. For 31 years, I know my abah as someone who never brings the angry face home to his kids, tiredness yes, but not the look 'I-am-pissing off-with the workers-so-don't bother-talking' kind of look.Never. He always knows how to reply certain things with certain amount of jokes and funny punchlines. And Ina follows, i mean when combining them both, they could easily replace Ajis Satar and S.Shamsudin hahahahah.True, my abah is the comic relief of the house.


Bapak kau mampooo??

And abah is one advisor too, with mama in line definitely. I could not EVER make any decision without involving those two.I mean, ya lah they are parents and all, but how many times do you call home reporting every wonderful or stressful events or every serabut decision that you couldn't solve, to them? Well, i do. Sometimes he could be too stern that nobody would dare debating the issue and on the very good day, he will accept the idea openheartedly (we did have the debate of me, or any malay women dating westerners.A very heated debate. Well, that was before abah got to meet 'Encik Jamil', which a total relief that in the end he seems okay with the whole idea.Love youlah abah:)).

True enough, abah gave his insight of the guys I dated and am dating, and never forgets to ask about James wellbeings and could feel that he is happy that i am happy, finally. And whose dad patiently enough to accompany her daughter to the session, everytime 'the days' came, to meet the judge and the lawyers who could be his own friends, that might know him and might talk about my family? Would he let me walk it on my own?No.Never.And that is the reason i put my head high everytime i had to sit on the bench, waiting for the fate because i knew my abah and mama would be there, shameful or not.

So, on this very wonderful day, toast to my abah for being my survivor, my hero, my saviour, and to make me believe that together with mama, the world is the best place to be for a pitiful daughter like me.

From the very bottom of my heart, Happy Father's Day, Mr Rosli Saad!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

cat in the hat

All aboard!

Getting them into the carriers is way too easy!

Doesn't calm me much when it costs rm49 for a small tube!

shy schmokey

naughty humphrey

I am not too sure whether i have blogged about these two adorable creatures before, or i have been contemplating and procrastinating on the entry as it has been ages. And being ages produce laziness.To the max.But i can't abstain myself to blab about these two, it is cuteness we're talking here!
Last few weeks ago , or probably months back, Ina gave me a chance to get hold of her two babies.Well, to be honest, i was kinda toying with the ideas of bringing kittens home as i never fit to care for another beings, regardless how i proclaimed myself as a self-besotted cat lover, but having cats at home with no helps at all.Now that seems impossible, and yet exciting at the same time.

And i brought the cuteness home, giving them each spoonful of 'relaxing jello' (which weirdly smell of honey but taste like fish, eww!), placing them into each of the housies and 'porter'ing them all the way up to the fourth floor.

And yey, we, i mean..I, made if for the next two weeks with no hiccups at all.They seemed to be liking the new place so much, and to the extent they even 'torn-wrecked' my sofa.They knew where to poo and pee , without me having to lock them all up in the toilet (a way to let the feline getting used to their litter box), i mean we just got home, and they started scampering around the house and the least i could do was to carry them and let them smell the sands and letting them free.Pheww, thankfully, there were none of the those bobies'trap (Thank God!) round the house.

I just wish they could stay a little bit longer.I might not be the best cat keeper, but I know I am the best cat lover and doesn't a cat lover eventually be a cat keeper?

And this cat lover is soooooooooooooooooooooooo missing them terribly:(

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Adults say the darndest, no, the stupidest thing

Sometimes, it's better to bite your tongue and not say anything stupid because stupidity is meant for people who keep on yapping on the stupidest thing that definitely make them look stupid.

Be blogging bout this soon!

letting go

I took my love and I took it down
I climbed a mountain and I turned around
And I saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills
Well, the landslide brought me down

Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love
Can the child within my heart rise above
Can I sail through the changing ocean tides
Can I handle the seasons of my life

Well, I've been afraid of changin'
Cause I've built my life around you
But time gets bolder
Even children get older
And I'm getting older too

So take this love and take it down
Yeah, and if you climb a mountain and you turn around
And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills
Well, the landslide brought it down

(landslide, fleetwood mac)

It's really, really hard letting you go and you know it, don't you?

