Wednesday, February 29, 2012

nother' 4 years coming up!

I finished watching this, 5 minutes ago....

then I realized that I watched Leap Year on a leap year itself!! Marvelous!!

ps: cantiknyeeeeeee Irelanddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

lawatan tapak

Hellooooo everyone!! Semua sihat?? Gigi sihat tak??? Hari ni akak olin nak bawak adik adik semua melawat tempat kegemaran akak olin setiap bulan. Adik-adik nak tau apa? Yeeee...namanya Klinik Gigi Ling!! Setiap bulan Dr Ling akan berjumpa akak olin untuk sekolahkan gigi akak olin, menarik bukan?ha ha.. choi!

I know I have not been updating much on my teeth progress. Not that I have nothing to say,I have lots. I mean, every visit would be one step closer to near perfection that I am looking for, yes? By right, it has to come with stories too, yes? No. Ha..ha..sorry but my doctor is not the talking type, he would only grunt, and talk when being asked (which I normally don't do, the asking part I mean). But really, he is one good doctor, I mean just look at how my teeth being schooled. In a span of 3 years (and counting..), there are so much differences. The upper teeth are now organized in one nice row, and I have yet to wait for the lower row to follow suit, given that there are still spaces in between the incisor and the molar of the lower teeth. Nasib baik la rongak lite lite je.

So adik-adik, disebabkan akak olin malas nak cerita perkembangan gigi akak, moh le akak bawak je adik adik manis semua ni melawat ke rumah kedua akak ni. Sedia semuaaaa...? Mula mula mari akak bawakkan semua tengok gambar horror dulu..jeng..jeng..jeng..

tu dia...akak olin zaman gigi tak sekolah. Takut tak? Jangan takut dik, akak bukan hantu gigi, akak masih manusia normal (sob..sob..tekanan tau gigi bengkang bengkok, nak amik gambar angle kena betul, kalau tak kena silauan kilat dari gigi depan. Tak fotogenik sangat okay..!). Tapi adik adik semua, walaupun gigi tak hensem, nampak kamera kena sentiasa sengih tau, macam akak!

Ha, ni le kaunter klinik untuk akak buat bayaran semua. Adik adik semua jangan tertipu ye, nampak sunyi je takde orang, padahal time akak olin datang, berbondong bondong je orang datang nak betulkan gigi. Sebabkan ni klinik gigi, dan akak tau adik adik semua takut kat doktor gigi (siapa tak penah lari mencirit bila nurse datang bawak kad hijau, jangan tipuuuu..akak tauuu!!), saja je akak buat mood creepy hitam gelap sendu kat gambar ni..kasi seram.

Ni pulak bilik treatment. Ada dua ye, sebelah lagi bilik untuk cabut gigi, yang bilik yang akak olin selalu masuk nih untuk treatment yang berat berat (tampal ke, dental surgery ke, ortho ke, apa apa je lah yang boleh kecutkan perut adik adik semua, akak selalu je kecut perut.heheh..)

Ha, nih le mesinnye..mesin hikmat Dr.Ling. Akak dah tak takut dah tengok semua benda ni, akak ok jeeeeeeee...sambil sambil Dr Ling godek gigi akak, sambil sambil akak nyanyi nyanyi dalam hati layan Fly FM. Dr. Ling dengar Fly FM tau, walaupun dia tua, tapi berjiwa muda. Lalalalala...

Inile akak terkini ye adik adik, selepas akak laburkan duit gaji akak untuk investment masa tua ni. Akak dah tak jadi hantu gigi, jadi akak pun gembira, walaupun sikit sikit akak rasa nak naik hantu sebab dah 3 tahun tak abeh abeh lagi pakai besi ni. Bila mau buang ni!!


hari-hari kerabu..kerabu hari-hari..

At the moment, I am kicking off my mornings with this...

