Monday, April 22, 2013

flag the end

My kids are having their final exam today. That 125 kids of mine. Hope they don't have amnesia and do remember everything.

Even if I have to repeat about tenses for the hundredth time
Even if I force them to write topic sentences and thesis statement every time during the writing classes
Even if their papers are all marked red, with lots of crosses, circles and underlines
Even if they have to bear their ears for constant nagging, of their scarce hobby of reading newspapers
Even if they have to bear their ears, again, for another scolding, of not being able to respond intelligently to any of my discussion
Even if I am always 'cenge' every time they lost track of whatever being discussed previously (ya, ini cikgu sangat cenge)

Because whatever I do, I do it because I care and because they are my responsibility and I am accounted to that. Love it or loathe it, my dear kids, nothing I want best in life, but to see you excel in the exam.

Good Luck!

Friday, April 05, 2013


Being 5'1, I always swear on a good pair of 3 inch-heels. Heels uplift you, physically and emotionally. Not having one is like you cruising around naked, like people looking down at you and it does not help if you are walking side by side next to 5'5 human beings, because I feel soooooo imcomplete.

Well, that is just me. Being all silly with silly reasons.

But no matter how much i adore strutting myself in heels, I can only do so at work. When I am all geared up with baju kurung and matching tudung. Does not matterlah of the fact that my classes are mostly up up and away ( 4 floors and no elevator, got my free workout everyday hey!), and tak payah kiralah how many times I have to send my favorite pair of heels to cobblers just because their soles are all worn out. And my relationship with heels is always a debatable topic at the workplace especially among kakak kakak colleague yang merasakan I was in pain wearing heels to work, and supported their debates with the medical facts of lifeling consequences of heels. Ahhhh tak kiraaaa...tak dulikkk aku nakkk... aku nak pakai jugakkk!! (macam cerita monyet nak makan cili program tv pendidikan dulu dulu. hehhe.. ok lame. sila abaikan)

Ironically, I can't wear any when i am off work. Sangatlah tak selesa. I tried, soooo many times wearing ones when I am out for my social events. There was one time, we were out having dinner, and there i was, picking out the killer heels. The first hour was fine, but we kept on walking, i started having intolerable pains. Felt the cold floor calling me to go barefoot. Had to walk like a geisha. Few short-paced steps later, i gave up. Tak larat nak control. Tak larat nak stop every few minutes to reduce the pain. And reaching the car, I opened the bonnet and took out the loafers. Ahhhhh..nikmat wehh!

So when seeing this lady, with her towering heels, walking slowly from one showroom to another at Ikea, my heart felt for her. Berprasangka baik, since she was in her baju kebaya, she might just got back from a kenduri and got no time to change her soles. But at least, tak de kasut spare dalam kereta ke? She was walking in front of me and at this one showroom, she stucked on one of the carpet and nearly stumbled on her heels and nearly 'tertomos' (tertomoih kata orang peghelih). Luckily she had her boyfriend catching her before terduduk bergaya atas simen. Ha pakai lagi kasut tinggi tinggi. Dah tau hang nak mai shopping tempat macam ni dok kalut nak bergaya sangat pasai pa? (Okay, i do not say that out loud. Nak mampos? That was cruel inner me saying. hehehe).

I would still forever love my heels no matter what.

Makcik, moi?

During our pasar malam visit yesterday, my dear friend of mine blurted out her complain

"Do i look old?"

In between the pisang goreng munch, I shook my head. Quite vigorously.

"No you are not. Why would you say that??"

"Because people in some occasions called me makcik."

"Really?? That is way rude lah! Whose people are you referring to anyway?"

"The salespersons. One at the petrol station and another was at the mall". She was bit upset, listening to her tone.

Licking my oily pisang goreng finger I looked at her and replied, "Oh please, you are not old. Matured yes. Don't worry. It was them who were stupid anyway."

 I know she was upset and bit perturbed emotionally. Who would not? Of being called makcik? Okay, so we are 30s, early 30s to make it legit. But as you are up fronting the sales and working with clients, can you just being nice and manis mulut and call your potential customer as kakak? or cik? And this friend of mine, I am being fair here, does not look like a makcik makcik. She is all matured yes, appropriate for a 30s lady, but not a makcik makcik type. But to call someone you barely know as makcik is a bit offensive doncha think? It's like calling people auntie. That is connotation for being old, for some. And 'old' is definitely a heated word. I was

There are things we customers always hate. Good for you people in the customer service line to know.

1) substituting names as in makcik and pakcik. Tolonglaaah, even we are old and soon makcik will come in our way, we do not need to be reminded. Especially by strangers. Kakak or Cik would be nice. It definitely boosts your sales :)

2) to give us head to toe inspection once we walk pass that door. We go to your shops because we have the interest to own the stuffs, and definitely with the cash and cards. Just because we do not dress up like we are going to any gala dinner, we can't afford to buy stuffs.Achiko, remember we went to this high end brand in Aussie just because we afraid to make the same visit to its local store?? Punyala low esteem takut orang tak layan kita ha ha ha.
Which is why I find my contentment in shopping branded goods online at home . In baju kelawar, no less

3) ironically, to stop following us around because we can't shop if we feel your breath on our neck. We might just condemn the product and find it no good but we can not do that if you follow us around like a puppy. Tak baik mengumpat depan depan katanyaaaa.. and please stop pushing us to buy things we do not need. Just let us shop in peace.

4) to treat us, serve us and fulfill our needs and orders, but at the same time, you communicate with your fellow sales mate by using your language. I find it disturbing, as if you are commenting on my bad choice. please don't do that, saya senang kecik hati. And it is definitely rude.

Got more but I have to get going. Friday is such a busy day. No classes but too many social events. Hahaha. Choii sangat social events. Okay, bye bye chicas

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