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

you ain't strong till you're tested

My friend's hubby gotten into accident had me startled somehow.She texted us yesterday's morning saying the car drove by her husband hit the lorry parked at the emergency lane.Probably he was sleepy, and swerved the car into the unfortunate direction. The crash made him injured his head, and some fractured bones, but the worse case of all, he is suspected to have brain tumor, and only an MRI scan which due to be done today can confirm this.

Oh god.

I hope my dear bubbly friend would be strong enough to face the news.They had even worse events before, she herself used to be very very sick, but has brace herself to face all the hardship with the help of her dearest husband.They are together through thick and thin, and alhamdulilah, all is well now.So i know, another challenge in life , like this one, would not break her, because God loves her enough to test her with other life's event.

Yet again,we have to be in her place to even know how she feels.To my dear friend, all that i can say, be strong and keep on praying.

Because He listens.

Friday, April 29, 2011

ground zero

Have you ever had those days when you feel you are at your weakest, and everything that you did have been fruitless, or when you feel that you have not done enough for other people's sake, and you want to pick up other's burden and make it your own.And when you somehow close to disregard all the positivity because you feel you have been defeated by the nature?

now i wish i have superpowers to omit anything temperamental.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

mari masak masak!

rosemary and lemon roasted chicken

homemade burgers and shoestring fries (oily!)

cheezy pizza (minus the veggie)

piping hot baked macaroni and cheese

again..the baked stuff:)

but still, i don't really fancy cooking:)

the steel woman

She used to never letting me be free,
catching me in places that I know I shouldn't be,
Every other day I crossed the line
I didn't mean to be so bad,
I never thought you would become a friend I never had

Back then I didn't know why,
Why you were misunderstood (mama),
So now I see through your eyes,
all that you did was love

I didn't want to hear it then but
I'm not ashamed to say it now,
Every little thing you said and did was right for me,
I had a lot of time to think about,
about the way I used to be,
Never had a sense of my responsibility.

(mama, spice girls 1996)

it is just a snippet of a song, but how a snippet could actually be the whole story teller to describe an unconditional feeling of love.
To the irreplaceable woman in my life, thanks for keeping up with the rebellious, the ever so stubborn, the tear maker, the temperamental silly me.To keep and have the same faith you have had since the last 31 years. To all the joys and sorrow you share and shared.I could not ever repay anything, except of making you the contented woman on earth, which i am dutifully trying, insya allah.

Mama, the steel woman of the house, there's nothing i could promise except the happiness that you deserve and pray that you will always be under His care and love, till eternity.

Happy blessed birthday mummy, and i love you so so much:)

Monday, April 18, 2011

do i neeeeeeeeeed it?

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the temptation. I feel the need to change it, but not the obligation to do it.I feel the desire to have it, but not the urge.Is that really really necessary?Ive done the hunting, too bad the stuff is not there and we (I) could just stare longingly at the picture.Ha ha.

Now i need help in making decision coz i'm about to make a bigggggg purchase after 2004:)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

partner tagged:)

let's see how good i am about him :))

1. He’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
He probably would be watching almost everything

2. You’re out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
Easy peasy, ha ha ha. He definitely goes for Ceasar's dressing.

3. What’s one food he doesn’t like?
This Miow miow brand asam jawa pedas gula.He just couldn't understand why am i so freaking crazy about it.

4. You go out to eat and have a drink. What does he order?
He would order IceBlog, that ice pearl drink, over and over and over again.

5. Where did he go to high school?
High school in sunshiny San Fran

6. What size shoes does he wear?
Bigggg one, because the last time we went shoes shopping, the shop didn't even have his size, or even ever ordered it.

7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be?
I doubt he likes to collect anything.If any, that would be me (junk collector!haha)

8. What is his favorite type of sandwich?
Anything cheesy, preferably with feta cheese.And he does like any kind of sandwiches

9. What would this person eat every day if he could?
veggie, urghh..

10. What is his favorite cereal?
emm, cornflakes with milk?

11. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do?
Sweet as he is, i don't think he wishes anything i wouldn't do.Or maybe he is silently wishing me to stop merajuk so much?