Nasik kerabu!! Why do I have plural in my morning? Because I am literally having this, , without fail, each and every day. For a person who does not really dig on vegetable, I have to make amend towards my dislikes of veggie. This one I could not handle!~. The cafe's nasi kerabu is to die for lah, and they are not overdoing on its color (it's blue between:). And you can like, scooping as many condiments as you want, the mixture of coconut and fish and its gravy (untuk orang tamak tapi tak pernah habis makan macam aku le ni..heh!).

Jom, kerabu tomorrow everyone:)

Friday, February 24, 2012

never let you go

When Monica was diagnosed with Alzheimer in 2007, Marcos promised nothing but to take care of his dying wife. For the next five years, when Monica died in her husband's arm, Marcos realized that Alzheimer had changed both of his life. Supporting Monica had given the reasons for him to be alive.

"It absorbs you all day. In the morning I wake up, I give her breakfast and change her diaper. Then accompany the nurses to make the healing of bedsores. Then give her lunch, in the afternoon change her diaper and give her snack, and finally in the evening I give her dinner and I change the diaper again. You spend all day practically." (The Star, Feb 22, 2012)

But he knows that the hardest moment has come. Monica died peacefully in his arms, five years after. He had to start afresh, at the age of 89, with no one to be with and no one to look after.

And they were together since 1946.

Here in our shore, it was the news of Faris Nur Daniel that brought us to the sorrowful state. Diagnosed with a HLH disease, Faris was then to be treated with chemotherapy and perhaps stem-cells transplantation, depending on the urgency of the disease. For 23 days, outside of the ICU, his parents never fail to leave his side, and camped outside the unit when the night crawled in. They never stopped talking to him, even if he couldn't hear, to give him courage to fight the battle. They never lose hope.

Faris exhaled his last breath and was invited peacefully on the 23rd day by the Maker.


(credit pictures to

2 different worlds, one endless love.

You can't kill it with goodbye
It always finds a place to hide
Inside your heart for your whole life
Love is never-ending

(Brad Paisley, Love is Never Ending)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

sign me in!

One of the most powerful device of non-verbal communication is the sign language. No words, just a gesture of fingers or hand to indicate your intention. So dominant, that one click of gesture can surely win you over stiff verbal fight or end up being slapped on the face. Oh, why am I talking bout sign language anyway when I am better known with lots of facial expression (trust me, I do not want to see my facial expression in the mirror either haha..wonder what my students have to put up everyday anyway!)

I was in the middle of work-crisis( read: run out of exercise and reading materials for that afternoon class. Common problem, quick remedy..just Googled what else!). While I was hunting for the working stuff (read again: Facebooking first, and then the working stuff.hahah..I need some pleasure too you know), and then I came across this site, talking about sign language and how the appropriateness is determined differently from one country to another. OMG, sumpah tak tau, ingat semua sama ja. Just imagine, doing the sign language that for 32 years you think it is okay, but when it comes to that certain society, it has a vulgarly connotation?..darn.

See that list of sign language? I do 80% of the above, busuk-busuk pun tanda peace, yo! Let see the exact meanings of each and whether you really know what you are really doing..heh:)

Evidently, this is called The Corna Sign. American call this to show their support on the football team. Even George Bush used this to show his support for Texas Longhorn Footbalm team. But do you know that this is a jailbird offence in Italy? That it is used to tell a man that other man is screwing his wife? So much for the football support, duh!

