Monday, July 25, 2005

me n the boredom

lepaking at home the whole weekend, not doin anythin good except read few storybooks.story books did get me a way, this weekend makes me restless, counting the days to go to kl.i wanted to see my family.cant wait!!!!oh, zaire goin to brunei for the revoir, ma cherie!(hope im using the right expression :)

Friday, July 22, 2005

the list continues..

4) kekasih awal dan akhir
that was the first movie i even watched in cinema, as it was the first appearance of zizie ezzette on screen.marvelous movie for it has sofea jane n jamal abdillah.done way resemblance of bollywood theme, with lotsa songs n pitied moment of heart wrenches, it still was a hit n in my list.

5) ali setan
ogy in her teens n i love the movie becoz it got sheila majid.many antics done by uni students.from the dork to the jocks i just lurve the plot.

the best romantic movies ever

1) my best friend's wedding
i always love the collaboration between julia roberts, cameron diaz and delmot mulroney.they have all that on screen chemistry needed in a cheesy romantic story like this.u cant even hate julia roberts for being intruder between diaz n mulroney. u just cant help to love her more.her edginess, her lack of common sense, and her big hair do.funtastic to watch!oh, i love diaz too.she just being guilty for her clumsiness n being wayy cheeky!

2) ada apa dgn cinta
do i need to say one time, most of us are like going ga ga over rangga (now it's even ryhme!).who wouldnt.he was the kewlest man i felt at that time.dun have to be all lovey dover.his appreciation of love are thru the poem, n attention.just love the curly messy hair!!.

3) eiffel im in love
just watched the movie yesterday.samuel rizal..oh ohhhhhh..just love the baldness.but cant beat rangga tho

4) cant think of number 4 coz im darn hungry.get back to this later~

Thursday, July 21, 2005

here she goes

ina got the job after been waiting for almost 2 weeks!glad she got it after all. i just know the feeling of being penniless n cant even do and purchase anything u is like...everything?oh, she even passed her second attempt of that driving test.happy for het tho!:)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

princess tam tam

upon seeing her, tears started to stream down my face.she was barely alive, she was mustering all her strength just to look at me with that sollen, red rimmed eyes.i called her behind the hedges.calling all i might, cause i know ive been waiting too long to see her.i dont really mind that 12 hours of bumpy road, coz i just know i want to see her badly.she didn't even pour, she nudged a bit, maybe the feeling of wetness of the cloth faten placed under her.yeah, it was just typical me, so emotional, so full of over dramatic act.but how cud u not crying when u see her like that.the food, the mouldy looking food was not even touched.i pattted her on the head, realizing i was patting a partly bone that fur.she was so bony, so skinny.and yet, she was restless, she was doin anything she cud to stay alive. i know she knew we wanted her to live.she started to breath again, even with the nose congested with reddish substance, presumably blood.her paws fagile, there were even patches of blood on the fur.but aten was so keen of taking care of her, and my dad, since the last 2 kittens cudnt make it.he cried.i knew my dad would cry even for a cat.he got soft heart.
and even i am here, sitting on the comfy chair in the office, there are still vivid, placid pictures of my princess, hoping to get a new hope of life.

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