12. What is his heritage?
He is some part of Polish

13. What is his favorite color?
Black.I love him black, he loves me black

14. What is his habit?
Sweet drinks overdose.Kills me and can't stop babble bout this.Might as well just eat raw sugar then, yes?

15. What is he proud of?
He's proud of his mom.Anak manja, ok?

16. Lastly, do you think he will read this?
He does read the blog without me knowing!

Okaylah,to be honest, i am missing him, which sesaja nak buat tag bout him, since soalan not that mencabar haha..:)

Friday, April 15, 2011

mama, sila la buat

Date: 14th April 2011
Starting Time: 10.05 am
Reason for doing the tag: I am in the middle of the cubicle spring cleaning and need some break :)
Finishing Time:11.11 am

1. What time did you get up this morning?
I believe the alarm rang me up at 6.00am, but only officially waking up at 6.45 am

2. How do you like your steak?
I don't really dig on steak, so i don't bother.

3. What is your favorite TV show?
For now, it's going to be Cougar Town and Masterchef US (it's a rerun but who's freaking care:0).and yes, my Richard Castle of course:)

4. What was the last movie you saw at the cinema?
Battle: Los Angeles with Paen, and im counting on Pirates, yey~

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Seriously, anywhere close to Encik Bear.Or anywhere sandwiching between California and Negaraku Malaysia.

6. What did you have for breakfast?
Behun goreng. As usual, i couldn't finish itlah

7. What is your favorite cuisine?
I am not a picky eater but i am definitely licking my plate for ayam penyet

8. What foods do you dislike?
Anything vegetables. Rasa seperti zirafah.

9. Favorite Place to Eat?
Arip in Kuala Perlis for its ikan bakar and sotong goreng tepung, this small little hideout cafe somwhere in the island that serve the best drink and finger foods and anywhere that serves ayam penyet (duhh, i took more than 5 minutes to think of the answers for this question!)

10. Favorite dressing?
Ceasar Salad. Pbear taught me how to eat veggie, and this is the ONLY green veggie dish i could swallow and added bonus that i love the dressing too.

11.What kind of vehicle do you drive?
Kereta kecik tetapi gojes (walaupun comot)

12. What are your favorite clothes?
Minidress and legging for now

13. Where would you visit if you had the chance?
Short term plan, Bali Bali and Bali again. Long term plan, Pleasant Hill. Definite plan, meeting the Maker at the rightful place

14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?
Sadly, no matter how i want to be one cup full, i end up pouring out 1/2 part of it

15. Where would you want to retire?
I really , really don't know.I just want to retire peacefully in somewhere peaceful.

16. Favorite time of day?
My birthday. Woot..woot!

17. Where were you born?
Hospital Besaq Kangaq

8. What is your favorite sport to watch?
Syncronised swimming. Don't laugh, i dreamt to be one.

9. Are you a morning person or a night person?
Definitely a morning person.Aku rasalah :)

10. Do you have any pets?
Not my own but the old folks' at home. But i love my feline siblings to bits seperti anak sendiri gituu..

11. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share?
haha, for now i think i would like to keep some to myself

12. What did you want to be when you were little?
Nak keja yang boleh main mekap mekap dan cantik cantik.Gedik gila.Tampar kang.

13. What is your best childhood memory?
Everytime people gathered to celebrate my birthdays.Nothing can't beat that.

14. Are you a cat or dog person?
Both.Religion reason, it's not practical to be a dog person so i go for cat.

15. Are you married?
Not yet

16. Always wear your seat belt?
hahahha.A MUST! Semua orang naik kereta comot itu wajib pakai tali pinggang keledar

17. Been in a car accident?
Yep, langgar montot kereta Honda.I wasn't the driver, so i wasn't terribly guilty

18. Favorite Pizza Toppings?
Abundant of cheeeeeeeeeeeese.

19. Favorite Flower?
I LOVE FLOWERS.give me a bouquet!

20. Favorite ice cream?
mint chocolate chip ice cream.Okay, i want one now.

21. Favorite fast food restaurant?
KFC and Mek Di

22. How many times did you fail your driver's test?
Boleh tak, tak nak mengaku tak gagal walaupun gagal kali pertama ujian mendaki bukit?Hahaha..