Okay, nih apa kebenda pulak? Ni nama dia Moutza sign. Nama tak nak kalah, mau nak berbau profesional ja..ha ha. Okay this is the sign to indicate 'stop right there, I do not want to listen to you anymore'. Paling senang, kalau menyampah, just show the gesture, and talk to the hand, because my face ain't listening.kih kih..But oh oh, if you ever go to Greece and Turkey, and motion this, you are basically asking the person to go to hell. And the closer you put your palm on the person's face, the more threaten it gets. Yeah baby, wanna talk to my hand, then I let my hand eat your face! But on a greater note, if you get to Mexico and do this (with some waving of course), you are merely saying hi:)

Uh oh, do this if you want to be a sexy vixen because you are doing A Dog Call sign. Bukan panggil anjing ye, ini panggil abang suami masuk ke bilik dan mmm..mmm..mmm.. Calling a man to a room and do all the thinkable and unthinkable. Get it, it's a tempt, Hollywood vixen in a classic black and white movies did this a lot and we thought it was seductively done.. And what's with the red lipstick, the boa, the come-hither dress. Meletop nyah..!!You get the picture. But this is the most offensive to Filipino as this only meant to call dogs, literally. You can get arrested, and with a broken finger of course. Kensel niat nak jadi seksi.

Ini pulak ladies and gentleman, adalah bukan tanda victory. If the palm of the hand facing the signer, means it is an insult in certain countries like Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, but if the back of the hand facing you, the signer, barulah maksud dia victory. Yang semua orang suka buat time posing amik gambaq, kalau tak tunjuk tanda peace, yo! maka anda bukanlah cool.

Ini adalah tanda yang sangat-sangat diharapkan daripada boss yang cerewet. Atau mintak cuti dan boss tunjuk je sign ni, terus rasa nak peluk boss ketat-ketat. Ha ha..This is an O.K sign, some consider this as an A O.K, sangat-sangat bagus le maksudnya tu. But, there are buts. If you do this in Latin America and France, you are connotatively imposed a sexual object. In Australia, it means zero. In New Zealand, this is a cheap way to say OK. And you are homosexual is you motion this in Turkey.

And since we are in a developing era of millenium (darn, I am replicating my students' favorite sentence. Era of millenium, gah!), new signs are of course developed, much to our delights.. and chagrin. Don't believe me? What about these following signs?

Scroll down now, will you:)

Ha ha ha..the mother of cuteness. The Korean pose. The Sarang-he I Love You post. My best friend does this lots. And admittedly, it is cute. I mean, when she does it, he he..

Ni pun nak cuba sign ala-ala cute. Kembang- kembang pipi, letak fist bulat-bulat tepi pipi. Olololololo...If you are girl, you are cute. If you are guys, then I want to puke. Kah kah kah dah macam kura-kura.

Ini pulak signs when you attended a course, and being asked to represent your group through initial letter of your name. Maka beginilah hasilnya. Mantapppp..ha ha ha ..!

Errr.....this is the motivator for the course. Only God knows what kind of sign he is indicating!

Credit:pictures (but not the last 2 most epic pictures, are taken from where else but Google, and info might not be accurate but who cares, anyway. haha!

Monday, February 20, 2012

think before you pose

“your body is not a temple, it's an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.”
― Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly

Does this mean that acting nude and posing au naturale for your partner (illegally, of course, but still couldn't understand legal marriage partner would do the same anyway) is an in-thing? Something to prove that you are madly deeply crazily in love with a person that few lewd poses captured would be okay? Been reading cheap gossips from various networks and they do not fail to mention this so-called artist (which I never heard of!), who presumably posed naked for her ex-bf and now the picture or rather a video is which become viral and wildly circulated on the net.

I pity the girl though. She must not have seen this coming. She must not have seen her being a celebrity, or being under the limelight which expose her to a total glitz and glamor, with a huge price to pay. What she saw may be, the way to a man's heart is through a few seductive poses and a video, so to speak.

And oh she denied it vehemently of course, who wouldn't? Saying her mother knows her body better and mother agreed that is not her body after all. Oh well, my mother might not let me see the light of the day, ever. I might be dead before I can deny anything, Ha..ha..

Okay so now, anybody got the video I could watch?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

funny is..

