Monday, March 07, 2005

movie review: lemony snicket's the series of unfortunate events

lemony snicket the series of unfortunate events was the second movie i reviewed and unlike the first one, i found this as hilarious n was after all, a fortunate one, unlike what have been told by the narrator, lemony snicket see, at the beginning of the movie, u were asked to leave the hall because from what u goin to witness the stories go, all about the unfortunate events of baudelaire siblings.oh yes, there were lotsa lotsa calamitous, wrecked moments courtesy of Count Olaf (played by oh so not forgettable jim carrey). But these baudelaire siblings, Violet (oh she's so sweet), Klaus(he doesnt really look like a bookworm to me..oh maybe, but the handsome worm:)) and the babytalked sunny (i wonder these twins are courtesy of Dustin Hoffman since they got his name), were cunning enough to get rid of their ever so evil Count Olaf and his crazy plots.
the story started as the Baudelaire being the orphans, their parents were both perished in the fire incident, and one of the long distance relatives, Count Olaf, came out and claimed he had all rights to take care of the children (and the fortune). the storylines are not so difficult to follow, even u are not an avid reader of Lemony Snicket's series.
my comments?if u want to be entertained, then go booked urself a ticket.i wud say, throughout the movie, i was mesmerized by the set(a Tim Burton touch), the costume and the whole plot (as many wud say).u are definitely going to have one enjoyable, fortunate evening.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


having a penchant for horror+thriller+murder sort of movie, i didnt think twice but made myself free over a nice tub of popcorn over a lazy Saturday evening.accompanied by nother 2 of my freaking-out-but-im-still-kewl-enuff-to-watch-horror-movies- friends, we booked ourselves at the first aisle, but all the excitement of waiting for a good thriller went straight to the drain after spending almost 2 good hours watching short, Boogeyman is nuthin but a hogwash.
you see, you going to get all sort of recipes to a good thriller in boogeyman, the screaming parts, the suspense, the chilling factors, you name it, but after a while, u can add nother part, boring.boogeyman started out good, as a young kid was afraid of dark n closet(who wouldnt? he did even let the window open and the wind gushed in..ohh..the suspense is about to start).his father was killed infront of his eyes namely by the one who beknown as a boogeyman.starting from that short intro,the kid cant forget bout it but determine to find out what was really there in the closet n who is actually a boogeyman.
most part of the movie took place in the ol house of Tim,where he came back to seek for truth.there you goin to see a lot of closets incident, and after a while,i got bored to death.playing peekabo with that unknown creature for almost 95% of the movie is somewhat weary n dreadful.

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