23. From whom did you get your last email?
Air asia:)

24. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
I haven't maxed out on anything, yet. But i have this premonition it's going to be on any flight companies hahah

25. Do anything spontaneous lately?
Pegi main boling pagi pagi 'buta'. I mean, the shopping complex was just starting its operation and we were already inside.

26. What was your favorite vacation?
Brissy trip for the shopping perfume sampai nak pengsan.

27. Last person you went out to dinner with?
Paen at the Shahzan's Inn

28. What time did you finish this quiz?
11.11 am! An hour for a break?? Kau memang malas kemas cubicle sebenarnya kan?

mama, i dare you to do this:) and im tagging za za za zarina

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I am 8!


EIGHT be called an educator:)! Eight years that i am guiding my own direction, holding the profession since i was 23!My facebook is super fancy today, with the anniversary wishes from old mates who used to work with me in the same matriculation, and from some who already move to the different routes and paths.I am definitely in super jolly mood, knowing for the reason that i am holding, and breathing the responsibility of one of the noblest job in the world.And boy i don't have any regret to say the least. I am happy for who and what i am (emm..maybe not for some particular doleful moments), but honestly, i am blessed with my undertakings, to know that some people out there who still suffering from the job hunting process, and for me to be granted this job even before i graduated!Sweet, isn't it?

Though, personified an educator is not something to be taken for granted.Your nature of work needs you to be all knowledgeable, fun, lovable and stress-free.In short, you can't mirror whatever emotional turbulences you feel inside for the sake of those innocent faces you meet everyday in college.Those innocent faces who await for you to deliver another set of engaging knowledge.Fighting with your boyfriend and crying till the night ends? Or personal issues stressing out the brain till it numbs? Well, just need to cover those black , puffy eyes with some concealers and put the biggest smile ever and walk to the class with the confidence bigger than your miseries.The process of personality switching is not easy, but one has to do it.One who never has been trained, but learning it from experiences.

When i was still a teenager who had no definite ambition and whose goal changed every month, i silently made a self-declaration that a teacher wasn't something i intended to do.Or to give a thought about. No matter how much mom brought back stories about her cute experiences with those kids at the schools, or no matter how many presents she got every time there was Hari Guru Sekolah, i wouldn't move from my initial declaration.I despise being a teacher, seriously.It was something that spelled unglamorous, something that everyone could do.Where's the challenge of it , i asked. And i rolled my eyes everytime mom announced she was loved by the students because the students or the teachers remembered her even though she was no longer teaching or working with them.They did that just out of courtesy, didn't they?DIDN'T THEY?

And came 2003, i had to swallow my own self-made declaration.I have worn the name tag that i witnessed my mom put on every working day.I conducted the same work using the same language that my mom was so good at. I had the same smile and giddiness that my mom had when the kids bowled her over with the admiration and praises. I had the same cry that mom probably had over unfinished work related issue. And adding up, i hope i do have the same ethics that mom embraced throughout her professional years.And to answer my earlier question, is everyone entitles to be a teacher? Honestly, I doubt that.True, during my downiest moment, i had the urge to change my path to something more challenging, more extravaganza, and of course, pays monstrous. But it makes me think deep because of these..

I am an educator, maybe i am born to be one and there is nothing more jubilant to know that your unglamorous, small degree of work hopefully have helped hundreds, or maybe thousand of people achieving their dreams:).And to quote the wise words from Anas r.a, those who teach useful knowledge to others and for as long as the others practise the knowledge, are bestowed with pahala even after their demise.

happy 8th anniversary, and toast to another 27 years to come!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

one's cake is dough

You have bestowed upon us challenge after challenge.We cried, we mourned, we saddened on things happen beyond our expectation, but we wake up, we thank You for it and restart all over again.We stop sighing, we pick up the pieces and we build new ones.We learn that we are the chosen ones.The challenges have gotten the better of us.You love us dearly to grant us all the trials and tribulations we thought we could never survive.

But please, dear You, this time, love us enough to consent him the job he genuinely needed.That he truly wishes for.