Funny is...

a) when you get to pasar malam, teringin sangat nak makan cucoq cempedak, gila-gila craving, tapi yang ada hanyalah buah-buahan cempedak, berlambak lambak , tanpa ada gerai menjual cucoqnya. Demmmm...

b)to realize that in the morning you just agreed on a promotion given by a telemarketer without actually noticing that you just agreed. Oh, that because she called while you were still sleeping and of course sedang mamai di waktu pagi. Dabel demmm...

c)at a drive-thru, where you confidently ordering, with a loud and clear voice and perhaps with a notch higher, a quater pounder, LARGE size, and when you went to the payment counter, to realize that all you want was the ayam goreng McD.REGULAR.

nak yang ini sebenaqnyaaaaaaaaa...!!

d)to be jealous and envious of people and their life just by reading their blogs. Selalu terpikir, bestnya jadi orang ni, ada semua, perfect ja kehidupan depa noo....padahal..I should realize that whatever I am jealous at is merely based on what I read, not what I see.

sangap sabtu

Have you ever been in a condition that before the coming weekend, you have a well-planned idea and are looking forward to it, but reaching Friday, your plan has to be revoked altogether. Chop chop! And I wince because I don't have any back-up plan this weekend.

The Rosli's clan is supposed to be in KL this weekend. And sungguhlah aku teruja nak ke KL jugak. In case you are wondering why I am so uber excited nak ke KL, that is because KL is my pit-stop visit every month, without fail. It just that after the Singapore course, teruih rasa segan yang amat nak drive jauh jauh ke sana. Ha ha..and I am trying to save like mad.Tak pi KL merasa la save beberapa ratus ribu rupiah.kihkih..Sekali, mama told me that they will only start the journey on Sunday morning and most probably reach KL late . Abes, bilanye I nak balik kolej?? Terus kensel plan.

Disebabkan ai sangap tak tau nak buat apa, teruih mandi, semayang, siap siap, amik kunci kereta and bedesop pi drive-thru McD. Pasaipa nak pi drive-thru McD yang super jauh kat Telok Cempedak? Sebab I just need to be in the car and drive. For the sake of driving and being alone in the car, sambil layan Suria FM, Hot FM dan FLY FM alternately every 5 minutes. Have you done this before? I mean, driving without no exact purpose? Well I do, for weeks now. Sort of escapism. I don't know, some people might revert to do things they love when they get bored, like cooking, or baking or car washing. But I prefer to get behind the wheels.

Oh oh, singgah Giant dan beli macam macam untuk cooking session esok. Rasa nak buat banoffe pie pulak. Tengoklah kalau aku tidak kesiangan. Chehahahahha....

ini troli Giant saya, troli anda pula bagaimana?

Friday, February 17, 2012

the posting part 2

After 12 hours, few pit stops and one uncertainty (sapa lagi, aku la), the entourage finally reached the place. Checking in at Seri Malaysia Hotel and would pay the visit at the workplace tomorrow morning. Penat tak abes lagi, dah kena mendaftar kat tempat kerja (masih merungut-rungut sebab tak puas hati kes Kedah posting)

the long gone Vanette, my familia and my late angah.

But my resentment and bitterness changed once I saw the college. It was so serene, bare, but unruffled. I was in love. Jatuh cinta. Hilang semua rasa negatif, rasa was-was, rasa sakit hati kena rejek di posting asal. This was where I am going to find my rezeki, and despite being far away from home, I can feel this could be my home, too.

it's really a bare land i know, but this is my heaven

First week duduk kuarters tak payah cakaplah. A real survivor I had been. No electricity initially as we were the first tenant and TNB took days to complete the installation. Maka, menapaklah aku and the housegang pi carik sumber elektrik. Nak iron baju uolsssss..!!. Mai malam ja, berbondong-bondong la iols dengan Cuda kiri kanan tangan pegang hanger baju. Eh, berbondong- bondong nak ke mana tu?

inilah rumahku syurgaku yang sungguh la bare gila. Semua melepek kat lantai sebab panas, takde elektrik ha ha. Ni hari pertama masuk rumah nih

Pegi surau kau! Orang pegi beribadat, aku pi pinjam karen nak iron baju. Ha ha..Itu satu hal, hal lain pulak, it was a priviledge for you to have a transportation. Being a fresh grad student at that time, we didn't, or I rather say, I didn't have any savings. Having a car or any means of transportation was just a dream. An exclusive priviledge. So my mode of transportation, to and from office, was walking all the way. And I walked for a year, before I could finally afford a small car which I love till death.

