Monday, May 03, 2010

my holiday is robbed.

After 7 years devoting my working life in the same institution, i still don't get how our holidays and working schedule being planned.I mean it, it is somehow ridiculous how it is planned to the extent that u probably have to worry going back to work rather than enjoying your supposed holiday.
Take this for an example.According to the academic calender, you are 'entitled' for 2 weeks holiday (or so 'they' claim).But the fact is you only have a chance to enjoy a mere week, whereby for the other week, you need to be at work, doing nothing!Clocking in and out and thats probably the only significant things you do for the whole day.You call this nothing maybe?well, try to be in the office when you have no classes to attend (the students are leaving for homes, remember.Oh in case you don't, it is called a semester break thank you very much).So hows the day in the office spent sans the students?kemas meja, siap lesson plan, gosip skit skit.Lemau ok!I freaking mean it.I dont mind being in the office, i really dont...but i need work!I need to do work.i cant just be there looking into spaces.We just cant.If you have nothing good to give us, then just let us go for our deserved break too.
And yeah, about this too.We were given 2 and a half weeks off (if my calculation accurates, mind you), where ive spent one whole week relocating myself in the hotel for marking session, and heading back to perlis the week after.So im supposed to be at home till the new batch of students register on the 10th of may, right?RIGHT???well apparently, no.We have to be in the office on the 6th (Thursday), public holiday on the 7th (Hari Hol for Pahang,kalau tak silap, Friday), and Saturday n Sunday for the weekend off.Heck, i just need to get back to work for ONE FREAKING DAY!! geez, not all people love to stay in Pahang, ok!and not all people hail from Pahang!Some, really are from the far away land, the northest of all where going back to the hometown wont come spontaneously.Not all people, live in Pahang, yang ikut suka nak balik pukul berapa, pegi balik hari to work??geez, i so want to do anything if its the last thing i could do to save myself from this hullaballoo.Now i wish somehow it's much more convenient to give us the 30 days annual leave dari ikut cuti students ni.So the students get the benefits of their semester break, but not us the lecturers.Then to cut the chase, why dont just give us the annual leaves like the rest of the office workers?.At least aku boleh plan aku punya break pi melancong dari terkejar nak kena balik office.Geram betol.
Entahla kan, menceceh banyak pun tarak guna.Balik balik mmg kena tunjuk muka jugak kat office, kata celebriti kannnnnnn..haruslah mak ada memeriahkan majlis.Takde kang, pusing satu Malaysia pulak cari mak ni haaaa...wahhh, menceceh kalah azwansilaserali gitu.dah la, im out!

ini adalah luahan rasa, sila jangan terasa.muahahha.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

been drugged

If you want to start talking about addiction, let me tell u that im not the one who hooked on the designer bags, or fancy cars, or any modern gadgets (gee..probably im gonna be the last women standing to ever purchase iphone or blackberry or any berries that come along!).But after much thought, i know i have fallen into an addictive traphole of caffeinated java.
see, one glass or even two wont be that bad u say, okay what about a glass every few hours?given that u have 24 hrs per day, make it to 4 to 5 large mugs of good ol brewed nescafe.emmmmm..just talkin about it makes me drooling more.i just need to start a day with a huge glass of ice nescafe, oh please that even if im in rush and need to attend my 8 am class.A day wont be a day to b kicked off if ur not equipped with that.Seriously, my kids see that..i got sleepy, a bit woozy and probably maddier for any broken language utter in my class.
And things got worse if im curling up with good books, darn there are those glasses again.Some of my books even have the tainted circle of glass, kinda being the bookmark somehow.har har..When dining or pigging out, guess u can order the drink for me since u got the hint now.Bad eh?no , this is crazy.
Crazy that i cant sleep much, that im still wide awake and the eyes are rolled like it wud pop out anytime soon, even at 5 in the morning.Crazy that u feel ur skin getting drier n aint much glow from the java drug.Crazy that u even cud fight for the last satchet of nescafe if that's the thing u have to do.
oh on the other note, teringat pulak syida punya accusation..."tak suka nescafe nanti kencing bau nescafe".har har...sorilah nok, idung mak ni dah kembang dgn bau nescafe.ehhehehe..

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