Because the despair look on his face for the dashing hope is the last thing we want to see for now.

Just, please.

Friday, April 08, 2011

friday the 8th

On Friday the 8th, I..

1) am thanking God that it's already Friday!! (2 more weeks for the payday y'all!!)
2) am updating the already rusty blog web of mine, which collect more cobwebs than visitors.sob..sob..
3) completed my SKT and my tax revenue earlier than expected.And got rebate in return.Yeyyyyyy!!
4) almost, close in cleaning up the mess in the workplace, literally.I still have not done 'recycling' all the papers, and dumping it all at once in one large black plastic bag.
5) couldn't stop munching on the pineapple tarts, Rota prawn crackers and the enormous guava with its asam serbuk provided by Azlin, and couldn't stop exchanging gossip while at it.
6) am surfing the flight for 'those' affordable trips i hope i could go.No, scratch that. That I want to go.
7) am spending the afternoon babbling to Pbear bout all things unimportant
8) again, thanking God that it's Friday~~~~~

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the big guy

It was 3 years ago that i first laid my eyes on him, after the long anticipation, he was finally introduced to me officially.I remembered crying, to see him for the first time.The feeling was indescribable, i was mending heart crushed of that devastating affair, and at the same time getting overwhelmed with the joy to be introduced to this new guy. The new guy who i can't stop adore.

And truthfully, he made me forgot for a split second how messy my life was at that time.I kissed him, touched him and to know that despite all despairs, he will be one hero that could bring smiles to anyone around him, and me obviously.

And throughout that 2 years together, we were practically together, three of us.The moment he being left behind was close to none.We brought him whenever we went...the mall, the hospital, the city, you name it, and he shared whatever stories we talked about.There was no dull moment when he was around.We have the world on our own. The world where he was only a small baby, the baby of my best friend and given the chances to love him is a bliss, and to know that he somehow cure the empty hole in my heart.

Dear emot, you made me believe that love comes in the strangest moment.The moment that yiyin lose 'it', yiyin knows that yiyin has you in return.Happy birthday my dear little boy, we might not share that moments together anymore, but please know that auntie loves you to bits, and wish you all happiness in the world.

sayanggg dia:)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

saving earth can't be done in an hour

Let see what we, or i have done to save the mother earth, and believe me, it is nothing close to an hour work:)

a) complying the fact that saturday is a no bag day, and it means NO to 20 cents per plastic bag too

b) letting my kids share the worksheet in class, without me having to make copies for each one of them.30 pieces of papers to be shared/recycled among 18o students, now that is what we called tree saving:)

c) to never have any intention now or in the near future for a fully air conditioned apartment

d) using less water, to not let the water runs while you are brushing teeth or washing faces or changing the contact lenses (old habit die hard!)

e) recycling the newspaper/ old magazines by making fun English lesson (saving your time finding materials that's for sure lol)

f) littering the highway..NOT .Forgive me mother earth for I had sinned before:(.

g) to not producing soapsuds from laundry much by of course, not doing laundry too often:).and yes, electricity save!

h) reusing the cooking oil to the maximum use, and filling empty mineral bottle with used cooking oil instead of just spilling the rest of them onto your kitchen sink (trust me it 's less messy this way:)

i) using discarded printed papers as scrap papers (just don't understand why i cant make this a habit, still!)

so there, few ways to be an earth lover and i don't even have to burn a kilo joule to make this happen.
Happy Earth Hour, peeps

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have a brother, in fact he is the only brother we have in the family.The fact that i do not talk much about him does not mean we are estranged sibling, but more to say we are siblings in our very own way.Truthfully, i might not know every personal details, and little quirks about my only brother, up until now.

Until he stays with me for a while.

Little do i know, that my brother does like to talk, to discuss about movies, or any documentaries we have both seen on the telly.Little do i know that my brother, albeit his tad reclusive way, do like sharing his stories, his opinion, his feeling, and knowing how to open up. Now that i know my brother likes to help clean the kitchen, not minding him a bit to pick up my dirty plate, without me asking him too.Now that i know my brother does work his way to be employed, that he did all the 'googling' job, finding the address of those likeable places to work, and will be working on my laptop every single day, updating his resume' and such. That my brother is a very appreciative guy, who never say no to anything that i cook, instead just gladly have whatever i serve him.That my brother doesn't mind forking out expenses for the house, pretty much to my dismay, because i don't want him to spend money on that because he is not working and such and i really, really don't mind helping him out at all.I do these all because of just one reason.