So there, the remembrance of my posting. It wasn't really a poignant story. Not much drama, but for me, it is a change, a reversal from being just a girl who might be depending way too much on people around here, to a person who can engage in everything, whatever it will be. Even if this wasn't my first dream to be here, it is still, and for long, be one of the best dream in my life.

the college, these days, not so bare anymore, isn't it?

the posting part 1

Since Aten got her posting result already, it brought me back to the memory of my own posting, almost 9 years ago. Gitu...9 tahun..berasap dah dok kat sini rupanya. Berasap, tapi tak lemau:). How did my experience go anyway?

I think it was in 2003, sebulan lebih jadi penganggur kurang hormat (maklumla asyik nak habiskan beras kat rumah je. Mesti mak aku bosan, dak gitu mama? he he). One day a fella told me that we could contact KPM as the result was out. Dub dab dub dab..the heart was pounding crazily when my call being answered.

"tahniah ye, nama cik ada di bahagian matrikulasi dan akan di hantar ke matrikulasi kedah"

YEYYYYYYYYYYYY..mau tak makcik nak melompat kuat-kuat. Terus rasa nak skipping skipping gembira keliling rumah. Ha ha..Dah la matrikulasi, dapat kat Kedah pulak tu! Couldn't stop grinning for the rest of the day. Bestnyeeeeeeeee dapat utara, dah la tak kena ngajar sekolah wow wow wow...!!!

Or so it seemed like I was the luckiest girl ever. When the official letter arrived, in capital letter, bold and clear, my name was printed next to the posting area, the name of another state in east coast region instead of Kedah! The only state in Malaysia that I never stepped my foot on. OH.MY.GOD. And my mind went spiraling crazily. Mana bolehhhhh..kata Kedah!! How am I supposed to live? Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!! This is definitely a catastrophe! And even after much quarreling and angry dispute with KPM people and of course abah, it had been finalized.

I was officially posted to the east coast region. Bye bye dream, hello the unknown! Sob..sob..

So, I boarded abah's old Vanette, along with the parents, siblings, my late angah and both of my grandparents. Oh boy, I brought the entourage who definitely not sharing the feeling of despair. Seriously, they enjoyed the day long trip, even salah jalan turun naik Genting (nobody in the family, it turned out, ever made it to this particular state of the East Coast and ingat jalan ke Genting would be one way leading to the place). And I, the victim, kept gulping and gasping for air. There was no highway, just a long winding road, lead to inevitable destruction of my life. And yeah, so much for the jungle on the roadsides.

I did not want to be there. Not in my lifetime.

Little that I know I was about to undergo the biggest change of my lifetime.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

congrats, little sister!

The little girl in my family is now officially a teacher, almost.:).2 years pursuing knowledge abroad, and absorbing more in IPBA, she is now ready to spread her wings and Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur!!

She got posted yeah~ not to the places I wish her would anyway, but what matter is that she is ready to venture into the world where mama and I are so proud of. Of course, it's the world of challenge and abundant of stress, but knowing her, I know she will nail everything comes her way. She is definitely born to do this:) Just look at how she handled Adry. The boy was so absorbed in whatever she doodled. When she was a kid, she handled another kids too, like a big sister being in a mini kindergarten, ha ha...So I guess the gene was there long time ago.:)

So to make it official,welcome aboard darling and how proud I am of you!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the 14th

Yeah, it's 14th February. Where people go crazily buying flowers, expressing undying love unconditionally (which pretty much bizarre to just pick a day and say 143) and becoming all ostentatiously affectionate. Well, for yours truly, it's like any other day, co exception. Waking up, getting ready to work, working like mad, going home and sleeping like there's no tomorrow. Nak valentine valentine hapanye.

