Monday, August 30, 2004


i hate this running mukus from my nose..try to spread the virus around, n not even bother to shoo people away.come to mama..hahah!


Thursday, August 26, 2004

those dearest things..

i love...

drinking nescafe o ais early in the morning.It is morning has officially begun

applying lipstick in the moving car, and so does on powder.the only skill of 'womenhood' which i mastered so much.and yes, we women are good in that, aiming the glossy red paint on lips, not the teeth.

looking at my curly wavy hair when it is wet. (wonder why it is shamelessly turned out to be like a cocoon once it dries away) .duhh..i always opt for a silky, straight, shinier than thou hair.

making my bf mad of the endless stupid questions like..well forget it.It is supposed to be stupid ' matter how many times he says he IS not mad. (duhlinkk, im damn sure ur ready to explode.cud read ur mind perfectly...:)

reading ol letters..the concoction of love letters (which simultaneously explains how many relationships were destroyed), the zany, backbiting..spiteful letters (yeah, we passed the letters around in class, mengutuk member member), the formal 'invitation' to escape classes (esp when it concerned add math as the next subject), n not mistakenly, the pre-break-up letters.touche'

snooping on gossips.The real,juicy gossips...of you.

rambbling gibberish myths on this so called blog of mine

drooling on the nice supersexy tops that i know i wont wear. (i cudnt.excess baggage.bummer!!)

smellin of rain.especially at dawn, complies wit azan subuh.Heaven..

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

if brain could talk

ok, who said being a lecturer is one great helluva fun?well, it's not..especially if u have to sit back n listen to this kids babbling, rambling bout nuthin but few stupid fillers.I would suggestedly say no to english speaking muet, but that would make my students even numb than ever.Im not goin to have a few stonehedges sitting infront of me, staring back with their open wide eyes, and smiling sheepishly like im being ther is solely to watch them say nuthin.C'mon people..this is speaking paper, and you should atleast make some kinda utterances.Don't know what else to say to these kids.They don't even have the guts to try it out.What they have to say is..'miss,i don't have any ideas'.goshhhhhh..i feel like banging my head n let my brain spilled so they cud trace it n 'sert that to their particularly mad mad mad.
Feel like cursing but that would make me the worst one.oh sheeshhh...


the attempted writer

At last!i have been waiting for a while to jot down few anecdotes of what i feel to write, thus this would be one crash urgency, to see how able am i to cram every single thoughts into one short blog.So mind me if im rambling nowhere, writing rubbish and even maybe doddling few stupid stories just to make myself feel better.Yeah then, who cares?


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