For he is the only brother that we have.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Roast lyn:)

Hey you, i know i have stopped scribbling words and all that rambles, but i am not stopping entirely, just halting for a while.I was busy for the whole month of January, and am trying to get over the 'missing you i might cry' phase in February :(.Never know saying goodbye could be that hard, even it means just for a temporary departing, finger crossed..

Okay, somber mood aside, it's time for the monthly grocery shopping.

When people say being sad makes you hungry, little do i know it could be true in the saying. Let's see, gloomy people turn hungry easy, and gloomy people with the paycheck are hungry for a real cookout at home.Just look at the trolley, and mind you, these are the catch for less than 10 minutes being in Giant. And mind you, i was in Giant for more than 10 minutes, uhh ohh..

Pick and pay. So what do you plan to cook, Miss Spender?

I want to whip up something that include these in the recipe:).Now now, no matter how repeatedly I told pbear that cooking is not my forte, i do have the moment when the urge to be the Masterchef wannabe comes. Even when it comes not so often..haha:)

All that you need, baby.

Chicken breast, lemon juice, pounded cloves of garlic, rosemary, chopped parsley, sprinkled olive oil and butter to moist, pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Leave to marinate for 15 minutes (in which I disobeyed, i put it to roast after 5 minutes, so I thought it won't be juicy as expected, can't blame a hungry woman in hurry now, can you?).And oh, the potatoes and long beans to be roasted together with the chicken, so it would absorb the juices (and fat, of course..heheh). I don't really know the ideal duration to roast the chicken, so i guess 30 minutes will do.

And...this is how my 30 minutes turn out to be:).....

Lemon and rosemary roasted chicken, and yeah, it tastes awwwwwwsome!!!

ps:thanks to my blog-surfing skill, i came across this one blog, and she's the one with the recipe:)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i've got you


for letting my goofiest self looks so immaculately perfect
and for making me believing in things i once forgotten:)

Saturday, January 08, 2011

painting the town red

a camera is a spot on!

see, he wanted to get out of the room once in a while and sing his heart out!

hoh..pilihan lagu rock kapak sapakah ini??

gleaming faces:)

Guess how did my new year day start?clubbing around town?ah no:)watching fireworks? partly true, but a no still.

The best THING of the new day of the year is to have the whole clan on the boat, literally:)

Coincidentally,little sister was supposed to be in kl that week for her registration matter (senior year, girl!) and it was Saturday when new year befall this year, and since yours truly was having the day off since Friday (i love malaysian football team for this!), so the initial plan was to meet up in kl for our faimily get together. Oh boy, how long have i not been in the city?i am so not counting!.La familia reached kuala lumpur at about 9ish pm , suprisingly enough, the ever so room-obsessed brother was on the boat too.He never wants to go anywhere without his sacred room, so when he made the trip this time around, we quickly got some plans on for the new year.Went home to ina's apartment to freshen up and put the make up on because..

Let's go warbling on the karaoke machine!

Mama didn't want to join, understood since it was a long ride to kl, and she got all stiff knee and bit haggard, and after much coaxing, she was adamant still to just sleep through the night, so that would just left us five, plus mr am (ina's bf, yeah it was the meet the focker time lol).And since it was close to 12, the roads were totally jammed and we didn't want to end up in the car being sprayed by some drunkards revellers, Endah Parade was the only choice. 90 bucks for the whole 2 hours session, not bad, yeah?Not as classy as any Red Box joints though, but who cares, we got the room booked:).Went home and found mama slept on the couch, sorrylah tak sempat beli roti canai since everyone was bit worried leaving mama all by herself at home.

My yesteryears celebration might be fulled of fireworks and niteout fun, but nothing beats having your whole clan with you, because it sure does spell million of more fun!

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