During my ignorance year, even I wasn't a believer of celebrating-love-in- a- day event, pernah jugak gatal gatal asking my then boyfriend to buy me flowers. Yeah I did hard work on that, giving hints here and there and thought he grew tired of me pestering him so he bought it anyway. Okay, sangat suka, but then, that's all lah. Suka bunga je pun, not the day itself. The excitement and the novelty died very soon after. Going out for dinner for the occasion? Do you know how much it costs for a couple dinner on the 14th Feb? A bomb! And what did you get? More couples having the same menu and paying the same ridiculous price. So where's the excitement?

And post-ignorance years, I started to do a lot of reading, gauged myself in a lot of therapeutic reading materials and inhaled deeply in regret, to know that I celebrated the day for people to remember St Valentine. Memang la tak berarak sampai macam tu sekali, but the history of and the idea of remembering him through this particular day, astagfirullahal azim.. May God forgive me as I have sinned. Biarlah tak cool, tak best and tak ikut trend pun, I have enough of these hoopla.

Baik taruh duit beli KFC kan kan?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

lesung batu, kau ado?

takdak motip punya post, saja nak showcase menu hari ni.hahahahha

Okay not entirely that I am lazy cook, but to cook and live by myself, sometimes it is a total waste, and you know I am not exactly a big eater. But.....somehow,sometimes...eating out bores the heck out of you.Tak tahan wehh....asyik kedai yang sama, menu yang sama, rega pun sama. Ha ..ha..

So, on the lovely Sunday, after the long beauty nap (tapi kalau nengokkan gaya mangkit pukul berapa dah jadi huduh nap kihkih..ada aku kesah?), I planned my cooking session. I wanted to make ayam goreng cabai banyak minyak. Faveret tau..dah lama plan nak masak ni. Basuh udang, basuh ayam, letak kunyit, potong potong cabai, potong potong bawang, amik blender

ehhhhh....mana blender aku??? Tak guno, spoil betul blender tertinggal kat umah Ina. Terpaksa la bertimpuh ayu mengguna cara tradisional. Apa, ingat rumah I takde lesung batu ke? Tumbuk punya tumbuk, maka jadilah hasil di atas.

Lapaq nasik la pulak.This is why I don't cook often, because I can't resist my own air tangan. Kah kah..perasan melampau. Meh la join kalau tak malu:P

Friday, February 10, 2012

mad life

kadang kadang life is playing joke on you..

you can be mad..

or just join in the part..

as much as i want to be mad..i want to join the part.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

tummy churn

Oh my oh my oh my..I am hyperventilating right now. Why do they have to give people stomach ache in the morning. Tummy has been churning non-stop since that meeting.

I am going to be the emcee coming tomorrow. And the event is the visit from UNESCO Paris and Matriculation Division, the visit from his officiate and I am going to be the mediator, interpreter or whatever you call it, anything that gives you this queasy feeling. Since the medium will be English, The Director wants it to be people from the unit.

Hold on don't throw up yet, I still need to google how-to emcee. Or probably find the Complete Idiot Guide Book to Emcee.

Or probably just throw up coming tomorrow.

Monday, February 06, 2012

the answer

Allah SWT has 3 answers to our prayers..

1) YES



There's never a NO

Quote taken from

Saturday, February 04, 2012

adik baru

nih laptop kakak olin. saya pantang tgk laptop, rasa nak pi type sama, maklumlah saya kanak-kanak kucing yang genius

uishh..tak ready pulak nak amik gambaq..time time ni la org sebuk nak panggil miaw miaw

kalau tak menyebok dengan laptop, saya suka tidoq. ni gaya free style saya tidoq.

selain daripada itu, hobi saya di masa lapang adalah menonton sinetron

haaa..sekarang baru ready ambik gambaq. Hy saya boboi. Hensem tak?

