Wednesday, December 28, 2005

againts the odds

looking at her blithe look, i knew directly she has made her choice, and the choice is to be the most radiant bride i've seen.marryin the man of her life, planning to have babies, she is the person who always so sure of what she wants in her life.well..that was almost a year, she is arming with a baby girl...and a divorce.almost.i never know she is never happy, she never talks , never badmouth about her mundane matrimonial life.and when she broke the news of her separation, just like when she annoucing her marriage a year ago, i was agape and taken aback, fullforce.i never realise, never know she was coping with the unworkin marriage.
as the cliche would say, marriage is partially a game, a risky undertaking.won't ever know whether u make it to the final rope, or say nay in the between.for u my everdearest friend, u have my pray.hope 'this' landslide wont bring u down any vita e bella..ironically.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

here comes the birthday boy

my hunybuny celebrated his 25th birthday on the 26th dec.making an ironic joke that he got the 'biggest' present ever last year (he was cruel enuff to compare his own birthday with the catastrophe of tsunami.ish ishhh),off we went to midvalley to was actually a sudden celebration, what's with me just arriving from perlis, n what's wit throng of ppl ushering every shops n food outlets in mid it left us wit no choice but heading to Long John Silver for lunch.not bad, he even got himself a nice cup of chcocolate mousse for bday cake.sorry i cudnt serve u better.i just hope u have the wonderful year to come, n hope u like the gift i gave.sorry for all the hiatus i caused, i just being plain annoying sumhoe(well, maybe all the time).but that just me. so thanks for stickin up wit me, during sane n insane moments.happy birthday dear you..

Friday, December 16, 2005

dirty lil secret..

i am listening to the all american reject not so latest hit, dirty lil secret through imesh, when this sudden urge comes to write few words in my many dirty lil secret uve been keeping from ur friends?spouse?life partner?family?i bet in a nook corner in our heart, we have sth not to be spilled to ppl surround us?why?the answer is simple. that dirty lil secret is sumhow embarrased u, sumhow painful, sumhow sinful n sumhow i rite?i do have skeleton hanging in my closet, exposing it just makes it as a point of immaturity.even if u are a married person, do u solely tell everything to ur hubby?to ur wife?and when ur courting, did u tell every thing to the other half?n long would u take to keep it?ha my blog would only be filled with questions, now if u only can answer dirty is ur secret?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

i hear the wedding bells!

now im gonna spill the beans of the much awaited suprise.the one who's gettin hitched is the classic gentleman, courtesy of mohd musab, n his bride to be is none other of our own colleague ere in college, wan zai azlin.pretty suprising huh?they engaged last weekend n by any sooner of next year, the wedding will be taking place. it is amazing how ppl meet each days, but the love only blossoms after a while.i believe their love is not merely about having it at the first sight, but more to deeper thoughts n recognition. who am i to give a comment on such thing aite?let's bless them happiness!!

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