Thursday, February 02, 2012

the real survivors

Remember the story about a friend of mine whose husband was diagnosed with brain cancer and went for operation and such and that her husband is feared to already reached stage 4? Her husband got back to work post-op. One day claimed to have a very severe headache.

Seems that the cancerous cell are recurring, and this time it multiplies. The effects might be severity and another operation might have its pro and cons. Tak tau nak cakap apa for my dearest Lina. I have nothing but the deepest sympathy and trust me, i feel you.

Cancer is nothing new in my family. My angah, abah's sister was a cancer victim and how cancer turned everything upside down for my tokwan's family. My mom's father was also victimized by cancer. Angah survived dalam setahun lebih jugak, despite being diagnosed late, and masa dapat diagnose tuh, dah tahap 3. That only, after she was transferred to private hospital in Kedah.

What you, the family member, could do in the circumstances like this? Being part of the family where both members dealt with cancer had taught me so much.

1) be optimistic.

the victim ( to be honest i hate the word victim.Cancer is a test from God to the persons He loves, so I rather call it the chosen ones. Better and has more positive connotation , don't you think?). Talking bout being optimistic, I know we can't stop feel sorry for the chosen ones. We tried to empathized their situation. But my family condition taught us not to dwell on the negativity. You don't have to all the time feel kesian and menangis 24 jam , because the chosen ones don't want you to be sorry for themselves. You should feel sorry when you stop being optimistic that they will recover. Menangis ja won't change the condition. It worsens the situation. For the chosen ones especially.

2)enjoy the moment.

when my aunt was diagnosed with cancer, we didn't stop her from doing anything she wanted to do, as long as it won't be hazardous to her health. We included her in everything we did, family gathering, outing, apa sajalah. Act that she never being affected by it. Act that everything was ok, all fine and dandy. When I got posted to Pahang, which obviously took the whole day journey, and obviously be tiring for someone who underwent chemo, she joined too. And sungguh puas to know that she really had her time, with the family. Even though it was her last long journey with us. And as for my grandfather, we visited him as much as we could, tok wan mat ni lain sikit, dia suka entertain orang. Suka nak bagi kami tebu la, ubi kayu la, from his own kebun. So we knew he enjoyed the moment with us

3) fulfill the wishes.

do your best to grant their wish. Don't ever feel like, oh there will be another day..that can wait. Cancer patients have their own wishes too, they are just afraid to say it out loud because they don't want the empathy from us, to feel that we pity them. It's your job to understand them and make it looks natural. Masa angah sakit which dah quite teruk jugak, she wanted to go for a family holiday. Kalau nak ikutkan, memang nak jaga dia dekat rumah ja, but comes to think of it, why not? She deserved some time out too. It was Pantai Merdeka, and all that she wanted to do was swimming, lepak pantai and the rest just lepak kat bilik sebab dia dah tak larat sangat. All we could do was to gather the family members and enjoyed everything

4) give her support.

support has to be shown, emotionally or physically. Bukan maksud dok pi keriau depan dia 24/7. Tapi we listen to her, bukan setakat dengar, but to listen with empathy. Understand the feeling as they are emotionally unstable. But don't show we regret the things happen to the chosen ones. Don't make her even weaker emotionally. We can be sad, all sorrowful with the closest kin or friends, but not to show it directly to the chosen ones. My physical support is to accompany her every time she needed to go for her doctor visit or chemo. Never failed everytime I came home visiting.

Banyak lagi sebenarnya but nak tulis pun dah rasa sebak. To angah and wan, you will be forever missed and semoga Allah tempatkan roh mereka di kalangan orang-orang yang disayangiNya..

rindu sebenarnya.has been too long..

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